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A Complete Guide on AirAsia Refund Procedure & Policy

AirAsia is a global low-cost airline from Malaysia that operates scheduled passenger services to domestic and international destinations. It is the largest Malaysian airline in its region when measured by its fleet size and destinations. AirAsia has a wide network span that operates timely flights and provides the best possible transparent services to its customers. 

Suppose you have a flight booking or reservation with AirAsia and couldn’t fly with them due to unavoidable circumstances. In that case, the only question that comes to your mind is, ‘Can I get AirAsia refund?’ If that’s the situation, you can always take help from the points mentioned below. The following steps will help you figure out the complete understanding of the AirAsia refund policies and procedures effectively for your benefit.

Can you get a refund from AirAsia?

Yes, you can surely get a refund from the AirAsia reservations team and utilize your money to book future travel tickets. If you wish to get a refund instantly after canceling your flights, go through the steps listed below to understand.

How To Cancel AirAsia Flight Tickets and Get A Refund?

If you wish to cancel your AirAsia flight tickets and you do not wish to pay the service charge and get a full refund, the following points will help you significantly;

  • Visit the official AirAsia website with the help of an internet browser you prefer.
  • Once the website loads, locate and click on the option ‘Manage’ present in the page's header section.
  • The following page will ask you to enter specific information to retrieve your AirAsia flight booking.
  1. PNR/ Booking Reference Number
  2. Name/ Email/ Mobile Number.
  • Once you enter all the specified details correctly, click on the option ‘Get itinerary.’
  • The following AirAsia page will showcase your existing flight ticket bookings.
  • Now, select your flight ticket and click on the ‘Cancel’ option.
  • It will ask you to click on the ‘Confirm’ option.
  • Confirm your selection and proceed with the steps.
  • On the next page, click on the option ‘Request a Refund.’
  • It will redirect you to the official ‘AirAsia Refund Request Form Page.’
  • Ensure that you fill out the AirAsia form correctly and send it to the reservations team.
  • Once you submit the refund request form, you’ll receive an update from the AirAsia reservations team that your request has been officially submitted. The AirAsia team is working on your concern. It will provide the best possible resolution to you instantly.
  • You will then receive your refund in the original payment method.


Therefore, the question ‘How do I cancel my AirAsia flight and get a refund?’ can be answered with the help of following all the above-listed steps and going through them chronologically.

Are AirAsia Tickets Refundable?

If you ever wonder whether your AirAsia tickets are refundable or not before canceling your scheduled flight tickets and facing the loss of money, you can go through the following to get the perfect idea about the situation and benefit by making wiser choices;

  • Yes, AirAsia tickets are completely refundable.
  • You can only cancel your AirAsia flight tickets and claim a refund if you did not purchase your flight tickets through an official promo or seat sale.
  • You cannot cancel your AirAsia flight tickets and claim a refund if the original booking is via another platform.


Thus, the question ‘Is Air Asia ticket refundable?’ can be instantly figured out with the help of the pointers listed above.

When Will I Receive my AirAsia Refund?

If you’ve initiated your refund request and you are worried about the time at which you’ll receive your AirAsia refund, in that case, go through the following to get a better understanding of the topic and get an overall better outlook;

  • The AirAsia refund can take up to 3-4 months to be credited to the customer.
  • If you made the payment with the help of a credit card, the amount would be credited to your next credit cycle.
  • If you paid with the help of cash, AirAsia would add the amount to your bank account effectively.


You can find the answer to, ‘How long does it take for AirAsia refund to be credited?’ via the points mentioned above.

What is the AirAsia Refund Policy?

The following will help you understand all the policies related to the AirAsia refund, and you can get your refund effectively from the AirAsia reservations team for your benefit;

  • You can only get a refund on the flight canceled within 24 hours of your original purchase.
  • You can get a refund on the flight tickets purchased and canceled via the official website or by calling their official reservations number.
  • You can get an AirAsia refund or a future travel credit with AirAsia.
  • AirAsia only provides travel credit to some regions. You cannot claim your refund if you have a scheduled departure or arrival point in any stated destination.


You can understand the Airasia refund policy via all the steps listed above and get the perfect idea about its process and policies.

Air Asia Flight Cancelation Policy

  • All the flight reservation cancelations that are done on the same day of booking will not be charged with a cancelation fee as per the 24-hour risk-free cancelation policy of Air Asia Airlines. 
  • Flight reservations that are being withdrawn after the 24-hour risk-free cancelation period will be charged with a penalty decided by the air Asia customer service team. 
  • No refunds are given on canceling a non-refundable flight with Air Asia. However, in such a case, you can request the officials to provide you with the e-credit given in the form of travel funds or vouchers. The voucher is valid for a year and can be redeemable on the next air Asia booking. 
  • The cancelation fee imposed on your canceled air Asia reservation is calculated based on time left in departure, time of cancelation, reservation type, ticket condition, route, and flight cabin. 
  • No cancellations are allowed once the flight has departed from its destination; hence, you will lose your money. 
  • Suppose an air Asia passenger calls off their flight booking due to involuntary reasons such as the death of an immediate person. In that case, they can claim a complete refund from air Asia Airlines as per the policy. You have to show supportive documents in such cases. An immediate person could be your family member like a spouse, child, parent, etc. 
  • Passengers can cancel their air Asia flight booking through the online portal of the official website. You can contact the customer service agent and request them for cancelation, or you can visit the air[ort counter of air Asia to escalate the cancelation request of your flight. 


What are the Cancellation Charges for AirAsia?

  • There is no cancelation fee imposed on the bookings withdrawn within the same day as per the 24-hour risk-free cancelation policy of Air Asia Airlines.
  • Air Asia charges USD 6 onwards on the flight bookings canceled beyond 72 hours as the discounted fee that is eligible on specific reservations. 
  • A USD 39 onwards as a penalty on flight cancelations are changed on the canceled reservations as per the standard canceled charges of air Asia. 


AirAsia Cancellation Charges For Domestic Flight

A USD 25 onwards, depending on the type of cancelation, is charged on the domestic flight cancelations of Air Asia Airlines. Although the flight cancelation fee of the air Asia reservation depends on certain parameters such as time left in departure, ticket type, route, condition, and flight cabin but the standard charges are USD 25 onwards. You can waive the cancelation fee by initiating the ticket withdrawal on the same day as purchasing with Air Asia Airlines. For any further issues, you can contact the AirAsia customer service live agent who is active throughout the day on different modes of communication. 

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