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If you are a travel freak and you live in Africa or you travel Africa often, you would have probably heard the name of “Ethiopian Airlines”. Being awarded the best airlines in Africa for 3 consecutive times is enough to speculate their services. This eight decades old airlines comes under 100% ownership of government of Ethiopia. This is one of the biggest carriers in Africa known for its unmatched efficient team and operations. As a matter of fact, it is one of the leading contributors in African industrial sector, The fact that they serve across 100 countries around the world and in over 20 domestic destinations.

How Can I Speak Online with Ethiopian Airlines?

One of the special feature that they provide to their customers is the “cloud nine” feature that enables the passenger to avail the features of both business and first class.

For economy passengers, they offer over 10 audio channels and around 7 genres of video library making their journey all eased up. Not only is this Ethiopian Airlines customer service best in class

The airlines also runs a Shebamiles frequent flyer program that enables one to collect as many points as they travel with the airlines and can use them tickets and upgrades, booking lounges and privileges like free baggage allowance. Not only do they offer points on flight tickets but also when you book any hotel or commute from their business alliance partners. So the more you will avail their services, the more points you will be collecting and the more will be the benefits.

Ethiopian Airlines Phone Number

The airlines have such huge network but still they have made their contact support so effective and well sorted. If you ever wish to contact Ethiopian Airlines customer service number, you can easily find them on their website. You just have to login to their website and visit the contact support option. There you can chose your country and the Ethiopian Airlines phone no.  from there and just get in touch with them. They also provide chat support to their customers and this not an IVR one, your conversation happens with a real person and all your queries are answered responsibly. However, the best time to call and other information is clearly mentioned on their website. You can simply visit their website and avail all your desired information.

World Wide Ethiopian Airlines Contact Number:

Oregon(USA)-  +1 458 204 1425

Florida(USA)-  +1 352 436 1902

California(USA)- +1 909 328 6127

United Kingdom- +44 1753 967980

United Arab Emirates- +971 800 0320372

Uganda- +256 800 113274

Turkey- +251 116 179 900

Thailand- +66 2 508 8794

Tanzania- +251 116 179 900

Switzerland- +41 800 563 726

Sweden- +46105517457

Sudan- +46 10 551 74 57

Spain- +34 518 89 99 48

South Korea- 0030-8321-0197

South Africa- +27 87 551 8262

Singapore- +65 3129 2255

Seychelles- +251 116 179 900

Saudi Arabia- +251 116 179 900

Russia- +7 (495) 937-59-45

Qatar- +251 116 179 900

Puerto Rico- +1 787 339 2238

Portugal- +351 800 832 061

Poland- +48 22 263 03 89

Philippines- +63 1 800 1322 0154

Oman- +251 116 179 900

Norway- 800 73 634

Nigeria- +251 116 179 900

New Zealand- +64 4 887 1261

Netherlands- +31 85 001 3798

Mali- +223 44 96 00 33

Ehtiopian Airlines Online Booking

If you wish to book a flight with the airlines, you will have to go through the same process. Go to their website. Enter the origin and destination of your flight, Details of the passengers and their age group. Then the class in which you wish to travel. Just go ahead and check the availability of the same. If the desired flight available, go ahead and and make the payment after filling all the necessary details.

Ethiopian Airlines Booking Phone Number:

City:    Addis Ababa ( Ethiopia )

Address: Ethiopian Airlines Head Office, P.O. Box 1755, Addis Ababa

Phone Number: +251 116 179 900

Hours: 24x7


City: Washington ( USA )

Address: 3133 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305

Phone Number: 703 682 0570 Or 1-800 445 2733

Hours: Mon - Sat: 09:00Am - 05:00Pm


City:    Houston ( USA )

Address: Ethiopian Airlines- Houston office George bush intercontinental Airport 3700 N Terminal Rd Suite 145.4, Terminal D Houston, TX 77032

Phone Number: +1 (281) 233-7479/80


City:    London

Address: 1 Dukes Gate, Acton Lane, London W4 5DX

Phone Number:  +44 1753967980

Hours: 09:00 to 17:30 Mon to Friday


City: Dubai (UAE)

