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It’s quite common for anyone to make slight mistakes all the time. And that is true as long as that error isn’t on hundreds of dollars’ worth of flight reservation tickets. However, to err is human, but to “rectify” is divine, and Airline companies also believe in the same motto.

Most airlines today provide simple options for changing such unforced errors. Any spelling mistakes on the flight tickets can be corrected by either calling the customer relations or through the website of the said airline. Southwest Airlines provides these options, too, if you have been wondering, “Can you change a name on a Southwest ticket?” The policy details and the different ways to get a name changed are illustrated below.

What are the Southwest Name Change Policies?

  • Southwest doesn’t allow the transfer of a ticket to another person in any circumstance. The name change would refer to the correction of any spelling errors in the name and not mean entirely replacing the name with another person.
  • Upto three characters can be changed in a misspelled name at once. The first attempt to change the name is free of cost. Charges may apply for subsequent shots.
  • For legal name changes, one would have to contact the customer relations team and show the legal documents supporting the change of the name. This can be due to marriage or any other reason.


The charges applied for any name change process depend on the route and the destination and so are variable. How much does it cost to change a name on a Southwest flight? The name changes can cost you anywhere between $100 $150.

What is the Online Process to Change Names on Southwest?

  • The first thing is to be on the official Southwest homepage. You can use any of your internet browsers to do so.
  • Once on the website, find the “Change/Cancel” option and click on it. On the upcoming page, enter your reservation details.
  • The details can be found in the confirmation email sent to you at the time of booking this ticket.
  • Click on submit, and the website will show the complete fight itinerary. Select the change option and make the changes in your name.
  • Once the changes are done, click on confirm. An email will be sent to you upon successful changes.


How do I Contact Southwest to Change the Name on my Tickets?

  • For those who have married recently or have got their names changed legally due to other reasons, one can call the Customer relations contact number instead of the regular customer support number. You would be asked to submit proof of your legal name change, so be prepared for that.
  • Those who have got misspelled names and want to get them corrected can call on the regular customer support contact number. This may incur some charges, so you can try to fix your name from the website for the first time.
  • Both the contact details of the customer support and customer relations team are available on the Contact help page of Southwest.


One having other doubts or concerns on Southwest Airlines' name change policy can also give a call on the mentioned contact number and ask for the live representative for assistance. 

Can I Change the Date of my Flight to Southwest?

Changes can happen anytime, and southwest allows you to avail yourself the new flight ticket. You can change the flight date using the online portal of southwest airlines. For this, you can perform the simple steps that are mentioned below:

  • First, you are required to visit the southwest airlines official website on any web browser of your device.
  • Then, you need to select the manage reservation button available on the website to retrieve the booking.
  • To view the upcoming itinerary, you need to enter the trip details like confirmation number, first name, and last name.
  • Once you hit on the search button, you will see the reservation with southwest airlines, from which you need to choose the flight you want to change.
  • After that, you need to tap on the change flight button and select the new travel dates from the calendar.
  • When you tap on the search button, you need to have a look at all the flights operating on your travel dates. 
  • From that, you can choose the most appropriate flight from the list and tap on the Next button.
  • Hence, you can make the payment for the desired changes, if any, and complete the process.
  • With this, southwest airlines will send you the confirmation message at your registered email id regarding the changes.


Many passengers always want to look forward to the new travel dates and change their flight tickets with southwest airlines. In this case, you are allowed to board the new journey on the preferred dates. To obtain the new travel dates, you can proceed to change online through the manage booking portal. 

Southwest Change Flight Date Policy:

  • If you proceed to change the travel date within 24 hours of the purchase, you will not be charged any fees. Hence you must have bought the ticket at least seven days before the departure.
  • If you change the dates after 24 hours, you will be charged a fee that will evaluate according to the type of ticket and time left for the departure.
  • Once you change the dates, you can find the higher prices than the existing ticket that you need to pay.
  • Sometimes the price between the existing journey and the new flight is less; in this situation, southwest airlines will issue the refund as travel credit that you can use in a future booking.
  • If you have purchased a ticket with online travel agencies, you need to connect with them for the date change.


Southwest Airlines Change Flight Date Fee:

Southwest understands every situation of the passengers regarding the changes. Hence to give maximum flexibility to the passengers, you will not be charged any fees for the flight change. You just need to pay the flight fare difference online at the time of change.

Are Southwest Tickets Transferable?

The tickets that passengers book from Southwest Airlines are not valid for any transfer to any other traveler, and you will have to cancel your entire ticket or use it according to your travel schedule. On the other hand, at Southwest Airlines, travelers get affordable rates for the flight ticket, which offers you to get miles and points to manage a flight booking in many ways simply. Lastly, you can have one option instead of transferring, and you can change your flight ticket without any penalty if you do so within 24hours of purchase.

Southwest Transfer Ticket To Another Passenger

The transferability is not possible at any cost on Southwest airlines. You can split this point like the tickets that one purchase based on miles or rewards points are never counted as transferable tickets, and you will have to use it as per your travel only. Further, you have been provided with the option to cancel your reservation, which depends on your fare type. Moreover, passengers can hold their funds for their flight tickets for later use or request refunds for their purchased itinerary.

How To Change The Last Name on the Southwest Flight?

Suppose you already booked a flight ticket with Southwest airlines, but you notice that you have entered the wrong credentials for your name far from the booking time frame. So, in such a circumstance, the most convenient option you can opt for would be contacting a customer service representative for help or changing your name via the manage booking tab on the official website by paying some additional cost if applicable.

Steps To Change The Name on Southwest Airlines:

  • First of all, you need to move to the airline's official website. 
  • After that, could you tap on the manage my booking tab? 
  • Herein you have to select the change reservation link option, and under this page, you will have to mention your booking number and last name to fetch all your flight tickets.
  • Now on the page, you will have your current flight details, and after that, you will have to follow online change name instructions. 
  • Next, click on the change tab, select your name tab to correct your name, or change it entirely. 
  • Further, you tap on the save the change option once you have completed all the steps for a name change.
  • At last, you will get the payable amount which will be concerning your name change, and you can pay it through an online or offline process after contacting your request for help from a customer service agent.


But, if you wish to change your name on Southwest airlines, you will have to go by the name change policies whose reference you are going to get from the official website policies section.

Can I Add Someone To My Southwest Reservation?

Yes, the passengers can add someone to their Southwest reservation as in such regards, you will have to follow some basic steps that will surely help you add up someone to your Southwest airlines.

  • At first, you will have to login into your airline's account 
  • With the help of the correct username and password
  • After that, click on my account link tab from the website top side of the page
  • Here scroll down to my trips section 
  • After which, you will have to search for your reservation in which you need to add your companion 
  • Further, by selecting of add companion link, you will fill all the requirements as follows 
  • Finally, you need to pay the additional charge against adding one companion.


Hence, in case if you are still in confusion about Southwest airline's tickets are transferrable or not then in such regards, the most competent option which you could use to have help would be by contacting customer service representative for getting appropriate assistance.

Moreover, if you have any queries, you can clear them with the customer service team and obtain the new travel dates. You can find the multiple contact modes in their help section to How do you get a human at Southwest representative.

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