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The flight Ryanair is an Irish low-cost passenger airline that provides ample facilities to their customers when you get through their official website. The home page will show you the necessary details to help you proceed with your process; if you have some other queries, then you can directly connect to the airline.

In case you are wondering, you are wondering if anyhow due to some personal issue and the medical problem you miss your flight then what will happen? The answer is simple and easy: it depends on the airline guidelines. Those already written terms and conditions decide the passenger's future flight. But in general,

Ryanair offers 100$ to their lovely travelers so they can go for a new reservation.  

It is only possible if you are at the help desk within one hour of flight departure.

Do You Get Charged for Missing A RyanAir Flight?

  • You will not get charged any extra flight fare if you miss the flight. Rather than that, you will not get any refund if you don't board the flight. Other than this, if you cancel your flight ticket, you may get a refund or compensation. You need to buy a new ticket from the airline's official website.
  • But the airline may offer you some money in case you have informed the airline authority within the time frame of Ryanair. If not, then the airline will be unable to provide you with some help, but they suggest you go for a new flight reservation.
  • And the airline will send you an email that the respective passengers have missed the flight. The airline knows it's unfair, but the authorities must operate systematically, and it's your responsibility to reach the airport on time.


Do You Get A Refund For Missing Ryanair Flight? 

You will not get any refund at any cost. The airline understands the situation of its passengers. , But it is a regulatory body that has some responsibility to take care of the airline, flight facilities, etc. you may get a refund if you cancel your flight but not in this case.

Still, you can inform the flight on their toll-free number 0330-100-7838/+44-203-514-5823 to reroute your flight without delay as Ryanair has an unsaid rule that if the respective traveler informed the airline authority within the one hour of departure of the flight. Then the airline may offer you some help.

In some cases, you have been bothered while boarding the flight; then, in that case, you immediately inform the airline official through call. Still, if you forgot to do so, you can raise your problem in their mailbox. The most effective way to approach social media platforms is Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and LinkedIn. 

These are some links; tapping above can redirect you to the Ryanair official social handle account. You can ask or chat regarding your query. 

What is the cost of missing a Ryanair flight?

The Ryanair airline can reduce the cost if you are aware of the guidelines, known as policies. These policies help you in getting a refund more safely if you have missed the flight. You need to be smart and go through the official site of Ryanair frequently in order to gather some necessary information regarding airline facilities.

  • In some cases, like you have check-in and it takes so much of time and due to delay you unable to catch the flight than in that case airline will compensate some amount of money. But you showed supporting documents of proof.
  • If the mistake has been made from your side, then the airline won't help you, and you will not get any refund. The airline may charge you accordingly.
  • According to the no-show policy, if you have missed the flight and ask the airline for the changes after the flight departure. Then the airline will not entertain you at any cost.


If you still have any problems, you can ask Ryanair customer support for the charges in case of missed flight and other guidelines to the respective live person. Whether online or offline mode, you have the option to rebook your missed flight.

RyanAir Missed Flight Policy

When you are all set for the perfect trip or a meeting but get stuck in the traffic or a natural calamity has knocked on your door, or you and any of your close relatives fell ill at the moment you were about to leave for the airport. In that case, you don't have to worry too much if you have made your booking with Ryanair. Ryanair is well-known for providing its customers with the best and most reliable services as well as the best available assistance. The airlines provide a refund of your missed flight if it comes under the eligibility criteria of miss flight policy. The rules mentioned under the missed flight policy of the airlines are mentioned here for your as follows:

What is Ryanair Missed Flight Policy?

  • As per the airline's missed flight policy, if the passenger misses their flight after the security check-in/online check, the airlines provide no refund on compensation.
  • When there is an occurrence of any natural calamity like an earthquake. In that case, the airlines either provide you with a complete refund or book you for an alternate flight to your destination.
  • When you miss your flight because of the fault of the airlines, like a delay in giving the boarding pass or late security check-in, in that case, the airlines will provide you with a complete refund or book your seat on the next flight, is going to your destination.
  • If you missed your flight due to bad health, then the airlines will provide you with compensation as well as book an alternate flight for you.
  • If passengers refuse to get a refund in case of a missed flight because of the airline's fault, they are allowed to board the next flight to their destination that is scheduled in the next two or three hours.
  • If the passenger misses their connecting flight because of the delay in their first flight, in that case, the airlines provide them a booking for the upcoming flight.
  • If you missed your flight for no specific reason, in that case, you could put your name on a standby list, and if there is any flight available, then you'll be allowed to board the flight for your destination.


Can I use my Return ticket if I missed my Flight RyanAir?

As per the rules and regulations of the airlines, if the passengers miss their outbound flight with Ryan air, in that case, the refund or compensation depends upon the reason which they have missed their flight ticket. If the airlines missed their flight ticket due to any of the reasons mentioned above, in that case, they would be liable to get a refund, or the airlines will provide them with an alternative flight to their destinations. And they are eligible to use their return ticket from the original flight booking. The airlines did not cancel your return ticket if you missed your boarding flight because of the airlines' fault.

RyanAir Missed Outbound Flight

If the passenger misses their flight ticket because of a no-show, in that case, the airlines will not provide the passenger with a refund. But if they miss their outbound flight with Ryan air because of the airline's fault, they are liable to ask for an alternate flight to their destination and the appropriate compensation. And if the passenger opts for the cancellation of their flight ticket, in that case, they will be liable to get a complete refund on the cancellation of their flight ticket.

Does RyanAir Cancel Return if You Miss Outbound

If you missed your flight with Ryanair because of your fault and the reason doesn't get covered under the airline's missed flight policy. In that case, the airlines will charge you up to 100 for the missed flight, after which you'll get an alternate flight for your destination. The airlines will not cancel your outbound return flight, even if you missed your boarding flight. You are eligible to use your return flight, and you can reach your destination with the alternative flight provided by the airlines after the payment of missed flight charges. 

Final Thoughts

Ryanair missed flight policies were made keeping in mind all the possible seniors that will contribute to the delay of a person boarding the flight. And don't forget to contact the airline's customer care agent for any help.

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