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    Can I cancel my flight Ethiopian Airlines

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    Ethiopian Airlines is known for the best service providing airline services all over Ethiopia. The main hub of Ethiopian is Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The destinations covered are around 120 plus including with cargo carrying around 50 plus & the fleet size is 100 plus aircraft.

    Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy

    Yes, passengers are allowed to cancel their reservations with Ethiopian airlines without any hustle or bustle. They just need to be aware of the policies & the fee that is charged on the flight cancellation & the process through which they can easily cancel their booking. Now if you first want to know about the Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy, so that on what basis the cancellation is done you get all the information.

    So, here are the Ethiopian airline's cancellation policy points;

    • If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase then you get a full refund
    • And in case you want to cancel your ticket before a month of departure then the cancellation fee will be applied to your fare purchase
    • The cancellation fee is majorly dependent on the destination, type of fare, & most importantly the time of cancellation of the ticket
    • And if in case the passenger misses the free cancellation policy window, then a certain amount of fee will be levied on the passenger.


    Ethiopian Flight Cancellation Fee

    Now, if you are want to know about the Ethiopian Flight Cancellation Fee, so that before canceling of ticket you may know about the cancellation fee that is charged on Ethiopian flight canceling. If a passenger wants to cancel their Ethiopian airline then they have to bear a certain fee is charged if the booking isn’t canceled in 24 hours.

    And if the passenger cancels Ethiopian airline's flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight, then a fee of $100 to $400 will be charged as the Ethiopian airline's cancellation fee. Now if the overall price of the ticket falls less than the administrative charge of the airport, then no amount will be refunded to the passenger.

    How To Cancel A Flight On Ethiopian Airlines

    Hence if you also want to know about the process through which you know about How To Cancel A Flight On Ethiopian Airlines, so that without any hustle you cancel your flight booking at Ethiopian Airlines.

    Then there are a few of the steps mentioned below as a guide to cancel your reservation;

    • At first you have to browse the official website of the airline
    • Then the passenger have to login in its own account through username & password
    • After entering into the website go to the manage booking section, then you will be moved to the other page where you will get the cancellation option
    • Now enter your last name & confirmation number of your booking
    • Then click on the continue button & then you will get the link for cancellation
    • Now you have to cross-check the details before canceling & then click continue
    • Now submit your canceled airline refund at the same time as per your eligibility
    • And submit & your process will be done & you will receive SMS or email regarding the cancellation.


    Therefore through these easy steps, you will know that how Can I cancel my flight from Ethiopian Airlines, so that the process less time & gets within few minutes.

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