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Yes, Southwest Airlines fly out of Phoenix Harbor. And that airport is also known as the hub of the airline. Moreover, from this airport, you can fly with Southwest Airlines to various destinations, and the names of the few locations have been written beneath. If you cannot find the name of your location, you can check that when making a reservation.

  • Denver 
  • Las vegas 
  • Atlanta 
  • Cancun
  • San Diego
  • Tacoma 


What Airport Does Southwest Fly into in Phoenix?

Southwest Airlines fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport in Phoenix. While getting to that airport, you can take advantage of its several benefits, which are cited below. If you get any issue related to the airport, you can dial this number (602) 273-3300 and obtain a solution with its customer service team.

  • Lounges
  • Covid-19 testing centres 
  • Duty-free shops 
  • Restaurant 
  • Wifi and mailboxes 
  • Fitphx for exercise between the flights


What terminal does Southwest fly out of in Phoenix?

When you have to catch the Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, if you are willing to know about the terminal, do not worry about it because here you can have the answer. And the airline flies out from terminal 4 from concourse eight. However, this number of terminals can be varied the according to flight. For the appropriate, you can either get through the airline or airport customer service to provide accurate information before the flight departure.

How long is the flight to Phoenix Sky Harbor with Southwest Airlines?

While taking the flight from Southwest Airlines from Phoenix airport and wondering about the duration to reach there, take it easy because it will depend on the ticket you purchased. The time of your flight is based on the distance between the location and the kind of flight that ticket you have purchased. If your flight is a long haul, short haul, or nonstop, it might take less time than the connecting flight. And the reason behind that is direct flights have no sub-stops, but the connecting flight does, that's why it takes time to reach there. Thus the length of the flight could be mentioned in your booking details at the maximum time can take up to four hours.

Is Phoenix a hub for Southwest?

Yes, Phoenix airport is the hub for Southwest Airlines. As it is the hub of this airline, you can make reservations on international and domestic flights with all types of proper facilities. The facilities that you can seek at this airport are as follows:- 

  • You can request special assistance such as a wheelchair, standing tick, or medical requirements.
  • On-ground customer service team to provide help to ease your trip.
  • You can convert your cash into a card and easily access the ATM for withdrawal.
  • You can get to the lost and found department available at the airport if you lose anything.
  • You can also access lounges, duty-free shops, and restaurants.


How can you contact Southwest on Phoenix Sky Harbor?

When you have to get on a flight of Southwest Airlines from the Phoenix Sky Harbor, and after that, if you get into any kind of trouble or question, by approaching the customer service team, you can sort that issue out. And the ways to approach them has been cited beneath:-

  • You can speak with the live person of Southwest Airlines by dialing this number, 1 (800) 435-9792. if you didn't get to them through this, then you can use the airport number that is (602) 273-3300
  • If you do not want to share your issue verbally, you can also use the chat or email mode.
  • Otherwise, you can grab help through feedback forms or social media platforms.


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