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Emirates recognizes each passenger's condition and provides services appropriately. Passengers may access all of their services and buy their tickets online at their website. There may be times when you are unable to board the flight on the day of departure. In this instance, you can request a full refund from Emirates for your airline ticket. Furthermore, if you request a refund within 24 hours after making your purchase, Emirates will process the entire return. In addition, the flight refund will be determined by the kind of ticket purchased, since your Emirates flight ticket must be refundable.

How To Get A Refund from Emirates?

Once you find that you no longer can continue the journey, you can cancel the journey and obtain a refund. You have the facility to get back your eligible money online using some simple steps. All the essential steps for the refund of the emirates flight ticket are mentioned below: 

  • Initially, you need to visit the emirates airlines official online portal on your suitable device.
  • Afterward, you need to move to the manage booking section available on the website to retrieve the reservation.
  • At there, you need to add the confirmation code with your last name and tap on the submit button.
  • With this, you will see the emirates reservation details you need to review.
  • From that, you can choose the flight you want to claim the refund and tap on the get a refund button.
  • Hence, you will move to the new screen to see the refund form.
  • You need to open the form and provide all the essential details regarding the reservation that you have canceled.
  • At last, you can submit the entire form and obtain the confirmation message at your registered email id.
  • Emirates will take note of your refund form and credit the eligible amount within 7-10 working days at your original payment source.


Emirates Refund Policy:

If you want to acquire the emirates refund, you need to learn about the terms and conditions related to the policy that is given below: 

  • Emirates gives you the access to cancel the flight and obtain a refund within 24 hours of the purchase to get rid of any fees or charges. To proceed with the complete refund, you must have purchased the ticket at least a week before the departure.
  • When you move to obtain the refund after 24 hours, you need to pay the charges or fees. The actual cost will deduct according to the type of reservation and the time that remains for the departure.
  • If you have purchased the non-refundable flight ticket, emirates will issue the travel credits. You can use the travel credits in your future reservation.
  • Passengers can also face a sudden demise of a family member for which they cannot pursue the journey. Emirates allows you to obtain a complete refund for the flight ticket.
  • Due to uncertain events, you have only utilized a portion of your flight ticket. In these circumstances, emirates will issue a refund for the unused part after subtracting the fees or charges.
  • The eligible flight refund will be credited within 7-10 working days at your original payment source.


How Long Does It Take For Emirates To Refund?

Many passengers, once they successfully apply for the refund, look for the time to when they get back the money. Emirates issue the eligible flight refund within 7-20 working days at the original payment source. Also, emirates will notify you regarding issuing a flight refund at your registered email id. You can also check the current status of your emirates refund through the manage booking portal. 

How Do I Know If my Emirates Ticket is Refundable?

Many passengers often get confused about whether their flight is refundable or not to file a refund request. Hence, you can do the below steps to find out about this:

  • In the beginning, you need to open the emirates official website on your device.
  • After that, you need to choose the manage your booking option to view the itinerary.
  • At there, you need to enter the last name with the booking reference number and tap on the retrieve booking button.
  • Hence you will find all the reservation details from which you need to choose the flight you want to get back the money.
  • If you see the option of getting a refund and can see the refund form, then your flight is refundable. You are eligible to claim back your money from the emirates.


What is the Emirates Cancellation Policy?

If talking about canceling the flight tickets they have booked with Emirates, passengers will always find some terms and conditions they can follow before proceeding. The airline provides its travelers with some policies of the airline. Being a well-known airline in the whole Middle East, they are the first preference of the travelers.  

Here are the cancelation policies of Emirates Airlines:

  • If passengers are willing to do free cancelation for their flight tickets, they have to do it within the day of booking.
  • After 24 hours of purchase, there will be some cancelation charges that passengers have to pay to the airline.
  • The cancelation charges of the airline are always dependent upon the type of flight tickets, distance, and destination booked by the passengers. 
  • The cancelation charges will be deducted from the refunding amount of the airline. 
  • Tickets that travelers want to cancel should not be expired, used or non-refundable in case of requesting a refund from the airline. 
  • The cancelation should be done within 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the airline.


How To Cancel Emirates Flights?

Once the travelers have read the cancelation policies of the airline, they can go through the further steps that are to cancel the flight tickets if there are any travelers who are not aware of the ways to cancel their flight tickets. Then Emirates airline renders its passengers cancel the flight tickets that they have booked. 

