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A Quick Guide To Get Vouchers from EasyJet!

Who doesn't like to get some discounts while booking a flight? Well, if you are a frequent flyer with EasyJet, you have a chance to save your money. Whether you want to cancel your booking or reschedule it, you have a chance to get a voucher. We have created this article as many of the customers wanted to know how to get EasyJet vouchers. To get detailed information on EasyJet vouchers, you can read the complete article.

How Do I Get my EasyJet Voucher?

If you are willing to get a travel voucher from EasyJet, you have different options to do so.

  • Be a frequent flyer: If you often travel with EasyJet, you can earn travel vouchers worth a significant value.
  • Get it online: there is a vouchers section on EasyJet's official website. You can go to the link and get the voucher online by following the online instructions.
  • Buy from EasyJet: You can directly buy the travel voucher at a low price from EasyJet and use it up to 12 months from the purchase date. 


These are the cases when you can get EasyJet vouchers easily. However, if you cancel an EasyJet flight and wonder about will EasyJet give me a voucher, the answer is yes. You can get an EasyJet voucher instead of your refunds. Below are some cases when you can get the EasyJet vouchers for a canceled flight. 

In What Cases Do I Get EasyJet Vouchers?

  • If there is some cancellation from EasyJet, you can ask for a refund or a voucher of the same value as the ticket price.
  • If you have missed your connecting flight due to EasyJet technical issues, you can get compensation in the form of a voucher.
  • If there is a cancellation from the airline's side due to weather conditions, government orders, etc., you can ask for a voucher.


Can I cancel my EasyJet Flight and Get A Voucher?

Yes. You can cancel the flight and get a voucher for EasyJet. While selecting the refund option, you have to choose the Prepay Voucher button to get a voucher. EasyJet will send the voucher to the original account of the ticket user. The EasyJet voucher will be valid up to 12 months from the issue date.

You can get the EasyJet voucher if there is a delay in the EasyJet flight and you need to cancel your booking. While choosing the refund option, you can select the Get Voucher button instead of booking a new flight.

Can I Get A Voucher from EasyJet if I Don't Want to Fly?

If you have already purchased a ticket with EasyJet and now you are planning to cancel your trip, you can do it from the official website of EasyJet. If your ticket type is flexible, you can request a voucher in place of a refund. However, you can't get a voucher if you missed the flight or don't have any flexible ticket booking with EasyJet.

So, these are the conditions when you can get a voucher for EasyJet in place of your ticket. If you have some more questions regarding can I change my EasyJet flight to a voucher, you can contact the customer service of EasyJet. The customer representative will help you with all the queries regarding EasyJet vouchers.

A Step by Step Guide on EasyJet Voucher

EasyJet is a British international airline that deals in several low-cost airline flights to international and domestic locations. EasyJet is known for its exceptional services and maintaining a perfect balance in providing affordable yet prominent flights to its passengers. EasyJet is also known worldwide for its EasyJet voucher plan.

If you are an EasyJet flier and are new to the whole topic of EasyJet vouchers and you wonder, ‘What is the value of EasyJet voucher.’ If that’s the case with you and you need to find an instant resolution, then worry not because you’ve come to the perfect place because the following will help.

What are EasyJet Vouchers?

EasyJet vouchers are the coupon coupons provided to different users for all the flights they have completed with EasyJet airlines. The voucher is also provided to the users at the time of any inconvenience. They can redeem their vouchers for future usage, buying flight tickets, making changes, or getting your EasyJet flight tickets at an affordable price.

What is the value of the EasyJet Voucher?

The value of the EasyJet voucher is decided by the amount you pay when booking your flight tickets or getting a refund back from the reservations team of EasyJet airlines. You can negotiate the value with the help of speaking with a reservations executive. The value is decided to remain happy and consider flying with EasyJet in the future. The vouchers are created so that the business remains good and EasyJet can maintain consistent customer service and satisfaction.

Can I Extend my EasyJet Voucher?

If you have been flying with EasyJet and you have accumulated a lot of vouchers in your kitty that you feel you cannot utilize at the mentioned point of time, measures are created for situations like this. You can extend the validity of your EasyJet voucher, but the extension can remain only if you meet the points listed below;

  • Impossible to Travel- If you are between a pandemic and traveling is not allowed, domestic or international. You can extend your EasyJet voucher with the help of speaking with one of the reservation executives of EasyJet.
  • Add Ons- If you have different add-on coupons in your EasyJet account, you can request an extension. If you have a prominent relationship and you’ve been flying with EasyJet for a very long time now, an extension can be requested in that case.


How Do I Check my EasyJet Voucher Balance?

  • Visit the official EasyJet website with the help of the browser that you commonly use.
  • Locate the option ‘Manage Bookings’ in the header section and click on that.
  • A sub-menu will pop up before you and will display different options.
  • Click on the ‘Help & Info’ option under Flight Bookings.
  • You’ll be redirected to the ‘Manage booking’ website.
  • Now, in the search section, write ‘EasyJet voucher.’
  • You’ll have to enter your account details to access your EasyJet vouchers.
  • After entering the information, click on the option ‘View Balance.’
  • It will then showcase all your vouchers, and you can view the balance of your voucher effectively.


What If I Can’t Use my EasyJet Voucher?

  • You cannot transfer your EasyJet voucher.
  • You cannot get a refund on your EasyJet voucher.
  • You cannot exchange your EasyJet voucher for cash.
  • You cannot combine different vouchers for a single flight because only a single voucher can be used per booking.
  • If you cannot use it, you can contact a support executive from EasyJet, and if it has expired because of the completion of 12 months, it can no longer be of use.

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