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What is the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Southwest Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline of USA. Everyday a lot of people travel to and from USA to different locations in the world as well as between the geographical boundaries of the country. From the major destinations of Asia to Europe and Africa, Southwest Airlines has a very strong connection of air traffic.

Cancelling reservations in Southwest Airlines

Assume that you have got reservations in Southwest Airlines, but now you have to cancel the reservations then you can easily follow Southwest Airlines cancellation policyIts okay to cancel plans because of any unannounced urgency and Southwest totally understand this issue of passengers. If you are new passenger of Southwest and don’t know how to cancel flight, follow below steps.  

Steps to cancel the flight

  • To cancel flight, you can click manage bookings option first on the official website
  • Next tap on cancel reservations and enter your booking number
  • Scroll for your flight details and cancel flight reservations and you will be done.

Southwest Cancellation policies

Before cancelling flights, you can go through the certain policies of Southwest through which you can easily cancel flights. To find out, tap below.

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Flight paid via cash or using miles

  • If you have booked flight today via cash and now cancel it within 24 hours then you will not be charged with any cancellation fees.
  • Or if you cancel flights on the last moment, then you will be charged with some fee depending upon the type of ticket fare.
  • In case you miss flight, then airline will not be responsible for any kind of cancellation or refund.
  • Apart from cancelling flights online, you can also cancel your flight with the help of call or visiting ticketing office.


Cancelling Wanna Go Away Flight

Southwest Airline’s wanna go away tickets have the lowest fares ever.  People mostly prefer these tickets only for their short trips.  If you want to cancel your Southwest Airlines wanna getaway flight, then there are certain rules which are stricter than normal cancellation policies. To find out about the rules, tap below.

  • If you are cancelling your wanna go away flights then you can do it till 10 minutes before the flight departs.
  • If you pay by cash then the refund coming will be the same way but if you have paid through points then the refund will be credited back in the points account.
  • In case you decide not to fly then you will not be eligible for any kind of refund under no show policy.


Cancellation of flights under business class

  • The cancellation policy of flights booked in business class is quite lenient. If your flights booked get cancelled within time then your entire refund will come back on time.
  • Or if you miss your flight then you will receive a travel credit that you can use for booking another flight in Southwest.


Cancelling Gift Cards or Award Flights

Gift cards are mostly the flights which are issued as award in an event for free to the winner. In case you choose to cancel your Award flights then you might have to forget the refunds since there is no provision for refund in it.

Refund policies of Southwest Airlines

  • All the refunds, irrespective of the fare will be refunded within seven days of reservations.
  • For refund you can either accept cash or travel credit to book another flight. The validity of travel credit will only be eligible for one year from the issue date.
  • Refund will be calculated only after deducting the cancellation charges that is different for the various destinations and fares.


And hence that’s all for the terms and conditions for cancelling flights of Southwest Airlines. In case you want to change your flight, you can even do that. But remember there is some Southwest Airlines flight change feeAnd if you have any doubt then contact customer care.

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How Late Can You Change A Southwest Flight

The very unpredicted coronavirus outbreak has made a lot of people change their tickets, Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines that offers the most flexible flight change policy and cancellation policy. The reason for the flexibility in these policies is not just the coronavirus, these were in place for a long time now. No passenger ever figure out the reason behind the flexibility that Southwest Airlines provides to its customers. If you want to cancel a Southwest Airline flight, the customers arew never entitled to pay a penny in the name of Cancellation fee, irrespective of the fare type. This feature make it one of the most preferred airline in the United States. Similar are the rules for changing a flight with Southwest Airline. It is quite simple to modify the reservation and that too online without visiting the airport to make the changes done.

How to change a flight with cash or points

The process of flight change with Southwest Airlines is completely free. The below information provides with all the information with respect to  How late can you change a Southwest flight. Continue reading ahead in order to get the information. This is not just a policy that has been  put in place due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, but their mainstream objective is to offer customer-friendly policy that you always have if you are planning to fly with Southwest Airlines. According to the southwest flight change policy, while a customer is making a change in his itinerary in any possible way, if in case the flight is less expensive, you’ll receive a difference in the fare. If you have already paid a bigger amount for the flight reservation, the difference should be given in a Travel Fund credit or if you have already used the points, they’ll go straight back into the associated account with Southwest Airlines. 

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Frequent Ask Question ( FAQs ) Southwest Cancellation Queries:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Refund if Southwest Cancel my Flight?

Yes, customer is eligible to get the refund amount back. Now if you want to know about Can I Cancel my Southwest Flight and Get a Refund. Yes, if the ticket purchased is refundable then simply fill the refund form & will be provided with the funds. & if your ticket is non-refundable the the amount gets adjusted in the travel funds automatically. For more information you can contact to our customer care representative through 1-800-435-9792... Read More

How to know that my flight is cancelled with Southwest?

Yes you can check the status of your flight with Southwest through the help of their app, or by visiting the official website by clicking on flight status by providing your PNR number & last name you will get the detail for cancel. And also if your flight got canceled for some reason then you will get text message on your registered mobile number or through an email.

How can I cancel my Southwest flight?

Yes, you can very easily cancel your Flight with Southwest just by visiting the official website, then sig in with username & password, after that visit your account where you can easily get the cancel option & your booking will be cancelled.

How much does it cost to cancel a Southwest Flight?

As such there is no fee for canceling of Southwest flight. And if you have paid & booked the flight with rapid reward points then those points will automatically redeposit into your account.

Can I Change my Southwest Flight for Free?

Yes, at Southwest Airlines customers can easily change their flight tickets for free, because this airline does not charge fee for changing your flight ticket with them. If you want to change your flight itinerary you will just pay for the any fare difference, &  for further information contact through 1-800-435-9792 with our customer care executive.

Can you change Southwest Flight from another location?

Yes you can change flight from any other location but if there is any add-on, on the flight then you are responsible & have to pay the charges for that too. And for any other related information you can simply contact to the customer care through this number 1-800-435-9792.

What happens if my Southwest flight gets cancelled?

If by any chance you’re Southwest Airlines Cancelled Flight, then you have the options to rebook your flight within 14 days earlier from original departure or you can simply fill up the refund form, so to get the refunds back in the original form of payment.

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