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Traveling to the planned destination with friends or colleagues will always be enjoyable, but completing that journey in a money-saving manner is more beneficial. If you are willing to visit Vietnam, you can enjoy several places like Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park, Hoi An, Sapa countryside, etc.

If you want to enjoy all these places by palaces but also want to save your money, then you need to visit Vietnam in their off-season; then they have to make the bookings in April and May. Vietnam is a low season due to its bad weather, and you must keep in mind that you need to avoid the bookings in peak seasons like July and August. 

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Vietnam?

The cheapest time to the beautiful beaches and art structures in Vietnam is September to November, and most of the airlines provide low costs to Vietnam in those months, and you can book the flight by paying 700USD. Most airlines and hotels provide offers and packages because fewer visitors are coming to Vietnam. From September to November, heavy rainfall happens because the roads are washed out, and due to bad weather, flights fly in those months.

How Much is A Flight To Vietnam Usually?

The amount you need to pay to book the flight for Vietnam depends upon the flight route and type of seat. If you visit Vietnam in high season, you need to pay high charges and low fares for the off-season, but the average amount you need to pay is between 900USD to 1000USD; this amount may vary as per the departure airport of the flight. 

What is the cheapest airport to fly to in Vietnam?

There are several cheapest airports to fly to Vietnam, and some of those are below mention: 

  • Noi Bai international airport, Hanoi 
  • Da Nang international airport, Da Nang 
  • Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh 
  • Duong Dong airport in Kien Giang province 
  • Con Dao Airport on Con Son island 
  • Buon Na Thout airport Dak Lak provience


What is the best Airline to Vietnam? 

There are many best airlines that go to Vietnam and provide cheap flights to their passengers as providing cheap flights to passengers will help them maintain a good relationship with them. 

Different ways to get cheap flights are below mention:

Advance bookings: Almost every airline starts their flight bookings well before 10 to 11 months before their departure date; at that time, the flight is the cheapest, so you need to make the bookings in those times to get the best fare.

Offers: There are many offers and deals available on the official website of the airlines; you can use offers as it will save your money, and you will enjoy the benefit of the complete package.

Avoid weekends: You can avoid bookings as most passengers traveling with a family book the flight at that time due to high flight fares. You need to make the bookings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc., to save money.

Miles: If you participate in the frequent flyer programs or create an account on the official website of the airlines, then you will earn miles; you can use that mile to book the flight or make changes in the bookings you can use.

Low fare calendar: To get the cheapest fare, you need to be flexible with your dates and open the calendar from the airline's official website. Then you can see all the prices list of different dates you need to choose that which is comparatively low fare.

Red-eye flight: If you make the bookings and choose an afternoon or evening flight, you have to pay more, but if you make the bookings after 8:00 PM and before 8:00 AM, you can save money because fewer flyers travel at these times.

Incognito mode: When you search the same flight several times on your browser, the browser will show you high prices, but at the time of booking, you have to explore that flight of the same route and destination on incognito mode to see the actual costs. You can book the form there if you notice any price difference.

Can You Fly Directly To Vietnam?

Are you pondering over flying to Vietnam? You have landed at the exact right place. Let us consider some of the best options that one can resort to in order to get instant assistance and proper support for booking cost-effective flights for flying to Vietnam. 

Can You Fly Directly To Vietnam?

Passengers can book a direct flight to Vietnam however direct flights are expensive as compared to non-direct flights. One can check the direct flights online o the website of the concerned airline to book direct flights for traveling to Vietnam. One can communicate with the reservations department to know more about flight fares and ongoing deals and discounts to fly direct to Vietnam. 

Passengers can scroll through various flight websites to compare the ongoing offerings to get the best fare and prices for proceeding with flight reservations for Vietnam. 

  • One-way direct flights to Vietnam start at USD 195 and may increase depending on the demand and as the scheduled departure date nears. 
  • More than 187 direct flights fly daily to Vietnam. One can select the flight by searching the fares online or by visiting the official website of the concerned airline of your choice. 
  • Look through the available options or one can also check the last-minute flight deals available for bookings. 
  • Also, check the low fare calendar supported by many leading airlines in the aviation industry to get the best fare for direct flights to Vietnam. 
  • December is the best month to travel to Vietnam as cost-effective fares are available to book flight fares for making budget-friendly flight bookings.

Travelers can look for direct flights by reaching out to the customer service department at the airline for help and support. One can communicate with the reservations department by accessing the contact details on the official website. You can dial the customer service number to get ample solutions and help with your direct flight bookings for Vietnam. 

Which Airline Flies Direct To Vietnam?

Passengers wanting to fly directly to Vietnam can make reservations with the following airlines that are: 

  • VietJet air, 
  • Flexflight, 
  • Hahn air systems
  • IndiGO
  • Vietnam Airlines, and 
  • Turkish airlines.


