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How To Contact The WestJet Airlines?

WestJet Airlines is known for its extraordinary services that provide people with all the basic aids to make their travel comfortable and easy. However people who travel on WestJet Airlines often get information that is totally new and updated and mostly people are unable to adapt to it. And if you are also one of those then you can take the help of the support team and then discuss about the issues that you are facing currently. To find more, tap below.

Mediums of Contacting The WestJet Airlines

Helpline number and the call menu

The helpline number of the WestJet Airlines can be used to communicate with the airline directly. For the detailed answers related to the How do I speak to WestJet, you can dial the helpline number and then call them directly. The support team of the WestJet Airlines can be contacted anytime on that number and then you might have to wait for almost 30 to 40 minutes and then the call will be connected.

Call Menu of WestJet Airlines

  • Dial: 1-888-937-8538 for U.S or Canada, 1-805-372-0680 OTA 
  • If needed then you can press digit 1 and find out about the flight status
  • For the existing flight services, you can take the help of the press 2.
  • Or for finding out about the packages and other inquiries, you can press digit 4.
  • Or for the travel agent, you can press digit 5.
  • For checking the balance of the gift card, press 6.


The working hours of the Westjet Airlines

If you are wondering as when you can contact the customer care team of the airline then you can contact the support team anytime 24x7 and you don’t have to wait for contacting the WestJet Airlines Customer Service.

Taking the help of the social media support team

For more immediate response from the support team of the WestJet Airlines, you can communicate via social media platform too. These days’ people are more active on the internet platform and you can take the help of the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram to fix the issues of the passengers. People can also subscribe to the YouTube platform to get the follow up about the flight booking deals and offers. And with this, one can easily find out about How do I talk to a person at WestJet. 

Mailing address of the WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines campus

22 Aerial Place NE,

Calgary, Alberta


The Chat Support Team of WestJet Airlines

You can choose to go for the live chat session on the airline if you are unable to contact the support team on the call or social media. You can go to the help center tab of the WestJet Airlines and brief about the issues to the support team.  They will revert on the live chat and then you can coordinate with them for the doubts.

Email support

You can always contact the support team even with the help of the email. As you take the help of the email platform then they will revert and you can always take the follow up on the email platform that you offer. 

How To Get Through the WestJet Airlines Customer Care Team?

WestJet Airline is a brand in itself because the customer relationship management they offer to their potential passengers is quite effective and they offer all the services to those who are confused regarding. You can get though the customer care team of the WestJet Airlines with the help of the support mediums given below. For the immediate action, you can contact the support team with the help of the following sources of communication.

Contacting the helpline team on phone

Putting rest to all the doubts of the How do you get through to WestJet Airlines, the helpline number will help you with the doubts live on the call and you can communicate with the support team directly. For more details related to the WestJet Airlines, look below to the call menu.

As you dial the helpline number of the WestJet Airlines, the call will get connected and then you can take the language choice and then choose the queries. Press one to choose the language and then tap 2 to choose the queries.

Now tap on the digit 3 to choose the continue button and then tap on 4 to make a direct contact with the live person.

Different Types of the phone numbers on WestJet Airlines

You can contact the airline of the WestJet Airline to solve the following queries related to the airline and then you can resolve the issues related to how do I contact WestJet Live Person.

1.For general queries

2.Guests with the special needs

3.WestJet vacations

4.Investor relations

5.Baggage loss

6.Group bookings and queries

Contacting the WestJet Customer Care Team via Live Chat

The staff of the WestJet Airlines can also be contacted via live chat in case the helpline number does not respond. The support team can be contacted by simply writing down a brief message explaining as what is exactly bothering you. Thus this sums up about How do I contact WestJet Live Person.

Social media

The support team can also be contacted with the help of the social media. Nearly everyone is indulged in using internet these days and if you need then you can take the help of the virtual platform and then establish direct contact with the support team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp. You can use the same mediums if you are trying for How do I contact WestJet from Mexico.

Reasons As Why Passengers Need the Help of the Support Team

1.If you wish to book the flights on WestJet Airlines then you can contact the support team and then you can take the help of the support team for the reservation.

2.You can also take the help of the customer care team of the airline to change or cancel the booking and then the airline will guide you.

3.To apply for the flight refund, you can take the help of the support team and then reach out to them.

4.Also for seat upgrade or seat assignment, contact the support team.

