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How would I Track my Lost Baggage Emirates?

Whenever you plan a trip to an international for vacation with family or friends, most of the items you carry with you consist of baggage like 4 to 5 suitcases and some checked personal items on inboard for getting the best travel experience. But, in certain circumstances, it has been noticed that by mistake, few had luggage or suitcases get lost in the chaos at the airport. 

So, due to such instances, the most suitable option for9 passengers is to raise a complaint about the baggage lost at the help desk with a customer care agent who will not provide all your baggage details and then provides you with tracking details. Therefore, in such a matter to know about the process for How Can I Track My Lost Baggage Emirates, you should follow the below-referred points for your help. 

Simple steps to track my Emirates lost baggage:

  • The first step which you need to take would be opening an internet web browser for your device
  • After which, you have to scroll down the page and there choose the baggage option 
  • There in you need to select the lost baggage option 
  • After which, you get a tracker page on your window 
  • Now, enter the PIR file reference number which you get after filing the lost baggage form at the airport
  • Next, you should also enter the surname of the traveler within the given field
  • Ahead to which click on to continue option 
  • Last, you will get a full tracking summary of your lost baggage.


Therefore, for now, you must get the assurance of the Emirates Lost Baggage Policy because under some particular terms and conditions, you will get compensation for your lost baggage from Emirates, so to get an overview of policies, you must consider this section for help.

  • As per Emirates lost baggage policy, a passenger who loses their baggage must complain about it to the airport help desk section of lost and found.
  • If you missed filling out the lost baggage form at the airport before departure, you could fill it out online within 24 hours. 
  • Once you register your complaint form with Emirates, you will get a tracking number which you can use for tracking your baggage to get updates. 
  • Moreover, if your baggage is not tracked in time or the Emirate claims your baggage is lost, then you will be given complete compensation in such matters without any trouble.


Does Emirates Cover Lost Baggage?

YES, Emirates does provide the passengers their lost baggage cost but to know what actions you need to take against the Does Emirates cover lost baggageyou must use this information for your reference. First, to claim IR compensation, you must visit the Emirates office, where you submit your passport and receipt of your purchased ticket. If there is an unfortunate incident where baggage is declared as lost, you will be provided compensation.

Hence, if in case you need to get information in regards with Emirates Lost Baggage Phone numberthen in such a case the most competent option would be firstly getting in touch with customer care agent by the help of Emirates toll-free number ( 1 800 777 3999), by which you will connect with a live agent and once you connect with a live person get help on lost baggage phone number ahead for assistance.

How Long Does Lost Baggage Claim Take on Emirates?

The lost baggage claim on Emirates Airlines takes at least ten days for the final check-up to happen after you have made the claim for the lost baggage. The process can be quickened if you cooperate with the airline and provide the timely submission of the lost baggage form with authentic information. Emirates Airlines understands your need for urgency to find your baggage but you will easily get your baggage if you are cooperative with the staff at the airline.

How Do I Claim my Damaged Luggage on Emirates?

If you want to know how to claim your damaged luggage with Emirates Airlines,  For your damaged baggage, you need to claim it by visiting the nearest Emirates representative at the desk or head over to the baggage services window at the terminal. They will ask you to follow the procedure of filling out the form to claim your damaged baggage. Complete the form with the authentic information and wait for Emirates Airlines to process your damaged baggage. 

Emirates Damaged Baggage Claim Email

If you are in a hurry or if you are in an emergency, If it’s too much of a chore for you to file the claim for the damaged baggage at the transit then you can always send your claim for the damaged baggage to the official mail address of Emirates Airlines. The email address is as mentioned here, A quick reminder is to file your claim for your damaged baggage within 24 hours only otherwise it will not be valid. The airlines will process your claim and will try to provide you with the replacement of the damaged baggage or will compensate you as per the airline’s carrier's service.

Emirates Damaged Baggage Compensation Policy

Emirates Airlines have a policy for when you have damaged baggage. The airline knows that it is fully responsible for your damaged baggage. However, they abide by the terms and conditions of the compensation policy of Emirates Airlines. Reefer to the highlights of compensation policy written below:

  • You can claim the damaged baggage at the airport by visiting the nearest Emirates representative or file the claim on the baggage email address of Emirates Airlines.
  • If our baggage is damaged then the airlines will compensate for the exact amount of the baggage or will try to replace the baggage for the passengers. 
  • If your baggage is delayed then Emirates takes full responsibility for locating your delayed or lost baggage within seven to ten days from your claim filing. 
  • If you forget to file the damaged baggage claim at the airport then you can fill the same claim form online through the official webpage of Emirates Airlines.


How To Contact Emirates Customer Service for Lost Baggage?

Now, if nothing is working out and it's taking longer for you to receive the information on your lost, damaged, or delayed baggage then you can easily contact the Emirates Airline customer service. All you have to do is to follow the steps as they are written below and get on a call with the human operator.

Steps to call Emirates Airlines

  • The commencing step is to call on the official number of Emirates Airlines. 
  • Initially, you will connect with the IVR and the IVR will ask you to choose your preferred language to continue the process. 
  • Press on the number as per your language.
  • Then, you will have to choose the reason for calling the customer care services of Emirates. 
  • Hit the number as per your calling reason. 
  • Thereafter, the IVR will process your calling request and connect you with the live assistant concerned in your matter. 
  • When you connect with Emirates’ carriage service assistant then you should share your problem with them and get the necessary assistance.

Now, this is how you connect with the assistant. The hack to get your work done fast is to be polite and calm with the assistant of the customer care services of Emirates.

Bottom Line

Nevertheless, if you have any problem associated with the baggage or any other services of Emirates Airlines then you should directly communicate with the customer help desk of the airline which is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

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