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Does Westjet Require Covid Test

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    Does Westjet Require Covid Test

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    Yes, as per the Covid policy of WestJet, you are required to go through the Covid testing and show a negative RT-PCR report at the airport.

    Due to the ongoing covid restrictions, many airlines have strict guidelines that a passenger needs to follow while at the airport premises or in the air.

    Westjet Covid Guidelines

    Therefore if you are wondering Does WestJet require Covid test, then yes, they do. This should be made mandatory for all the airlines in the aviation industry, given the need of the hour. 

    Many destinations have pre-travel requirements such as filling up the registration forms, Covid testing and quarantining on arrival.

    Please be ready to show your Covid-19 test result and proof of vaccination required by your destination. If travelling outside of Canada, WestJet recommends checking travel requirements before your return flight home since regulations around testing and quarantining may have changed while you have been away.

    Westjet Covid Requirements

    For further details regarding Westjet covid requirements, you can check the website of WestJet and be sure to keep a tab on the pre-departure emails for the airlines’ latest travel policies and updates.

    • Make sure your passport or Government-issued ID is not expired.
    • Then you are advised to download the WestJet app from App Store or Google Play.
    • Keep a check on your pre-departure emails.
    • Preferably plan to arrive at the airport early as gates and food & beverage options may have moved or changed.
    • Take a mask or two as it is required at the airport, inflight and in-destination
    • Take hand sanitiser
    • While onboard the WestJet flight, you need to wear a mask or preferably two, as you are required to wear one throughout the journey. 
    • WestJet also provides Covid-19 travel insurance, which, if you take, covers the bills of your quarantine stay and treatment for Covid as well.
    • Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times while in the airport and on board at all times. 
    • Extra safety measures benefit everyone; that is why when you check-in for your flight, you are required to complete the health questionnaire required by Transport Canada and while at the airport, you will have your temperature taken by a contactless method.


    Maintaining physical distance and enhanced cleaning measures are in place.

    Westjet Covid Testing for Domestic Flights

    Therefore if you are wondering about the Westjet covid testing for domestic flights then follow the steps mentioned below- 

    The way we travel has become very different due to Covid-19. Rules and requirements in place can change quickly. That is why it is important to review the current Covid-19 travel policies for masking, boarding and contact tracing and the travel requirements applicable to you based on the country that issued the travel documents.

    If your travel plans are hindered by Covid-19, WestJet’s flexible change/cancel policy may apply.

    WestJet continues to adjust the schedules to meet demand and the changing COVID-19 environment. You can view the airline’s domestic and international schedules for the most up-to-date information. Therefore this was all about the Westjet covid policy. If you have any doubts regarding the same, please feel free to contact via how do i get through to Westjet an expert at WestJet customer service.

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