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A Guide To The Cebu Pacific Customer Service

Air travel is a preferable mode of transportation because it covers long distances in the shortest amount of time. Air travel can be slightly expensive for your wallet, but with Cebu Pacific Air, you get fare tickets at affordable prices. If you have destinations like South Korea, Guam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and others on your bucket list, then it is suggested that you book your next trip with Cebu Pacific Air. 

How Do I Get in Touch with Cebu Pacific? 

A phone call is convenient to get in touch with the Cebu Pacific customer executive to provide you with the appropriate support. Customer service is skilled at solving problems such as reservations, itinerary management, changing flights, or others. The Cebu Pacific phone number is mentioned in the below-mentioned lines: 

  • Dial the Cebu phone number: (63) 2-7020-888 / +1-808-300-5769. ​​ 
  • You need to select your native language. 
  • A pre-programmed machine will offer you flight options. 
  • You need to hit the button that aligns with your interests. 
  • Later, your call will be connected with an agent. 
  • Give input about flight details and receive the solution. 

What is the Process for the Cebu Pacific Live Chat?

An alternative method to reach out to customer service in Cebu is the online method. On the chat platform, the Cebu Pacific Customer Service offers their assisting facilities 24/7, and passengers can ask their queries according to their suitable time. If you wish to contact a Cebu Pacific virtual assistant, then the steps are given below: 

  • Navigate through the site of Cebu Pacific in your browser. 
  • Here, you need to find out the chat symbol. 
  • The virtual assistant, Charlie, will welcome you here. 
  • Keep following the on-display instructions. 
  • Share your query in the message box. 
  • After a while, the virtual agent will provide you with a solution. 

What is the process for the Cebu Pacific Service Email? 

With its incredible onboard facilities, Cebu Pacific is becoming the number-one choice for passengers. The communication channels are well organized and work continuously to maintain the convenience of the passengers. One of the methods through which you can interact with the customer executive is email. Follow the steps to send the email:

  • You need to log in to your email account first.
  • In the main email section, jot down the problem. 
  • Be clear and precise with your words. 
  • Now send it to DPO@CebuPacificAir.Com. 
  • After some time, an agent will contact you. 

What is the Cebu Pacific Reservation Contact Number?

Making a reservation with Cebu Pacific Air involves some simple steps. There are various processes through which you can book your flight tickets. However, the most straightforward method is to place a call at the reservation number, which is (63) 2-7020-888. As you provide the flight details, the agent will tell you the total cost of the ticket. After you transfer the amount, you will receive the e-ticket via email. 

How do I do Cebu Pacific Booking?

In order to purchase a Cebu Pacific ticket, you can use the online facility. To do this, you must open an authentic site called Cebu Pacific. For more details, you can go through the below-written points: 
Go to the authorized site of the Cebu Pacific. 

  • On the homepage, find Manage Booking. 
  • Now, input your requirements in the boxes. 
  • Click on the search icon and select a flight. 
  • The cost will be flashed on the screen. 
  • Transfer the flight fare and confirm your seat. 

How Can I Get a Cebu Pacific Refund? 

Contact airline customer service if you need a refund from Cebu Pacific Air. Whether you will get a full refund or not? The decision will be based on the Cebu refund policy. If your ticket fulfills all the requirements of the refund policy, then your ticket will be eligible for a refund. Adhere to the below-listed points to receive a refund: 

  • Visit the official site of Cebu Pacific Air. 
  • Now, look for the Manage Booking option. 
  • You need to fill in all the itineraries shown here. 
  • Your flight information will appear on the monitor. 
  • Select the flight for which you want a refund. 
  • If your ticket is eligible, you will find the refund button. 
  • Click the button, and the refund process will be initiated. 

What are the Reasons for Contacting Cebu Pacific Customer Service? 

Acknowledging that passengers may need help from the customer service of Cebu, Hencsu offers numerous ways to interact with the Cebu Pacific Customer Service. When the question arises of what could be the reason to contact Cebu, there are multiple reasons to get in touch with the customer service of Cebu Pacific, which are the following: 

Flight Booking: If passengers do not know how to book the flight or find it difficult to do it alone, you can ask the customs executive to reserve the seats on your behalf.

Seat upgrade: Seat upgrade is one of the main reasons that passengers contact Cebu customer executives. The seat upgrade depends on the availability of your preferred seats. 

Refund: Through the online method, most of the passengers do not understand whether they will get the refund or not. They prefer calling the agents of the airlines to ask about their probability of getting the refund and the process. 

Lost and Found: In case of luggage loss or misplacing some items, passengers should contact the lost and found department. The agents ask for the nearby point where the luggage was lost, as this helps the customer executive find the items. 

What is the best time to contact Cebu Pacific? 

