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Have you recently purchased your flight ticket with Southwest airlines but due to some unavoidable situations the airline has delayed or cancelled your flight reservations? If so, then you shall not panic as the airline has provided a special facility to its passengers in such situations that you can elect to confirm another flight and claim compensation. Southwest Airlines provides splendid flight booking and cancellation service at a correct time and offers you outstanding tips to manage your flight with ease.

In many situations, Southwest’s flight can be delayed or cancelled. However, it is not something that happens every day, due to some technical problem or bad weather issues, something like this occur. Although, in most of the cases, the person who goes for the first time always wonders does Southwest compensate for Cancelled flights. In this case, you can get instant compensation that is easy to receive. If you are not aware of it, then you should go through the below mentioned content.

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Get to know about the possible solutions for cancelled and delayed flights on Southwest airlines:

When nothing goes right, Southwest airlines have its back for its passengers. For the passengers whose Southwest flight is delayed for more than an hour, cancelled, or missed a connecting flight, the airline gives them an option to affirm alternative flight. 

To rebook the Southwest flight, you can use any of the following options mentioned below:

  • Southwest airlines app.
  • You can go for an online check-in option.
  • Use the Kiosk.


With the help of above given options, you can effortlessly find an alternative flight or be part of the standby passengers to get the tickets for the next successive flights.

Let’s learn how to get compensation when a flight is delayed on Southwest Airlines:

If you fail to get an alternative flight due to any reason, then you can claim for the compensation for the delayed flightGo through the below mentioned Southwest Compensation Policy for Delayed Flight which will help you to manage your flight bookings in time.

  • As per the guidelines of the airline, the passengers who are departing from the European airport can only check in for the delayed flight compensation. 
  • According to the EU law, if the passenger’s southwest flight is delayed for 3 hours or more, then you are entitled for a compensation of US$700 per passenger from the airline. 
  • Although, there is one quirk, if your Southwest flight is delayed due to the exceptional situations such as bad or unpleasant weather or air traffic, then the Southwest airline is not answerable to give any compensation as these situations are not in the control of the airline.


Hence, it normally reimbursements and compensates when you complain about flight delays and cancellations on Southwest Airlines with ease.

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Let’s learn how to get compensation when a flight is cancelled on Southwest Airlines:

As Southwest airline is not a European Airline, but if the airline is travelling to Europe, then the airline is supposed to follow certain regulations. And according to the Southwest Compensation Policy for Cancelled flight, the passengers who have confronted flight cancellation from a European departure are entitled for compensation. 

  • As per the regulations of the airline, you will be offered a seat on the next consecutive flight to your desired destination or a refund as per your choice. 
  • However, if the cancellation of the flight is done in less than 14 days of the scheduled flight departure from the European airport, then as per the EU laws, the passenger can claim compensation of US $700 from the airline. 
  • If the Southwest airline can offer an alternative flight to its passenger making them reach their preferred destination at a similar time, then the airline is not responsible to pay any compensation to the passenger. 
  • Besides all this, in the extraordinary situations where cancellation of the flight is required, then the airline will not provide any compensation to its passengers. 


What are the satisfactory reasons when the passenger will not get any compensation from the Southwest airlines?

In most of the conditions, the airline provides compensation to its passengers but there are some satisfactory reasons for Southwest Airlines Flight Compensation where you will not get pay from the airlines. Some of the unforeseen situations are given below:

  • Facing sky traffic, when the air traffic authority orders the pilot not to fly until the normal conditions are restored.
  • Due to the Air terminal tools failure. 
  • Different changes in schedule, when it may occur that your delayed flight takeoff was initially ordered despite everything, making you miss it. 


What amount will you get in compensation for a Southwest flight delay?

The compensation for flight delay is specified and fixed for the passengers. It tells that when your flight is delayed or cancelled by in any circumstance 3 hours at objective, you be provided with:

  • For flights which are restricted to more than 1,500km, you will receive 250€. 
  • For flights which are in a scope of 1,500 and 3,500km, you will obtain 400€.
  • For flights longer than 3,500km, you will get 600€.


As trips among Europe and the United States are longer than 3,500km, you will get 600€. We have only one exceptional case: if the delay at your goal is some place in the scope of 3 and 4 hours, the airline is permitted to reduce the compensation entirely enormously. 

Accordingly, to condense, for a delayed trip with Southwest among Europe and the US, you are provided with: 

  • You will not get anything if the flight delay is under 3 hours.
  • If the flight delay is more than 4 hours, you will be equipped for 600€ ($660). 


Be in touch with the Southwest Airlines for Quick Assistance:

For the passengers who have doubts regarding the Southwest Airlines Compensation Policy and procedures, they can contact the customer support team to reach out to the airline representative to seek the required help to manage their bookings and process a refund or compensation. 

Apart from all this, for the passengers who have failed to contact the airline over the phone, they can even go to the nearest service desk of the airline or send an email to the airline using their official mailing address to get secure assistance for the same. 

So, for the passengers who have confirmed the flight reservations with Southwest Airlines and were cancelled or delayed, they can make use of the given information to process a swift compensation or an alternative flight for their flight bookings to manage their trip in time.

FAQs: Southwest Cancelled Flight Compensation Related Queries

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Southwest do for the delayed flights?

As for the Southwest Airlines Compensation for delays, it has been seen that if by any chance passenger’s flights get canceled or delayed, then they provide & allows the passenger to rebook another flight or can also for the refund. And, Southwest airlines are one of the airlines that give the most generous compensations.

How Much Southwest Airlines Gives Compensation for Cancelled Flight?

If a passenger’s flight gets canceled, then they get automatically the option to rebook for the next flight for their destination or can also receive a refund for the unused portion of the ticket. And also you will be provided with the $100 travel voucher for your one-way flight.

Can I Get Compensation for a 2-Hour Flight Delay?

No, as per the laws that are been embedded with Southwest airlines the passengers will not get any money or compensation for their flight delay or for cancellation. Because all the conditions & terms are differently designed & are used depending upon the policies & terms & conditions that they follow for their proper management.

How Long Does Southwest Delay a Flight?

As for the time that is experienced on delaying of Southwest flight is around 30 minutes or it can be more because if the flight is diverted, so in that case, an automated system is there to notify you within 30 minutes that makes the passengers aware about the flight status change.

Does Southwest provides Compensation For Delayed Flights?

Yes, at Southwest Airlines the passengers are often entitled to get compensation because of delayed, canceled, & overbooked flights. And, in other cases like the plane takes off on scheduled or doesn’t take off at all then the airlines are not legally required to give the flight compensation.

How Much Compensation is given on the Delay Flight?

Yes passengers are eligible to get the Southwest Airlines compensation for delay cancelled flight & the amount that is provided for the compensation is around $520, & it is provided as compensation of any fault from the side of the airline & in those cases airlines are responsible & have to pay the passenger the compensation amount.

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