Follow The Below-Given Points to cancel the Emirates flight tickets:

  • Tap on the ‘manage trip’ section after visiting the official site of Emirates Airlines. 
  • The next step is to fill the dashboard with the information as asked, like the last name and PNR number.
  • A new screen will open on the page where there will be several options. Select the ‘cancel flight tickets’ option.
  • Details of the flight tickets will appear on the screen. Click on the ‘cancel’ button. 
  • The tickets will get canceled by the airline. If the airline asks to pay the cancelation fees to the passengers, then the fees can be paid through the refunding money.
  • The notification regarding the flight cancelation will be sent to the travelers. Soon after that, they can proceed further if they want to request a refund.
  • There is an option of a ‘refund link’ where travelers must fill out the form and submit it to the airline. 
  • If the application is applicable for a refund, the money will be credited to the passenger's account in the same way it was paid.


These are the cancelation steps that travelers can read out and keep in mind for future use. They can even contact the customer service representative of Emirates to help them out in case of confusion. 

How Much is the Cancellation Fee for Emirates?

Questions are often asked regarding the fees to cancel the flight ticket purchased on Emirates flights. The cost relies on the flight tickets the passengers reserved. 

  • For domestic flight tickets, passengers have to pay fees of around $35.
  • For international flight tickets, passengers who are changing their flight tickets have to pay fees that are started from $70 and exceed $100


For further information regarding the cancelation fees, travelers can get support through How Do I Live Chat with Emirates.

How Long Before Emirates Flight Can I Cancel?

If passengers are planning to postpone their trip and cancel their flight tickets, they can cancel their flight tickets anytime and even free of cost. But they have to keep in mind that the flight tickets can be canceled only 24 hours before the departure timing of the airline.

Is Emirates Giving Full Refund for Cancelled Flights?

Yes, Emirates provides a full refund to the passengers when they cancel their flight tickets. The refund will be dependent on when travelers are canceling their flight tickets. If they are being canceled within 24 hours of the reservation, the airline will credit the full refund to the passengers. The refund can get withdrawn if there is late cancelation by the passengers.

Frequently Asked Question-Related To Emirates Refund Canceled Flights

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Facts of Emirates Flight Cancellation Policies?

  • If passengers registered their flight cancellation form within 24 hours of making a flight reservation, they would not need to pay any flight cancellation fee. 
  • If the passenger wants to cancel the flight after the free window, they will need to pay the flight cancellation fee. 
  • Some passengers want to cancel the flight due to any medical emergency; they will not need to pay a flight cancellation fee, but they will need to show a medical certificate from the registered institution. 
  • According to Emirates Airlines Cancellation policy, if the passenger books the flight through any official Emirates Airlines representative, they will need to contact them to cancel the flight. 
  • If emirates cancel the flight, they are liable to arrange a new flight for the passenger, or the passenger can reschedule the flight without paying any charges.

What are Emirates COVID 19 Cancellation Policies?

For the ticket purchase after 30 July 2020 and departure is before 30 March 2021.

If the passenger cancels their flight and lies, they will get a voucher valid for the next 36 months. Still, this voucher is valid for the same route and destination, and if the passenger wants to make changes in the seats or destination, they will need to pay additional charges.

For the ticket purchase after 1 April 2021 and departure is before 30 March 2022.

If the passenger lies in this situation, they cancel the flight due to COVID, and they will get a voucher valid for the next 24 months. But the passenger only gets the voucher if they will make the bookings from the airlines' official website or the Emirates airlines' mobile application.

What is the Procedure To Get A Refund from Emirates Airlines?

  • First, open the website of Emirates airlines in your search engine. 
  • After this, click on the manage bookings option on the page. 
  • Next, you need to fill out the passenger's last name and booking reference number in the available space. 
  • Following this, your bookings will be open; you need to select the bookings which you want to cancel. 
  • After this, you need to fill out the reason for canceling the flight and cancel the flight. 
  • Further, you need to click on the refund application form, mention the details information in that form, and submit it.

What is the Emirates Flight Cancellation Fee?

The Emirates flight cancellation fee for the domestic flight ticket is between 120 USD to 150 USD

If the passenger has international bookings, they have to pay 160 USD to 200 USD as the flight canceling fee.

How To Reschedule An Emirates Flight?

  • Open the official website of the emirates airlines
  • After this, open the manage bookings page and mention the surname of the passenger and booking reference number. 
  • Following this, you need to click on reschedule the flight.
  • After this, you must open the calendar and fill out the new date.
  • Now the flight of that date will open, you need to select the flight according to your preference and save the changes
  • Last make the payments of rescheduling the flight and receive a confirmation message on the contact number.

What is the time take by Emirates to give the refund?

If the passenger makes the payment using any card, they will receive the refund within 12 days. If the passenger makes a reservation any other way, they will get a refund within 20 working days

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