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No, Southwest LUV vouchers cannot be converted into points.  Vouchers are given to the customers as a gesture of goodwill, or existing customers receive vouchers through airlines' online deals and offers. Vouchers can be used whenever a person is booking a flight; they can redeem that as per the terms and conditions. At the same time, points are something that a passenger gets when they cancel their flight in the form of e-ticket credit that is also redeemable at the time of booking.

Can I Transfer my Southwest LUV Voucher To Someone Else?

Unfortunately NO, you cannot transfer your southwest LUV voucher to other accounts. The voucher could be used by the ticketed passenger. Southwest LUV can take actions against the passenger if they sell, barter, or alter their voucher with anyone else.  Vouchers are not equivalent to points or travel funds.  Vouchers come with a validity which is mentioned along with it. 

Are Southwest LUV Vouchers Being Extended?

Southwest LUV voucher's validity cannot be extended. However, one can use it to book their flight tickets within one year of the issue date. You can redeem the voucher by yourself via the official website of the southwest, or you can contact the southwest airlines customer service team to do it on your behalf. The customer executive will help you out in the booking process; all you need to do is provide the details that are necessary along with the voucher code to redeem it.

Can You Sell Southwest LUV Vouchers?

No, customers can not sell the voucher as per the policy of southwest airlines. Selling your voucher or transferring it to another person is against the policy, and the company can take action against the person in such cases. Vouchers are redeemable by the account holder only. However, one can book the ticket of another person from their account to use the voucher. Vouchers come with a validity that you may check on it.

Do Southwest LUV Vouchers Expire?

Yes, Southwest LUV vouchers come with an expiry date. Passengers can only use it before that particular date. Usually, the validity of vouchers is of one year, and that cannot be extended. Vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be converted into points or travel funds. The trading of vouchers could put a person in danger as the policy of southwest airlines is totally against it.  Southwest LUV Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date you received them.

Are Southwest LUV Vouchers Refundable?

A southwest LUV voucher is non-refundable and non-returnable. You cannot exchange the voucher in cash or points. To redeem the voucher at the time of booking, the customer must have the voucher number and an associated code of southwest LUV.  The voucher holder cannot get a replaced voucher if it has got stolen or lost. Save your voucher for a future booking with southwest airlines. You can redeem it by yourself through manual booking via the official website or contact the southwest airlines customer service team to do it for you. The customer support team is available 24x7 to help their customers. You can reach out via call, chat, social media, or email to know How Do I Talk To A Person At Southwest; the customer executive will get back shortly.

How Do I Redeem my Southwest LUV Voucher

Southwest Airlines provides its customers with the best offers and deals to book flights at a much reasonable rate. If there is any damage to the baggage, lost luggage, or disrupted flight issues, airlines offer their customers LUV vouchers in the form of compensation amount of the loss. There are questions that passengers ask about How do I redeem my Southwest LUV voucherThere are many ways by which customers can redeem their LUV vouchers.

Customers can redeem their vouchers for booking their initial flights from Southwest Airlines. They have multiple deals for the voucher holders. To redeem the LUV vouchers, they need to follow the steps given below:

  • When the customer finishes all the bookings procedures, and at last during payment, there will be a blue link.
  • The blue link will be written as 'southwest gift cards,' 'Travel funds,' or 'Southwest LUV vouchers.'
  • Click on the 'Southwest LUV voucher' option.
  • Enter the voucher number and security code given in the voucher.
  • Security code should be placed under the Voucher number.
  • Click on the redeem tab to get some discounts on the flight booking.


This way, customers can redeem their Southwest LUV vouchers to get some extra discount.

Are Southwest LUV Vouchers Being Extended

There are many vouchers, travel funds, and promos that can be extended by the Airlines to give discounts on bookings. In the case of LUV vouchers, they cannot be extended. Airlines provide these vouchers to the customers when there is any lost baggage or damaged luggage situation. These vouches come with an expiry date that the airlines can decide. Customers have 6 to 12 months of the expiration of the vouchers. The expiration date will be printed on the voucher.

Can You Use Southwest LUV Voucher For Hotel

There are different kinds of vouchers that airlines provide to their customers. For example, Southwest vacation credits can be used for flight and hotel bookings. Southwest LUV vouchers can be redeemed only for future air flights before the time of expiration. Customers can redeem the vouchers by going to the official website of Southwest Airlines, as vouchers are offered only when there is any damage to the customers' belongings. So, they can only be used for the booking of flights.

Does Southwest Give Vouchers For Delays?

In the case of a flight delay, Southwest provides their customers with the compensation of food and drinks vouchers. They also give Promo Code to their customers for future bookings in the airline. Southwest customers always recommend their vouchers for canceled or delayed flights for future bookings to their next destination. Hence, they provide vouchers to their customers when there is any delayed or canceled Southwest Airlines flight.

How Do I Get A Southwest Voucher?

There can be many ways by which customers can get the southwest vouchers. During the online booking of flights, there are chances that airlines can provide the customers with some promo codes or vouchers. They can also get vouchers for compensation for their delayed flight and canceled flight.

Above mentioned ways can help the customers to get their LUV vouchers redeemed. Conclusion: there are many more answers to customers' questions, which can help them get their issues solved.

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