5.Moreover, if you have any doubts related to the baggage or the pet policy or to get feedback, you can contact the support team.

How To Contact Westjet Using The Phone?

If you want to directly contact a live customer service team to share your queries related to flight service, you can choose a phone call and dial the number to get connect with a live person at any time. So to know the specific steps, go through the simple advice now.

Learn The Quickest Method To Contact Westjet By Phone:

  • At first, ensure internet browser and visit the booking website, click on the log-in button, and access your account using its specific credentials.
  • Go to the booking section, scroll down to select the contact mode, choose a phone call, dial the number 1 (888) 937-8538 Or 1-805-372-0680, and press 1 to choose the language.
  • Press 2 to choose the general queries and press 3 to select your questions and press 4 to send a reservation request, press 5 for the flight change and cancellation.
  • Press 9 to speak to a live person who can provide you with basic advice and help related to flight service over a phone call at your required time.   


Thus, you can quickly speak to a live customer representative team that provides you smooth advice and flight-related information over the phone call at your required time.

Is It Possible To Get The Answer By Phone On Westjet Airlines?

If you are pretty confused about getting flight-related assistance over a phone call and asking that does WestJet ever answer the phone or not, in this situation, you need to choose a phone call as mentioned above. WestJet indeed provides a genuine answer to the question asked by the passengers over a phone call. Hence, if you want to get a quick solution, you should prefer to contact a Westjet by phone and complete the answer within a short period.

How To Contact Westjet From The UK?

If you feel like contacting a WestJet from the UK, you need specific information related to email service, phone calls, live chat, and social media. All these services are most important to contact WestJet from the UK at your convenient time. If you want to know the simple steps by asking how do I contact WestJet from the UK, you need to read some easy points provided by the expert team.

  • Firstly, make sure you have a booking account that you can log in to using its proper credentials and then go to the booking tab showing n the next page.
  • Select the local country or city in the UK, choose the airline you want to contact, and select the flight if you wish to book or choose contact mode.
  • Go to the contact resources and choose email service, live chat, phone call, and social media to help you find genuine assistance to manage your flight decently. 


How To Email Westjet Customer Service?

If you are interested to send a mail to a live person at the WestJet customer service team, you need to have valid information related to the email address ( that you can use to compose your queries to send. So if you ask how do I email WestJet customer service, visit the booking website and go to the contact resources where you can choose email service and select the country and compose your queries to send it to the Westjet customer service team at your required time quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Travelers Reach Out To Westjet Airlines Over A Phone Call Session?

For the traveler who needs immediate assistance and has no clue, How do I contact WestJet by phone? Here are the steps that one can follow and get their reservation-related queries resolved in time.

  • Begin with visiting the WestJet Airlines website and open the official Contact us page.
  • Here, the traveler can scroll down the page and click on the Give us a call option.
  • Then, a traveler will get connected to the airline representative over a phone call session.
  • After that, the traveler can explain their concern to the representative and get their
  • And then, the airline representative will offer travelers the required help to manage their WestJet reservations. 

How Can Travelers Send An Email To Westjet Airlines?

For travelers who don't require immediate assistance from WestJet, they can send out an official email to the airline explaining their queries. And for those looking for the details on How do I contact WestJet by email, then travelers can follow the steps provided below:

  • To contact WestJet by email, the traveler needs to visit the Contact Us page of the airline. 
  • Then, the traveler can click on the Email to Us option and continue.
  • On the next page, select a topic and a sub-top and proceed. 
  • After that, mention the reservation code and describe the concern.
  • Further, submit the email request and get the queries resolved within few business days. 

Can One Contact Westjet Airlines Via Whatsapp?

Yes, the traveler can contact WestJet Airlines via WhatsApp. All one needs is to click on the WhatsApp tab and send out their queries via message and connect the airline representatives over a chat session.

How To Contact Westjet Airlines Via Facebook Messenger?

To offer travelers prompt assistance, the airline has introduced a Facebook messenger service that one can access to resolve WestJet reservation-related queries in time.

To access Facebook messenger services, access the airline website and click on the messenger tab. Then, in the message section send out your query and get it resolved.

Can One Book Westjet Reservations Via Phone Call?

For those wondering How do I speak to WestJet? And can I book reservations via phone call? Well, the answer is Yes. The traveler can book their WestJet reservations via phone call. However, while booking the reservations, the traveler might need to pay additional fees.

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