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The spirit ticket counter is open in Detroit from 4 am to 7 pm. You cannot pay through cheque and cash at the ticket counter. If you want to experience a swift boarding experience in Detroit, you need to reach the airport before the time limit. The counter will help you in booking tickets according to your convenience. Moreover, airports provide many ticket counters, so you will not experience delays while purchasing tickets.

Which Terminal is Spirit Airlines at Detroit Metro Airport?

The terminal spirit airlines use terminal N-North-Evans at Detroit metro airport to land its aircraft. You can rest at the terminal lounge while waiting for the flight to arrive. The airport has many terminals in case of exceptional cases, or an emergency terminal may change. You can check with the airline personnel regarding the respective Terminal at which your flight takes off from the Detroit Metro Airport.

  • You can check your departing flight online mode.
  • Open the site of Detroit metro airport.
  • Then move to the terminal section and click on the ‘check your arriving and depart flight here’ tab.
  • Now enter the flight number and airline name, or you can check by filtering out the Terminal.


In the same way, you can check your arrival flight status at your respective Terminal.

Where is Spirit Airlines located at Detroit Metro Airport?

Detroit metro airport provides a huge infrastructure where you will get various terminals to switch it in the worst-case scenario. The airport has enough space to land the aircraft operated by Spirit airlines, but Spirit uses Terminal N - North - Evans, and the Terminal opens from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm. You can check arrival and departure flight status at the respective Terminal at the official site of the airport.

In case you are not able to check your status through online mode. Spirit airlines Detroit metro airport phone number (734) 247-7678 will help you connect with airport personnel. The live person will help you find relevant information related to your respective flight operated by Spirit Airlines.

How Can You Search for Items You Have Left Behind at the Airport?

You can get to the Detroit metro airport lost and found property office, where the respective officer will help you find your baggage or belongings. You need to have some specifications related to your item so it will be easier to get the status of your lost items.

What is Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Detroit Metro Airport?

You must follow some instructions to get through Spirit airlines lost and found Detroit Metro Airport. These instructions will help you in completing your process without making any mistakes. You can go through this article, or you can simply make a call to airport customer service (734) 247-7678. 

You can send a report related to your lost baggage, but before that, you need to choose whether your belongings have been checked or unchecked. After selecting, click on I am not a robot then file a report.

Now the page will display. You need to fill the form with the necessary information mentioned below:

  • Item category 
  • Item sub-category 
  • Color of your item and case color 
  • Brand and model of your item.
  • Dimension or size of the item 
  • Most important date when it got lost.


At last, you can add a serial number, any tag, or some unique id number.

You can also add some additional comments about your lost item, such as some uniqueness or a particular mark that you are only familiar with. Then click on continue.

After that, You can enter your contact information so that it is easier for the authority to connect with you once they find your missing item. Finally, fill out the itinerary with the details and submit your form.

You will receive a confirmation code mail on your registered email id.

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