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After booking your flight tickets, you think that now you need to enquire and get information about everything that United Airlines offers and go through their policies related to almost everything. However, all this is important, but in between gathering details for all these things, the passengers forget that the Airport from which they are going to onboard their flight has a big role to play as the passengers have to go through all the procedures at Airport. If you are wondering Where is United Airlines located at DTW? So that they can get to their terminal easily without any issues and enquire about the things that are troubling them.

Frontier Airlines Detroit Metro Airport Office:

If the passengers have a flight to catch at the Detroit Metro Airport, then it becomes important that they should also have all the mandatory and useful details of the Airport as it will help them in making their journey comfortable as they will be able to contact the Airport for any inconvenience they face at the Airport. The passengers need to get to the Airport early to get through all the security procedures and formalities. All the contact details of Detroit Metro Airport are given below:

  • Airport Office Address - 11050 W. G. Rogell Dr. #602, Detroit, MI 48242, USA
  • Office Hours - Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and Wednesday open at 7:00 a.m.
  • Mailing Address - Airport Security, Public Safety Headquarters, Bldg 610, 31399 East Service Drive, Detroit, MI 48242
  • Email Addresses -,,


United Airlines Detroit Phone Number

Well, if we start to count the things, queries, or issues that the passengers might face at the Airport, then there will be a never-ending list in our hands. The passengers may get problems they might not even think of, so it will be convenient if they have all the important numbers for the possible queries. Therefore, they will be able to contact the customer support of the Airport to get help. All the contact numbers of the Airport are listed below:

  • General Queries - (734) 247- 7678 / 1-805-874-8331
  • Airfield Operations - (734) 942-3823 
  • Transportation Security - (866) 289-  9673
  • Airport Police - (734) 942-2222
  • Fire Department - (734) 942- 3601
  • For any crime or fraud - (888) 447- 8643
  • Media - (734) 247- 7379
  • Information & Assistance - (800) 642-1978
  • Wi-fi Support - (800) 826-4646


Does Detroit Airport have a Lost and Found?

Losing things at the Airport is no big issue. It often happens to passengers that they lose their stuff and baggage at the Airport. The loss of baggage may involve Airport security, but the responsibility of losing personal items is entirely on the passengers. For any of the missing things, the passengers can get to the lost and found desk or dial the number given below and provide them all the details which will help find their stuff:

  • Lost and Found - (734) 942- 3669 

United Airlines Detroit Baggage Claim:

After landing at the Airport, the first thing that the passengers have to do is to claim their baggage so that they can go ahead with their further journey pleasantly. The passengers can get to the baggage claim counter and get them or they can dial the phone number for the same:

  • Baggage Claim - (734) 942-3606


What Terminal at DTW is United Airlines?

To get to the terminal from where the passengers have to take their flight, they should know that United Airlines uses Terminal N - North Evans at the Detroit Metro Airport so that they do not have any issues in getting to it. They will also find language assistance and ground volunteers from the Airline who will help them.

How Do You Call Detroit Airport?

It is compulsory that the passengers get to the Airport at least two hours before their scheduled flight. Reaching the Airport early is another trick to save yourself from all the issues and problems as the passengers will have time to resolve those problems by finding the best and most valuable solutions for them. Go through the below steps to get help from the customer support of the Airport:

  • Dial the phone number 1(734) 247-7678 / 1-805-874-8331 and go through the IVR instructions.
  • If the passengers want to gather information about their flight details, then they need to press one.
  • Press two if they have any questions related to their baggage.
  • Press three if the passengers want to know about their terminal and concourses.
  • The passengers need to press four in case of restaurant and lounge inquiries.
  • If they want to speak to the customer support executive at the Airport then they should press five.

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