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The airport in Chicago that American Airlines flies to is Chicago O'Hare, IL (ORD). This is the international airport that you can get, and they provide all the best services to their customers. Below is the following detail that is mentioned and you had to follow:

Does American Airlines Fly Out of O’Hare?

Yes, American Airlines fly out of O Hare, which is the cheapest price that was found within the last 7 days, and for return, flights were $132 and $109 for a one-way flight for the period specified. The prices and availability of flights constantly change and depend on the flight.

Where Does an American Airline Fly From Chicago?

American airline only flies from Chicago O hare international airport (ORD) and doesn't fly from Chicago Midway Airport. If you wanted to know that American Airlines connects Chicago with many different destinations within the same country. So below is the following AA popular route to Chicago:-

  • Boston to Chicago O'Hare- daily flight.
  • Phoenix to Chicago O'Hare- daily flight. 
  • Miami to Chicago O'Hare - daily flight. 


Other international popular routes that to Chicago:-

The American airline also connects Chicago through many other international destinations that are mentioned below:-

  • London to Chicago O'Hare - which is a daily flight
  • Rome to Chicago O'Hare - daily flight but on a seasonal basis. 
  • Rome to Chicago O'Hare - 1x weekly flights and on a seasonal basis. 


Which Terminal is American Airlines at Chicago O Hare?

If you are wondering about the terminal American Airlines uses at Chicago O'Hare, then you can go to terminal 3. It is the largest terminal of O'Hare, with 79 gates in Concourses G, H, K, and L. In this terminal, you will get many more things that you can enjoy and that are a smoothie and salad shop, bakery, bagel shop, vending machine, burger spot, goose island beer company bar, Chicago clubs bar, Mexican restaurant, and many more things that they provide.

Moreover, there are also shopping options that will be the same as the other terminal, but the specifications of this terminal are Brooks Brothers and Brookstone. You can also get the airport's only Yoga room which is in the rotunda mezzanine.

American Airlines O Hare Baggage Claim Phone Number

When you reach the destination, and you find that your bag does not arrive at your destination or there is some delay in your baggage, then you can easily claim from the airport by contacting them through the online methods and their contact number. To know about all the processes then below are the following that you must follow:-

Through The Online Methods:- 

  • Initially, you have to visit the airline's official website and then search for the options related to lost and damaged baggage. 
  • Now, a form will appear, and you have to click on that to fill out all the details that are required to complete and get the baggage. 
  • After that, you have to enter all the details that are essential information for your baggage, like bag description, passengers name, and file references. 
  • Lastly, when you complete the form filling then, tap on submit.


Through The Contact Number- 

  • Firstly, you have to access the official site of American Airlines and then start searching for the contact us option. 
  • Now, when you open that, then you can find the official phone number of services, 800-433-7300 or 800-633-3711, and dial that. 
  • Then, you get connected with virtual customer services and follow all the instructions that appear. 
  • If you want to get the information regarding your baggage, you must press the number that appears. 
  • Press the 1 button to file a complaint about the airline. 
  • Press the 2 buttons if you want to get the information regarding your baggies. 
  • Press the 3 buttons to make the changes in the flight or cancel the ticket. 
  • Press the 7 buttons to get in touch with the real person from American airlines.

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