Cebu Pacific customer service is committed to resolving the problems of their passengers. If you are finding it difficult to deal with the process at Cebu Pacific or want to know about their policies, then you can contact the agents at Cebu Pacific via phone. Calling during non-peak hours, that is, early in the morning, will give you the results immediately. 


To begin with, Cebu Pacific Air has different methods to help its passengers with reservations, baggage issues, special assistance, and other issues. If you want to talk with one of the customer executives, then you need to read the content mentioned above. For more information, it is suggested that you visit the site and look in the FAQs section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cebu Pacific Air Customer Service 24/7 Available?

One can simply dial Cebu Pacific Air contact number i.e.  +63 (2) 8802-7169, +632-8540-2195 to get real-time assistance on their reservations.  Besides, the live person on Cebu Pacific Air is available 24/7 to assist you with all kinds of reliable solutions and information. Also, the Cebu Pacific Air live person will assist you thoroughly on your bookings.

Does Cebu Pacific Air Has Live Chat Services?

Cebu Pacific Air does have live chat services through which passengers can get issues on their minor queries such as refunds, cancellations, flight change, flight status, etc. One can opt for the live chat option through Cebu Pacific Air’s official website and mobile app. Also, the live chat option has less turnaround time and one can quick help on their queries.

How Does The Live Person Cebu Pacific Air Customer Services Can Help You?

The Cebu Pacific Air customer service experts can help you with the following aspects of your bookings.

  • Cebu Pacific Air reservations
  • Manage Bookings
  • Check-ins
  • Refunds, cancellations and flight change
  • Travel policies and important guidelines
  • Pet travel and group travel
  • Baggage and cargo services
  • Any assistance on Cebu Pacific Air frequent flyer program.
  • Other queries.

How Do I Contact Cebu Pacific By Email?

If any passenger wishes to share any feedback, grievances, or any other information with the Cebu Pacific Air customer service team, then they can do via However, the email support option has a high turnaround time and you might have to wait for a longer duration to get a response from the Cebu Pacific Air customer services team.

How do I send a message to Cebu Pacific?

Passengers can contact the customer service team at Cebu Pacific by reaching out to the recently launched CHATBOT named CHARLIE at Cebu Pacific to answer all your doubts, queries, and questions.

People can initiate a chat with the chatbot by sending their messages where prompted on the page. Access the chatbot option online and get help with your flight bookings at Cebu Pacific.

Where is the main office of Cebu Pacific?

The main Cebu Pacific office is located in the Philippines. The address details are as under:

  • Terminal 3


Level 3, Departure Hall, NAIA Terminal 3, Andrews Avenue, Pasay City. 

Timings: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Mactan Terminal 1


Mactan Cebu International Airport Lapu-Lapu airport road, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu 

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How To Change Flight in Cebu Pacific For Free

Changing flights can be a hassle, especially when there are fees involved. However, there are certain circumstances that may warrant a free change of flight, such as when there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from taking your originally scheduled flight. If you have a flight with Cebu Pacific and need to change it for free, here are some steps to follow:

Check if your booking is eligible for a free change. Cebu Pacific offers free changes for flights that are affected by flight cancellations, flight rescheduling, and travel restrictions imposed by the government or any relevant authorities. If your flight is not affected by any of these, you may still be able to change it for a fee.

Contact Cebu Pacific as soon as possible. You can call their hotline, send an email, or use their chat support to request a change of flight. It is important to do this as soon as possible to avoid any additional fees and to secure your preferred flight schedule.

Provide your booking details. When you contact Cebu Pacific, make sure to provide your booking details such as your booking reference number, flight date, and route. This will help the customer service representative process your request faster.

Explain your reason for the change. If your flight is eligible for a free change, it is still important to explain why you need to change your flight. This can help the customer service representative understand your situation and provide the appropriate assistance.

Wait for confirmation. After providing your details and reason for the change, wait for confirmation from Cebu Pacific. They will inform you if your request has been approved and provide you with the new flight details. If your request is denied, ask for the reason why and if there are any other options available.

Check your new flight details. Once your request for a free flight change has been approved, make sure to double-check your new flight details. This includes the flight date, time, and route. You may also receive an updated itinerary via email or through your Cebu Pacific account... Read More

How Can I Rebook my Flight on Cebu Pacific Airlines?

There is no limit on the flight rebooking with Cebu pacific airlines. Passengers can reschedule their flight for free on the same day of booking, whereas they have to pay the flight change fee on the tickets that are changed after the 24-hour risk-free period. The flight change fee of Cebu Pacific is calculated on the basis of your ticket condition... Read More

How To Get Refund From Cebu Pacific?

If you have submitted a demand for the refund airlines, make sure you raise a request for the refund. It provides you the refund for the passengers who have made a request on and through which airlines official does send across the official email stating the fact they have got an official mail from the airlines, and they do get the amount for which they have raised a request... Read More

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