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Guide on Covid Test for Flights with Southwest

Being one of the major airlines and the largest in its segment that provides the maximum number of flights to various domestic locations in the region of the USA, Southwest Airlines has to maintain a strict set of criteria to sustain in the situation of the pandemic.

The Covid pandemic has hit the aviation industry badly as people who are willing to fly back to their hometown or spend the time at their homes with their families are not finding any suitable flight according to the situation they wish to go to. A lot of things need to be kept in mind during this time as the safety of the passengers comes first. If you are looking forward to flying with Southwest at this time, but the only problem you are facing is Does Southwest require covid test for domestic flights, well, in that case, to clear out the cluster and fly safely and happily, the points mentioned below will help you to understand;

Covid Test for Domestic Flights with Southwest Airlines

If you are planning to travel with Southwest and you’ve got no clue whether a negative covid test is required to fly with Southwest or not, then go through the points mentioned below;

  • NO! You do not require a negative covid test to fly with Southwest Airlines as it is no longer there in the rules and regulations of Southwest Airlines. If you are planning to fly from an international location, you’ll be required to showcase a negative report. Still, if you are planning to fly to domestic locations, then a negative test report is not mandatory for flying with Southwest.


Now, if you're clear on the topic of the test report but you haven’t got your first jab, and you are wondering whether you’ll be asked to carry and show your vaccination report, and the query you have is Does Southwest require covid vaccine to fly, in that case, a piece of detailed information is stated below for your perusal;

Vaccination Report with Southwest Airlines 

The below-mentioned points will help you to understand the situations where you’ll be asked to showcase your vaccination status while flying with Southwest Airlines;

  • You won’t be asked to showcase your vaccination certificate if you are flying to or from any domestic location.
  • In case you are traveling from an international location, then you’ll have to keep your vaccination certificate handy and attach it at the time of making a booking or a reservation with Southwest Airlines.
  • You'll need to show your vaccination report and your negative report if you are visiting from any containment zone as well.


If you read all the points mentioned above, then it will help you with all the situations where you’ll need to carry your vaccination certificate in case you are flying with Southwest Airlines to and from both domestic and international locations.

Covid Testing Requirements with Southwest Airlines

To know about Southwest Airlines Covid testing requirements, go through the points mentioned below to get a better understanding;

  • Everyone willing to fly with Southwest Airlines should have a recent negative test report of Covid.
  • If you have recovered and it has been a while since it happened to you, then you must have the vaccination certificate for the same.
  • Everyone except infants and children is required to showcase their vaccination certificates.


Henceforth, all the points mentioned above will help you to understand the concept of Southwest Airlines covid rules for domestic flights in a hassle-free and timely manner so that you can be prepared.

If any queries in your mind and looking for online assistance so know about How do I talk to a person at Southwest and make sure about any information related to covid test and vaccine while flying with Southwest domestic flights.

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