Address: Ground Floor, Al Garhoud Complex (Lootah Building),

Airport Road, Street No. 2, Community 214, Al Garhoud, Dubai

Phone Number: 8000 320 372

Hour: Sat - Thu 08:00AM – 6:00PM


City: ISTANBUL ( Turkey )


Phone Number: +90-212-2315919

Hours: 09.00AM- 17.00PM


City: Singapore

Address: Maple Aviation Pte.Ltd

Phone Number: (65) 6538 5515

Hours: 09:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday


City: Dammam ( Saudi Arabia )

Address: King Abudl Aziz Street, Al-Khobar Silver Tower Building,

P.O.Box 3059, Al Khobar 31952

Phone Number: 00966 (013) 898 4696/00966 559 540 076

Hours: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM

For other country Ethiopian Airlines customer service click here

Travelling is not just a hobby for everyone. For some it is a passion and for some this is even their mode of living. So if you love travelling want to experience the best in class services and make your flying experience more than ordinary, you should definitely look forward and book a flight with this airlines. “Don’t just exist, Live!”

Ethiopian Airlines Live Chat

The first one will be the online chat process. With Ethiopian Airlines, it will be more convenient and fast if you cannot talk physically, then you may go to their online chat option. Live chat includes Ethiopian chat-bot 'lucy,' who will take your query according to a suitable solution. That bot feature is programmed so that it prevents the leaking of messages. Ethiopian airlines online chat gives you hassle-free chatting with your respective bot. That bot will register your query and transfer it to customer support. This kind of self-service will enable clients to fulfill their basic travel needs. A live chat option is always available; you have to just access the net.

  • Go to the website of Ethiopian Airlines.
  • After that, the interface will open, then scroll down to the 'customer support 1 (800) 445-2733 or 1-805-372-0680 option.
  • Then in contact support, click on the live chat option.
  • At live chat, you will see a chat box option.
  • Fill your details in the chatbox and proceed.
  • Finally, you can chat with your live bot.


Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service Email Address

Ethiopian Airlines' email address can be a better option to send your query. Email processing is fast and secure as it gives you a safe environment to share your details. Log in and send your query through mail to Ethiopian airlines customer service email addresswhere you have to send your necessary queries from your registered valid email address. They have different email addresses to contact their staff. You can send your query to them according to your level of problems. You may contact department staff through email id for reservation purposes, sales, area manager, etc. Their staffs are very helpful and will give their best to solve your query.

  • First of all, browse the Ethiopian airline website. 
  • Then a webpage will open. 
  • Now go to the contact support section, where you will get different options of 'help and contact,' 'customer feedback,' etc. 
  • You have to click on the help and contact option.
  • The page will open with contact details.
  • Get the Ethiopian airlines email id and compose a mail regarding your query.
  • Finally, you can talk online with respective customer support.


Ethiopian Airlines Whatsapp Number

You can dial their number from your preferred country as the airline has many toll-free numbers for their client taking their service worldwide. Ethiopian airline doesn't have any WhatsApp service or Ethiopian airline whatsapp number, but you may contact them on the customer care number. They will connect with you directly and solve your query while talking to you. You can follow some steps to avoid unnecessary errors while finding the contact details.

  • Open your phone and search Ethiopian airlines
  • Go to customer support below the webpage.
  • At customer support, go to the call center number.
  • Get the number and make a call to your customer support.


If you have any other queries, you can contact them any time and feel free to talk to them. Their services are available twenty-four hours seven days a, and they are professional enough to take your query and resolve it as soon as possible.

How Do I File A Complaint with Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines has provided various options to their passengers for filing their issues and problems. Suppose a person is going to board an Ethiopian Airline flight soon, and suddenly he needs to cancel his booking since he gets ill, but he cannot claim his refund due to some issues. So in these kinds of cases, the passenger can file an Ethiopian Airlines Complaints Refund on their official website. If you want to report this problem to an Ethiopian Airline agent, then you go through the below-provided instructions: 

  • You can visit the official portal of Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Now, you have to go down to the bottom of their page and then tap on the button “Help and Contact.”
  • Then, you must click the “support and feedback.”
  • After that, you will redirect to the next page, where you will find the option of “complaint form.”
  • Afterward, you must type the required details in the complaint form, like your personal data, flight booking details, the main concern, and the problem.
  • You can also insert your supporting files for the Airline’s reference.
  • Then, submit your complaint form, and the Ethiopian Airline support representative will resolve your problem shortly.


