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Have you missed our Southwest flight because of health issues, bad weather conditions, or any other reason and don't know what to do next? Then chill out because airlines will give you some solution for it. Depending on the situation, there are chances that you might get the full refund for the ticket, or you will have to pay some compensation fee. To know about these in detail, read the missed flight policies given below; after that, you will get an idea of what you can do next after missing the flight.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy 

The policy is made by the airline in favor of their passengers only. By reading these policies, you will get a piece of brief information about what to do when you have missed a flight.

  • When a flight is missed due to any natural disaster, airlines will allow you to board the next upcoming flight or provide a refund in a travel voucher.
  • Airlines will give zero compensation if a flight is missed after a boarding pass and security check.
  • When the flight is missed because of any mistake from the airline's end, like a delay in security check or delay of the first flight from the same airline, the airline will allow you to board the next flight.
  • If you don't want a new ticket, you can request a refund in the travel voucher you can use for future bookings.
  • Airlines will take some compensation fees and book a new flight ticket if the flight is missed due to health issues.
  • A passenger can put their name on the standby list and wait for confirmation of the ticket.
  • If a passenger misses the flight because of death, their companion or relatives can request a refund.


Can I Change my Flight if I Miss It Southwest?

Yes, you can change the flight after missing it. Airlines do not allow every passenger to change their flight; only in some special cases can you change your flight. These cases are: 

  • Informing the airline: southwest Airlines always tries to understand their customers, so it is always advised to inform the airline if you are running late a want to change the flight. Only the passengers who have informed the airline prior can change the flight, but they will have to pay some fee.
  • Medical issue: if you face or have any medical condition, airlines might allow you to change the flight and board a new one, but you will have to show the medical reports and pay plenty of fees.
  • Natural calamity: if you have missed your flight because of nay natural calamity, then there are chances that the airline will allow you to change the missed flight.


Does Southwest Refund if You Miss Your Flight?

The airline does not provide any refund to the passengers for missing their flight. They usually take compensation fees and allow their passengers to board the next upcoming flight, or they put your name on the standby list. Putting a name on the standby list means that your ticket is not confirmed if any passenger from the flight cancels; you can board in place of that passenger. This list works based on first come first. It is not guaranteed that you will get a seat.

In cases like the flight is missed because of any mistake from the airlines' or delay in the first flight from southwest airline side, death or natural calamity then online will give the refund for missed flight. Passengers will only receive the refund in a travel voucher, which you can use for future bookings. 

Does Southwest Charges for the Missed Flight?

No, airlines do not charge any money for missing a flight. You are absent when you miss a flight under the "no show" policy. Hence, the airline does not charge you.

But the airline does charge a compensation fee if you want to travel on the same day with the southwest airline only. When you pay the compensation fee for a missed flight, the airline will allow you to board the next upcoming flight if there is any available seat. This compensation fee is not fixed; it depends on the type of ticket, class, destination, etc.

What happens if you miss your connecting flight Southwest?

If you have missed your connecting flight with Southwest Airlines, There are list of options you can do if you miss a connecting flight on the airlines. However, it varies on whose fault is it for your missing the connecting flight. You can refer to the points mentioned below to know when you can do when you miss a connecting flight on Southwest Airlines.

  • If you are missing a connecting flight because of any technical glitch airline has faced or due to the fault of Southwest Airlines then you will be accommodated on the immediate flight or you can rebook your flight. The airlines will also provide you with a complete refund if you apply for it. 
  • If the passenger is missing the flight because of their fault then they can rebook the flight by paying the additional charges which are to be paid. 
  • If the flight is being canceled, you have full liberty to rebook your flight for free or apply for a complete refund.


What to do if you miss your Southwest Flight?

If you have missed your Southwest airlines flight because of your fault then you should visit the airport counter and consult with them on rebooking your flight or call on their official contact number and get your flight rebooking done. However, if your flight is canceled because of Southwest Airlines’ fault or due to the bad weather then you will be put on the immediate flight or can rebook the flight without any charges. Also, you can apply for a complete refund if you wish. 

Southwest Missed A Flight Phone Number

Southwest Airlines have all of the services ready for its services so, if you have missed your flight o connecting flight then they will make sure to provide you with the complete assistance to book another flight or any other assistance you require. Follow the steps mentioned below to call Southwest Airlines.

Steps To Rebook Your Southwest Airlines Flight:

  • The primary step is to call the official number of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Initially, you will connect with the IVR and it will ask you to choose the language you want the complete process in. 
  • Press on the number associated with your language. 
  • Then, the IVR will ask you to select why have you called their customer care services. 
  • Click on the number related to your reason. 
  • Let the IVR process your call and get your request past through the customer care representative of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Once connected, you can share all your concerns with them and get the answers to all the questions you have.


Therefore, through the steps mentioned above, you can easily rebook a Southwest airlines flight if you happen to miss it. 

Southwest Missed Flight Standby

Southwest Airlines have the stand-by list. A standby list is a list where passengers either fly earlier or later from your original scheduled departure, but not on your scheduled departure. So, if in case you have missed your flight and it is because of your fault then you have the option to get yourself on the standby list in the first two hours after your original departure and get accommodation on the next flight as per the availability of the seats and the eligibility of the passengers.

Does Southwest charge for standby?

Southwest Airlines is one trusted and loved airline in the world. The trust of the passengers in the airlines is unshakable. Southwest Airlines also work to provide the best services to its passenger. So, when one is talking about the charges to get on the standby list of the airlines, then it is dependent on the type of fare you have purchased and your elite status with the airlines. If you are  A-list members or the preferred members of the airlines then you get to be on the list free of cost. However, if you are not on the elite status of the airlines then you will be charged somewhat from USD 75  to USD 100 depending on the type of ticket you have booked.

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