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Easyjet has recently gained a good momentum by enriching their service standards. This has direct implications in booking of tickets in the airlines. The number of people who have been booking tickets in this airline has increased at a drastic rate. There are many of the travelers who book tickets in this airline very prior and at the last minute they feel that they need to manage their bookings. It is in this phase many of the travelers face all sorts issue as they do not know the desired procedure to do the same. In case you are one such traveler who is looking for similar sort of assistance then this tutorial is specially meant for you. So read the tutorial in a calm and composed manner and you will certainly find a way out to get one stop solution for the issue and query.

Can I Add Another Passenger to my Easyjet Booking?

Yes, you can add another passenger to your EasyJet booking. Suppose you have completed booking the tickets on EasyJet, and after that, you want to add one more person, like someone from your family or friend. Easyjet gives you a precise method to add the passenger to your travel itinerary through an online procedure of “manage my booking’ on the official website of EasyJet.

How do I add passengers to my Easyjet Ticket?

To add a passenger to your ticket, follow the process given below: 

  • Reach the official webpage of Easyjet booking or use the mobile app 
  • Click on the manage booking tab on the home page
  • Select the ‘add seat’ option
  • Enter the details of the added passenger
  • Make payments of the added passenger to your booking
  • Get confirmation on the inclusion of the passenger in the booking.


This is a very convenient process specified by EasyJet for the passengers to include more people in their booking.

Can you add a child to your EasyJet Flight?

Yes, a child can be added to your EasyJet flight anytime until check-in before your scheduled flight's departure. After your booking on EasyJet is confirmed, you later decide to take your children along on the journey; EasyJet will give you an easy way to add your children’s ticket to your booking through the simple steps of “manage booking’ on the EasyJet official website.

Can I add another person to my EasyJet holiday booking?

Yes, another person can be included in the EasyJet booking. You have to follow the specific process mentioned on the official site of EasyJet holidays if you want to change your booked EasyJet holiday package. Do the following to make the changes: 

  • Go to EasyJet holiday booking
  • Click on the EasyJet holiday help center
  • Log in to your account with your valid email id
  • Select the option of adding a person
  • Make payments 
  • Get confirmation on the added person.


You can also contact the EasyJet customer service person for more information and assistance on a phone or live chat available on the official website of the EasyJet holiday help center.

Can I remove a person from my EasyJet holiday?

Yes, you can remove a person from your EasyJet holiday booking, provided you will be liable to pay the cancellation charges. To remove a person’s name from the booking, follow the easy procedure given below:

  • Reach the EasyJet webpage
  • Click on manage booking
  • Choose the EasyJet holiday booking
  • Log in to your account with the departure date, booking reference, surname
  • Select the make amends to my holiday
  • Choose the name for removal from the booking
  • Pay the cancellation charges
  • Confirm the removal of the name from the holiday package.


How Do I Add Passengers' Details on EasyJet?

If any changes are to be done on the details of a passenger booked on an EasyJet flight, try the procedure explained below:

  • Go to the official website of Easyjet
  • Click on manage booking
  • Select the amended name from the drop-down list
  • Enter your surname, and booking reference or sign in to your account
  • Select the add passenger option
  • Enter the details of the passenger
  • Make payment 
  • Get confirmation on the addition of passengers on EasyJet.


Easyjet Customer Service Number

 1. Customer service: 011 44 330 365 5454

 2. Bag information: In the economy, 1st bag £ 37, 2nd bag £ 37. Advance purchase discount available.

 3. Destinations: 132

 4. CEO: Johan Lundgren (1 Dec 2017–)

Easyjet Booking Number

In order to manage bookings in the airline there are basically two effective and legit ways. One is through the qualified agents who are also known as the masters of the domain. They are available all through the day and all through the year to troubleshoot the travelers issues within a very short span of time. Easyjet manage booking toll free phone number is the medium through which the travelers can easily connect with the immensely qualified and skilled agents. The other set through which such kind of issue and query can be resolved is by manual assistance. This is for technically fit persons. Such persons can simply move down the tutorial to get the step by step procedure to manage bookings in the airlines.

Steps for instant managing of tickets in Easyjet airlines:

Step 1: Open the browser of the choice and then move on to the login to the EasyJet airlines portal via the account username and password through which the tickets have been booked.

Step 2: Move on to the left section of the account and select the option Manage my Booking.

Step 3: Finally travelers can now modify all the necessary changes that they are willing to make and once done then traveler can now feel free to travel on the specified date and time.

Easyjet Booking Phone Number

Travelers always have the option to use the 24/7 Easyjet customer service number which is available all through the year. The service can be utilized for resolution of several other issue and query with regards to the airlines or in case the travelers are not being able to follow the above-mentioned step-by-step procedure. Feel free to reach us any time we are happy to help you out in every possible way. Don't panic if you are facing any kind of issue, our travel managers are there for you always