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Most passengers want to travel to their desired destination with their cat as they do not want to leave it alone at home. Those travelers can carry their pets but must show some documents. If any traveler is willing to travel to the Philippines with their cat but needs details about the papers to be presented to get the acceptance, they can read below and get complete information.

  • The owner of the cat has to show all their official document
  • Complete vaccination and health documents are required
  • Original certificates and documents from the Bureau of Animal Quarantine. 


Can I Bring My Cat on a Plane to Cebu Pacific?

You can take your cat or other pets on a plane at Cebu Pacific only if your flight is to or from the US, and your cat must be in service. There are several policies given by Cebu Pacific through which you can learn about pet instruction on a plane, and if you still need to know about those policies, then you can read below.

  • The airlines only allow one service animal with a passenger, and they must apply for it at the time of booking.
  • The pet you are carrying must be in a cage or box, which should be thoroughly ventilated. The cage must be shaped or sized so the pet can easily stand up and turn around. 
  • The cage of the passenger must be in such a shape which can easily fit in the lower seat or upper head cabin.
  • Cebu pacific airlines do not allow any dangerous bread or a pet who is not vaccinated, and the pet's vaccination documents must be issued 10 days before the flight departure


Does Cebu Pacific Allow Pets on Board?

Cebu Pacific only allows pets on board if they are to or from the US. If you have bookings for any other destination, airlines will not allow pets.

How Do You Bring Cats on a Plane to Cebu Pacific?

You can apply your cat at the time of making the reservation, or if you are unable to do it at that time, then you can use the manage booking option. Review the points below if you need to learn how to add cats to your bookings.

  • Navigate Cebu Pacific Airline's official website. 
  • Open the page of manage to book and fill in the last name with the reference number
  • Further, click on add assistance section and then mention the details about your cat
  • Next, submit the details and save the changes. 
  • Lastly, a payment section will open if any charges are applied, then pay them. 


How can I talk to the Cebu Pacific agent?

Connecting with the airline's agent is very useful to make your travel more convenient as they have complete knowledge about airlines. To contact in a quick and hassle-free mode, dial this Cebu Pacific Hotline Number +63288592774 and then make the selection of the language. Then listen to the instructions of IVR, which are given further.

  • Select 2 queries related to the reservation process
  • Select 4 to know the baggage allowance 
  • Select 6 if you want to add pet assistance to the bookings 
  • Select 8 to know the fare hold policies 
  • Select * to connect with representatives


Make the selection of the IVR as per the query and get assistance accordingly.

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