What is the Best Month To Travel To Vietnam?

December is the off-season in Vietnam and one can communicate with the reservations department to get the best available fare to travel to Vietnam. You can travel in the month of December to get instant flash sales as far as flight fares are concerned. 

One can reserve flight tickets at low fares to travel to Vietnam by looking for available fares in the month of December. People can get instant support with flight reservations by communicating with the reservations department at the airline to get reservations support and to inquire about the flight fares and the discount available on flights. 

One can communicate with the reservation department at a concerned airline by looking for the contact options on the page. For instance, one can dial the customer service helpline to connect with someone from the customer support department. Others can also connect with the reservations department by email or lie chat option.

Check the low-fare calendar during December to get the best-guaranteed fare for traveling to Vietnam on a budget. Budget travelers can book flights to Vietnam during December for grabbing cheap flight fares. 

What do US Airports fly To Vietnam?

US airports offer multiple direct and indirect flights to Vietnam. Let us consider some of the options as far as US airports are concerned.

  • American Airlines Dallas to Ho Chi Minh City (DFW-SGN). 
  • American Airlines Dallas to Hanoi (DFW-HAN).
  • American Airlines Dallas to Da Nang (DFW-DAD). 
  • American Airlines Charlotte to Ho Chi Minh City (CLT-SGN).
  • American Airlines Charlotte to Hanoi (CLT-HAN).


Passengers can collect details of the airports online or can also search for a particular flight by visiting the official website of a particular airline.

How Long is a Direct Flight to Vietnam?

Flights to Vietnam generally take more than 18 hours, however, passengers with a direct flight from the USA will have to travel for 15 and 34 minutes to reach Vietnam via flight. The time may increase if passengers opt for indirect flights to the same destination. 15 hours and 32 minutes is the fastest time available to reach Vietnam from the US through a direct flight from Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

How Much Does It Cost To Fly to Vietnam Now?

Vietnam is a travel destination, known for its natural beauty, culture, foods, and heritage. People usually choose Vietnam as their travel destination quite often, to relish. They usually want to know, “How much money is needed to fly to Vietnam?” before planning a trip. The cost to go to Vietnam depends upon the airlines you are choosing, direct flight or one-way, one-way, or multi-city flights. You can choose cheap flights to travel to Vietnam to save you money. The cheapest flight will cost you around $350-$400 for one way and around $750-$800 for a round trip.

How Much Money Do I Need for 2 Weeks in Vietnam?

If you want to explore the whole of Vietnam, then you may need at least 2 weeks. Then there is hotel cost, travel cost inside Vietnam plus taxes and charges will be needed. You would like to know the amount of money needed to stay in Vietnam for 2 weeks. Because you want to ensure you don't run out of money during the trip. For a single person, if you want to cut down your budget to as low as possible, then it would cost you around $2500-$3000, depending on the needs of the person, Though the cost may vary with time.

Is there any direct flight to Vietnam?

If you want to go to Vietnam, you may choose direct flights to Vietnam. You may have doubts about which flights are direct for the Vietnam trip. There are multiple flights after Vietnam was awarded as a category 1 country by Federal Aviation Administration; you can now choose a direct flight for Vietnam. They will directly fly from your nearest airport to Vietnam. It will save you time and if you choose wisely then you may save some money also.

Which Airlines Currently Fly To Vietnam?

If you are wondering which airlines or flights would be best for your Vietnam trip, then you are in the right place. The question is You can choose any of the options from below:

Direct flight:  After category 1 country status by Federal Aviation Administration, two Airlines provides low-cost direct flight to Vietnam. The first one is Vietnam airways, Vietnam’s flag carrier which is in operation since 2019 for non-stop flights. And the second one is Bamboo Airways. You can choose any of the ones.

Non-direct flight: If you want to go to Vietnam via a non-direct flight then you have multiple options. American Airlines, emirates, and China East Airways are among those few.

How Long is a Direct Flight to Vietnam?

If you are not choosing the option to go by a non-direct flight, and choose to fly with a direct flight, then you may want to know the Time needed to fly to Vietnam on a direct flight. You may not like the idea of going on a non-stop flight, because it makes the journey more comfortable. The time to fly to Vietnam is different for different airlines and different routes. It may take around 13 hours westbound and 15 hours eastbound.

What is the best time to fly to Vietnam?

Although Vietnam is beautiful throughout the year, there is a specific time of the year to make your journey even more mesmerizing. As a tropical country, it might not be fruitful to visit the country in summer or monsoon. The best time to visit Vietnam is in the Spring season, which is usually from March to April. During this time you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the beautiful cities and beautiful beaches on a sunny day. Many hotels give good packages and discounts to tourists at this time.

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