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Yes, if you have booked a flight on Volaris, you can change your seat according to your preference. After booking your tickets on Volaris, you will be assigned a seat with the booking confirmation. If you wish to know how I can change my seat on Volaris, the answer is definitely; you can quickly change the seat assigned to you upon booking the tickets with Volaris, anytime till boarding the flight.

The seat change or selection policy of Volaris is very specific and precise on the official website of the Airline. Usually, 72 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure, Volaris puts up the seat map on the official website for the passengers to change and select the seats according to their preference. The important point to note here is that the change and selection of preferred seats on the Volaris flight will be subject to terms and conditions and the availability of seats.

How Can I Change my Volaris Seats for Free?

 You can change your Volaris seats for free if you do it with the following conditions:

  • If you change and select your seats within 24 hours of booking your ticket
  • If you change your seat on the same class ticket, you have booked, subject to availability 
  • If you are holding a business class ticket, you can change your seat anytime


Suppose after booking your ticket; you want to know about our Volaris allow changing your seat. You can change your seat on Volaris through several ways to change and select the seats on Volaris as described below:

Online: if you have booked a ticket on Volaris and want to change the assigned seat, you can do it online by the below easy way:

  • Go to the official website of Volaris
  • Click on manage my trips
  • Enter your last name, reference number/booking number
  • Select the change and select seats from the drop-down list
  • Pay for the change and selection of preferred seats, if it is chargeable
  • Get confirmation from customer service on the change of seats.


Through call: you can call on the customer service number given on the Airline’s official website, and after hearing the IVR option, either choose the option of a change of seats or you can also talk to a person from customer service directly and request for the change of seat on your scheduled flight. You can do it anytime after you have booked your tickets on Volaris.On the call, you will get immediate confirmation on the change of seats and get your preferred seats.

At the airport: After you reach the airport while doing your check-in, you can request the Airline staff at the counter to change your seat and give you a seat of your preference. You may have to pay for the charge or difference in the fare if you want to change and select your seat from the higher class of the flights for better services and a comfortable journey.

For more information on the change of seats and selection of your preferred seats, you can contact Volaris customer service live person and get relevant information. 

Do You have to pay for Seat Selection on Volaris?

Yes, you may have to pay for seat selection on Volaris. The conditions under which you will have to pay a charge for seats are as follows: 

  • If you change your seat after 24 hours of booking, you may have to pay the charges for your preferred seat.
  • If you want to change your seat and choose a seat with better leg space or an aisle seat, you may have to pay for that choice
  • If you are holding a basic class ticket and want a seat in the economy or other higher class on the flight for better services, you will have to pay the difference in fare.


Do You Have to Pay Extra for Volaris Seat Selection?

Volaris always work according to the passenger's best satisfaction. Therefore, you can choose the best travel seat for the flight reservation with Volaris airlines. If you want to select the preferred seat, you need to pay some extra fees or charges. The prices for each seat will depend on the type of journey, the number of passengers, the seat type, and the route. The actual cost will vary between $10 to $30 per flight, according to the reservation type.

How Big are the Seats on Volaris?

Volaris provides you with big seats to travel with them comfortably. The pitch and width of the seat will depend on the class type and route. Thus the seat pitch of Volaris will be between 28-32 inches, and the seat width will be 18 inches. You can also visit their website to know more about airbus and the length of your seat. 

Are Volaris Seats Comfortable?

Volaris seats are pretty comfortable; you can choose according to your preferences. They always provide different types of seats, such as premium, emergency exit, and standard seats. You can learn the benefits of choosing the flight seat with Volaris and get more comfortable traveling.

More space:

Once you select the emergency exit seats, you will get extra space for your travel. With this, you can sit back and relax during the journey.

Priority boarding:

If you choose the premium economy seat, you will be the first to enter in the plane and exit at the arrival destination. You will easily sit on the plane and get the extensive facilities. 

Extra legroom:

You will get the extra space and slightly more space pitch on the seat. Although, you will get more space for your legs and more comfort during travel.

What is Volaris Premium Seating?

Volaris provides premium seats to passengers for various destinations. These seats are located in row 1 and exit rows. You can book the premium seats online at their website. If you book the premium seats with Volaris airlines, you will acquire the several features given below:

Additional legroom:

Passengers will get more space in the premium seating with Volaris airlines. The extra legroom will be four inches more than the regular seats.

Reclining seats:

Your seat can easily be reclined as much as the other seats. With this, you can give relax to your back and take a good sleep during the flight journey.

Fast exit:

Volaris will allow you to exit the plane immediately upon arrival at your destination. As a premium passenger, you will get your luggage quickly after the de-boarding of the flight.

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