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How Can I Change my Flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

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    How Can I Change my Flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

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    A Quick Guide To Change Flight On Ethiopian Airlines

    Sometime the plans we make does not work at all as we expect because the things require deep legwork of everything like the analysis of the price of the flight ticket, and hotels to stay in the new city.

    Ethiopian airlines offer a complete guide for all those looking to change the flight due to some personal and professional reasons or it could be anything. Here you will see a simple process to change the flight on this airlines. Let’s move down the street further and everything for How can I change my flight on Ethiopian Airlines.

    Some general points to change the flight on Ethiopian Airlines

    Before heading to the process to change the flight on Ethiopian airlines, you are advised to follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

    • To begin the process, visit the Ethiopian airlines website.
    • Next, head to the option of “Manage Booking”.
    • Provide the booking reference number.
    • Give the mentioned last name on the flight ticket.
    • Hit on “Search”.
    • Check all the booking details whether it matches or not.
    • After following the above, select the modify flight booking.
    • Choose to “change” the flight.
    • Confirm the next travel date.
    • Pay the charges.
    • At the end, you will receive a confirmation mail to the registered mail address.
    • Check the flight to be correct or not.
    • Now at the end, if you are in doubt you can again follow the steps.


    Some other modes to change flight on Ethiopian Airline

    These are some of the basic modes that you must be aware of to change the flight on Ethiopian airlines.

    Schedule travel to next date over the call:-

    If you are looking to learn about the solution from the dedicated professional or the helpline number, you can simply call to their official number to get the answer or response. With the help of this mode, even you can learn about the charges as well.

    Learn from the FAQ’s of Airline:-

    Like every other airline, Ethiopian give number of FAQ’ s to learn about the various questions that pop in your mind. You can ask for anything like the reservation, manage booking.

    Take help from Email service:-

    This is the most convenient mode to take help from the option of Email service. You can share the mail to the concerned department of the mail address. Even you can check for the boarding pass, or other things.

    Learn about the Flight change Policy on Ethiopian Airlines

    • Passenger must change their flight 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
    • If you cancel the booking of a ticket, you can easily change the flight without any applicable charges or fees.
    • This airline allows you to make return changes after departure either directly with the Ethiopian airline at destination city or by connecting with the Ethiopis Travel Agency and paying the applicable fees.


    Thus, all the points discussed above is about the Ethiopian Airlines Flight Change Policy, if you require further support, you can call directly on their helpline number to get the answer or response.

  • It is always free of cost if you are making the changes for the first time to your ticket 24 hours from the departure of the flight. Moreover, if you are changing the flight for the second time, then you might have to pay a small amount for the changes to be done.

    Whenever there is a significant difference between your first fare and the fare applicable after the changes are made, then you have to pay for your difference as the change fee. 

    • It generally costs 10 USD when you change the flight to the Ethiopian route.
    • The cost increases to 200 USD when the route is of North America.
    • The cost increases to 100 USD when there is any other route to be changed.


    This is everything that you need to know about Ethiopian Airlines Change Booking Fee.

    Further, you need to know about the steps for changing the flight at Ethiopian Airlines.

    Following are the steps to change a flight at Ethiopian Airlines, have a glance at them if you are looking out for the same.

    • First, you need to visit the official website of Ethiopian airlines. Then you need to visit the booking page.
    • Once you log in using your credentials of email address and password, you will be redirected to the booking section.
    • Enter the flight details that are to be changed. In this step, you must check the functionality of the flight.
    • The further details will be sent to you on the registered email ID.

    This is how you cancel the ticket with Ethiopian Airlines. Other details can easily be extracted from the customer service using the methods of phone call or Email support facility by availing the Ethiopian Airlines Travel Date Change policy as started by the respective airlines.

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