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Are you traveling with Spirit Airlines? If yes, go for it. However, spirit airlines are the best service provider from which every passenger will feel comfy with it. Due to this, many journeyers will travel via Spirit Airlines. In addition, with that, you will feel free of any type of stress or anxiety because this airline will provide the best reliable, and honest services to its passengers of the Spirit Airlines. So, if you don’t have any Spirit airlines weight limit? So, here you will get it about. In addition, you must know all the policies of the bag allowance or weight limit or also cost before traveling to any airline. So, keep it to be continued.

No. of Baggage Weight You Will Carry While Traveling With Spirit Airlines 

  • Basic- 1 item up to 18.5 kg / 40 pounds
  • Classic- 1 item up to 18.5 kg / 40 pounds
  • Plus- 2 items up to 18.5 kg / 40 pounds
  • Executive- 2 items up to 45 kg / 100 pounds
  • Top executive- 2 items up to 45 kg / 100 pounds


How Much Does Spirit Charge For Overweight Bags?

However, if you are a passenger on an upcoming flight of Spirit Airlines, you must know the how much spirit airline will take charge of overweight and oversized bags are:

Extra fares on overweight luggage: 

  • $75 for (32 kg to 45 kg ) or 71 pounds to 100 pounds.
  • $75 for (23 kg to 32 kg ) or 51 pounds to 70 pounds.
  • $50 for (18 kg to 23 kg ) or 41 pounds to 50 pounds.


Additional Charges on Oversized Luggage:

  • $100 for 158 cm to 203 cm or 80 linear inches.
  • $150 for special things or items up to 203 cm or 80 linear inches.

Hence, the special items are the orchestra, guitar, bat, or more.

How many bags can you take on Spirit for free?

Moreover, Spirit Airlines will permit only one personal item or thing such as a briefcase, suitcase, bag, purse, luggage, or more per traveler or wayfarer free of cost. In addition, there are no fares on extra baggage. However, some weight barriers or restrictions on carrying on fares exceed your personal or private luggage. So, 127 cm or 50 linear inches with wheels and handles are available free of cost. In addition, on Spirit Airlines, you will take 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches (18*14*8) inches only on the airline without paying any charges. So, you will also take your baggage to the spirit airlines cabin with free charges + with personal items.

How much do you have to pay if your bag is over 40 pounds Spirit? 

There are some fares which you have to pay on restricted or approximately on the weight limit, and the charges you will see here are mentioned below:

  • So, you must pay for some overweight luggage up to 40 pounds at Spirit Airlines.
  • For 71 to 100 pounds, you must pay $100.
  • In addition, for 51 to 70 pounds, you must pay $60.
  • For 41 to 50 pounds, you have to pay $30.

However, if you are paying luggage costs as well, you will locate their offer of Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card offers that you can avail yourself when it comes in your hand with its 300$ of annual credit card of the baggage allowance.

Can I Take A Purse and a Backpack on Spirit?

Yes, you can bring a purse and a backpack on Spirit Airlines. However, Spirit Airlines can allow you to take your personal items such as small bags or purses that are easily loaded on your hand; you must take them free of cost. Also, you will take a computer bag, diaper bag, laptop bag, purse, and a small bag or more things that are easily kept in your hand. In addition, you can also call it hand luggage. Therefore, airlines don’t take any charge for this. But, if you take a big thing or large bag, it can’t be counted on your backpack or your personal items. However, Spirit Airlines will take charge of this item, and you must ensure it pays its charges. In addition, the passenger can take this personal item to the cabin free of cost.

Spirit Airlines Allowance of Baggage Weight

You will see the allowance of baggage weight in Spirit airlines while traveling from a one-way trip to or round way trip. In addition, if you are facing issues while knowing about the airlines or facing problems while checking the baggage at the onboarding checking or security section at the airlines, However, if you want to avail latest offers to catch a flight and make it worthwhile in cost. In addition, you can avail these offers by connecting with the airlines through the mail, call, live chat, and social media. So, if you follow or subscribe to pages and channels, you avail latest updates about it and get reliable solutions regarding problems. Also, you will get instant 24*7 support from the Spirit Airlines customer service representative person.

Spirit Baggage Policy

Although you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, you can save your money as it is one of the cost-effective airlines. And when you are traveling, you must be carrying luggage with you. So before boarding, you should also be aware of the airline's baggage policy.

  • The first and most important policy is that you can carry almost two to five pieces of baggage only.
  • You cannot exceed the prescribed size and weight of baggage, and when the baggage exceeds then, you have to pay for that.
  • If you carry the sports equipment, you also have to pay for that. 
  • You can bring the car seat for your children, which will not be counted as a piece of baggage; neither do you have to pay for that.
  • When you are boarding the international flight, there can be other restrictions for that, so confirm with the customer service of the Spirit airline for that.
  • You will not be charged for the baggage when you are a fare club member.


How many bags can you take on Spirit for free?

