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Thai Airways Manage Booking

Thai airways, as the name says itself, from Thailand having headquarters at Bangkok. The airline is very much economic and thus every person willing to travel by air can afford the reservation cost. At a very much low booking cost, person can enjoy the best journey experience with Thai Airways. Person can enjoy the Thai hospitality, best of the Thai cuisines and comfortable seats, entertainment inside the flight and charging facilities for laptops and mobile phones etc. Thai airways provides the best services in the most affordable prices. It also provides various offers which person can avail while planning to travel from Thai Airways.

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, trading as THAI is the flag carrier airline of Thailand. Formed in 1988, the airline has its corporate headquarters in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, and primarily operates out of Suvarnabhumi Airport.

  1. Customer service: 1800-767-3598

  2. Bag information: In economy, to/from Canada and the US, two bags free. To other destinations, 30kg free. More Thai Airways bag information

  3. Destinations: 91

  4. Alliance: Star Alliance

  5. Subsidiaries: Thai Smile, Nok Air, THAI Flight Training, etc,.

  6. Hubs: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Phuket International Airport

Contact Thai Airways Booking Number

Managing your booking with Thai Airways is simple. If you have changed your plan, want to reschedule or cancel the flight or if there is a request for change of seat or for ordering online meals etc. Everything you can manage directly from the web site. Here is the process , how to do thai airways manage booking?

  1. Login to your account at the Thai airways.

  2. Then click on the tab Manage.

  3. Here person can find the options for My Booking, Check In process, Other Thai Special Services and for E Receipt.

  4. Click to choose any one of them which you want to manage.

  5. In the form appeared, enter your last name, the booking reference id, the flight number and click on Submit.

  6. Manage your booking according to your choice.

Thai Airways Manage My Booking Number

Person can even call at the Thai airways booking number, to place the request for any changes in the flight. This number is all the time available. When person get registered with this number , he will get regular updates about all the flights from Thai airways. The executives at Thai airways booking number are always present on the line to help the people while making and managing their flights. So having this Thai airways booking number in your contact list while traveling, is of great help in providing the hassle free journey.

Steps to reserve seats in Thai Airways

1.To reserve flight seats in the Thai Air, users can easily open the website of the airline and find the manage booking options of the flight.

2.Under the manage booking section, tap on the reserve seats option and tap on the option.

3.Meanwhile enter your flight number and find the details of the flight. Move to the seat arrangement section of the flight and try to pick any seat of your choice.

4.Once done, follow the remaining instructions and try to confirm the flight seat.

And hence you are all done!

Cost incurred on flight seat selection in Thai Air  

Thai airways seat selection cost for all the flights is different in different types of classes. To find out more, scroll down.

1.If the passengers are trying to reserve seats in the economy class then they have an option to pick seats near the exit gate and front side of the flight.

2.If you are travelling by the business class then you can either pay for upgrading your seat or manually select any of it.

3.Usually passengers are always advised to select the seats with the more leg space; however you might have to pay more for it.

Actual pricing of the Thai Airways seat selection

To find the actual pricing to pick your favorite seats, several destination countries are divided into different categories, precisely as zones. Each zone has its own pricing. However to find out, for all the types of updates from business class to first class the price ranges between US dollars 40 to 280. Thus you can check the following price list and decide accordingly.

And hence that’s all for the Thai Airways seat booking. In addition to this, if you ever come across any doubt or issue, you can easily contact the customer care team of the airline. The support team of the Thai Air works for the service of people 24x7.