File complaint via email:

In the event of a traveler being unable to submit his complaint via the complaint form, then in this situation, they can use the option of Ethiopian Airlines Complaint Email on which they can write their issues and complaints. Passengers can send their problems to this email address - People are advised to write the email in proper format by mentioning the subject and can also attach the files in the mail body.

An alternate method to Report a problem:

Sometimes people think about whether they can file their issues via direct messaging on Ethiopian Airlines Whatsapp Number. So in this instance, Ethiopian Airlines doesn’t assist Whatsapp. Still, they have their toll-free customer service number on which you can get any information related to the airline flights and can easily report your problem. You can make a phone call at 1-800 445 2733 to connect with the airline support representative.

How Do I Make A Claim with Ethiopian Airlines?

In case a passenger arrives at the airport on an Ethiopian Airline flight. He didn’t rescind his luggage, or his bag got lost, so in this situation, the passenger will get worried and think, “How do I make a claim with Ethiopian Airlines?” for their lost bag. So in this situation, you can submit the claim form on the Airline's official web page. You can use the below-given steps to submit the claim form: 

  • When you go to the Ethiopian Airlines official website.
  • Then, go to their support page, where you will find the various web forms.
  • Open the claim form on the website and then fill in the required information.
  • After entering all the details, you can submit your claim form.
  • The Ethiopian Airline agent will immediately connect with you.



If a person wants to seek assistance at the help desk for filing their problem, then they can directly visit the Ethiopian Airlines complaints department or can instantly make a phone call to the Ethiopian Airlines customer service agent which they can inform the airline agent about their issues and then will get immediate solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ethiopian airlines overbooking?

Overbooking with Ethiopian airlines means the number of confirmed reservations with passengers and check-in time limit number within the required period exceeds the available seats on that particular compartment/flight.

What does it mean if I am denied boarding with Ethiopian airlines?

As per the Ethiopian airlines, denied boarding means that you are refused to accommodate on the flight. Although you have a valid ticket, confirmed reservation, and presented at the airport for check-in within the required time.

What will happen if I am denied boarding with Ethiopian Airlines?

If you are denied boarding with Ethiopian airlines, you have the following rights:

  • You will be rerouted to the next available flight for your final destination at the earliest possible time.
  • The flight cost with Ethiopian airlines will be reimbursed with no extra charges for the journey that is denied by the authorities.
  • You will obtain the refreshment, meals, and accommodation at the airport till the boarding of the next flight. You can also dial the Ethiopian airlines phone number to discuss the denied boarding.

Who is eligible for denied boarding compensation?

Compensation for the denied boarding will be issued to the following passengers:

  • You must have a valid ticket bought with or any agent of Ethiopian airlines.
  • You must hold a confirmed or valid booking on a particular flight with Ethiopian airlines.
  • You must have reached the check-in gates on or before the available time period and in the position of necessary travel documents at the stations of minimum connection time.

Who cannot claim compensation from Ethiopian Airlines?

  • Passengers who have been compensated on other means cannot claim the compensation.
  • If the flight delay is not more than the 4 hours to the scheduled departure, you cannot claim the compensation.
  • Ethiopian denies the carriage as you have not checked in before or nearest to the check-in time.
  • The health conditions, behavior, or immigration status are not looked for, and Ethiopian needs to deny the boarding.
  • You are not following the rules and instructions of Ethiopian authorities. 
  • You are holding a blacklisted, stolen, lost, or otherwise suspicious ticket.

What will be my compensation with Ethiopian airlines if I am denied boarding?

  • Ethiopian Airlines will offer you the denied boarding compensation scheme to you on all international flights. Therefore they will refund the compensation at a 50% discounted cash price. 
  • Children between the age of 2 to 12 will be given 50 percent compensation under the denied boarding compensation.
  • EU regulations will be applied to all the Europe flights and DOT regulations to the US flights.

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