However, you are not allowed to carry any baggage for free, but you can take a personal backpack for free. If you include that in your baggage, one beggar is allowed for free by Spirit airlines. But there are certain conditions for a backpack as it should be small enough to fit in the sizer box. And when the bag doesn't fit according to the given procedure, you have to pay for that. Spirit has considered the backpack a personal items bag that may carry your purse or laptop, and the dimension is 45 x 35 x 20cm. But when you have purchased the fare that allows you to take the beggar for free, you can also carry the beggar. Another condition can be for a piece of free baggage, as when you are a member of the 9dollar fare club, you are allowed to check in with the free pieces of baggage. Apart from this, any beggar you bring has to pay the charges.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance

According to the current beggar policy of Spirit Airlines, you can take two to five beggars. When you wish not to pay for the travel baggage, carry one personal baggage for free, but it must be within 45 x 35 x 20cm, and when it exceeds, you have to pay the charges for that. The carry on baggage changes of the year 2022 was as such when you paid at the time of booking, then you have to pay around 37 dollars; at the time of check-in, you have to pay around 55 dollars, and when you choose to pay at the gate, then you have to pay around 65 dollars. And the length of carry-on baggage should be 56 x 46 x 25cm, and size above this is not allowed. 

How do i avoid paying baggage fees on Spirit Airlines?

While touring the mainly, the question was asked about free baggage. And when you are traveling with the Spirit airlines, then you can avoid your baggage fee if certain conditions and the condition are 

Carrying personal item bag

When your trip is flexible, everything you are taking can fit into the personal bag, avoid unnecessary packing and try to fit things you need the most. While packing in the personal bag, remember the size of the baggage. So when you get your everything back into this bag, it is one of the easiest ways to avoid the baggage fee.

9 dollar fare club

When you become a member of the club, then you can get a minimum of 50 % off on the luggage, but the Spirit airline, from time to time, give an offer to its members, and for that, you can receive a free beggar facility. 


When You are carrying the travel, you can also carry the baggage for free that the travel card from time to time gives an offer to its member or with the points you can cover your beggar charges.

Military personal

Spirit airline offers free baggage to military personnel. As in Spirit Airlines, you can bring five pieces of baggage, but the military personnel gets two free check-in baggage. But to avail of that discount, you have to submit the related document.

Although by reading this article, you can get the all the available information related to baggage policy of Spirit Airlines.

Does Spirit Airlines Lose Luggage?

Yes, damaged or lost luggage is a possibility with Spirit Airlines. Still, no system is perfect, and a few errors and glitches are experienced in even the most immaculately organized processes. This also includes the baggage transport system of any airline. Even though the Airlines take strict care and measures to prevent mishandling of any luggage, a bag or two may occasionally be damaged or lost. Those asking, “Does Spirit Airlines lose luggage,” Spirit does so, but these occasions are quite rare. A recent independent survey also concluded Spirit Airlines to be the third safest Airline in luggage handling.

What does Spirit do if they lose your luggage?

  • If someone informs Spirit about a piece of lost baggage, Spirit starts the process of finding the missing bags, which can last up to 5 days.
  • In the event of a damaged bag, or if a misplaced bag wasn’t found by Spirit, the Airline takes up the responsibility and provides compensation for the missing or damaged luggage.

The compensation is done according to the rules of the contract of carriage, and if one wonders, “What does Spirit do if they lose your luggage?” Spirit Airlines explicitly states the damaged or lost baggage and any items that will be compensated on their total price.

How Much Will Spirit Airlines Reimburse for Lost Luggage?

Spirit Airlines has declared a given list of articles, which, when lost or damaged, will be reimbursed by Spirit in full. The point here is that there are a few categories of items that Spirit will not compensate for, even in the case of confirmed damaged or lost baggage. These clauses are written in the Spirit policy for baggage, which also states how much will Spirit Airlines reimburse for lost luggage, and one accepts all of them automatically upon a confirmed booking with Spirit. The list of articles that won’t be compensated by Spirit includes jewelry, perfumes, electronic items, etc. One will get complete compensation for all other damaged or lost luggage articles.

Spirit Airlines Lost And Found Policy

  • If a bag is confirmed lost, then Spirit will try to recover the bag in the next five days, after which one is entitled to raise compensation for the contents of the missing bag.
  • The reimbursement over damaged luggage will not be processed for the normal wear and tear associated with transporting bags, like soiling, minor cuts, bruises, or dents.
  • The damage to any items from other items within the bag, like water bottles, isn’t compensated.
  • Items such as electronics, jewelry, perfumes/cologne, cosmetics, etc., aren’t covered under-compensation.

The necessary items for everyday use that were bought for a delayed bag are reimbursed as interim costs. Spirit Airlines Lost And Found Policy clarifies that the articles covered under the compensation are reimbursed at their total price.

Spirit Airlines Lost Baggage Contact Number

Apart from raising a lost baggage claim by filling a form on the Spirit Airlines website, one can also contact Spirit Airlines voice support, which has a specific customer support department for baggage assistance. The Spirit Airlines lost baggage contact number is also displayed on the Spirit Airline customer support web page.

  • A “Contact Us” menu is given at the top of the Spirit Airlines homepage, and one can click on it after getting to the Spirit homepage.
  • The browser will load a new page that contains a few options for the Spirit Airlines customer service.
  • Select the “Customer Support” link under “Need more help” towards the end of the page.
  • Use the “How can I contact Spirit by phone or email,” and the browser will display the Spirit Contact numbers.


Dial the contact number to get to the live Agent. The Spirit support representatives will assist you with any baggage-related issue or concern.

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