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Accumulate Significant Details To Fly from Cebu to Manila

Cebu Airlines is widely popular in operating the most comprehensive network in the Philippines, offering multiple flights to Manila, Cebu, Boracay, and more. It is a low-cost airline based on the ground of Mactan-Cebu International Airport, where you can genuinely check specific details to secure your booking for a flight ticket online. If you are confused and ask if we can fly from Cebu to Manila, it will be great to gather some essential information to fly from Cebu to Manila and enjoy your flight journey in your style decently. It will be necessary to gather some advice and help to secure a booking and gain valid assistance to secure your booking for a longer time.

Can we fly from Cebu to Manila? Yes, anybody can fly to Manila directly and get more discounts and deals at an appropriate time. If you have planned to travel to your required destination and looking for deals and offers, you can proceed to check with the flight that you can choose to book and directly fly from Cebu to Manila which takes around 1 hour and 26 minutes, covering 565 km. It can be a logical activity when you choose a specific flight to travel to your required destination and make your flight perfect from Cebu to Manila. You get outstanding deals and offers to manage your flight at a specific time decently.

How Can I Travel from Cebu to Manila by Land?

If you wish to improve your travel experience from Cebu to Manila by Land, it will be great to save more. To know about it in detail, go through the relevant description below.

  • Finding the cheapest way to travel from Cebu to Manila by land would be best, but it can take more time to reach your destination.
  • You will get the best option to travel from Cebu to Mania by land using the train, car ferry, bus, and other ways.
  • You can select an option to make your travel successful amazingly but don’t forget to choose a direct ferry departing from Cebu and arriving at Manila.
  • You will get a car to ride from Manila to Cebu and get the maximum benefits you can choose, making your ride more comfortable.  


How Much Does It Cost To Flight from Cebu to Manila?

When you make a firm determination to travel to your required destination, you must pay the cost of at least ₱1,297 for one way. You can check the average expenditure for round-trip flights from Cebu to Manila, which is around ₱2,240. It will be a great deal to connect with a live person to ask for the relevant support and service to make your flight journey perfect at an affordable cost smoothly.

How Much is the Fare from Manila to Cebu via Airplane?

When you are concerned about the average fare from Manila to Cebu via airplane, you must check with the airfare, around ₱9,610 to ₱8,734. When you book your flight ticket for a one-way or round trip, you will get the appropriate amount to pay during booking. You can imagine getting deals and offers on your booking and genuinely finding a way to save more money. You will accumulate complete detail to connect with an alive person for asking for deals and decently offers through contact resources.

What Airlines Are Currently Flying into Manila?

If you are eager to know about airlines flying into Manila currently, check out the list-

  • ANA (All Nippon Airways).
  • AirAsia - Philippines AirAsia.
  • Philippine Airlines (PAL) Deals.
  • Cebu Pacific Air.
  • Malaysia Airlines and so on.


It is great to fly to Manila from Cebu and gain valid detail to manage your flight and avoid trouble after connecting with a Cebu Pacific live person who is free to assist you regarding complete facilities of flight booking service at any time securely. 

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