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How Do I Claim Compensation for Delayed Baggage on Air Asia?

If you are Air Asia frequent flyer, and this time you find your baggage damaged, in that case, you will wonder, How do I claim baggage damage from Air Asia? The answer to this question has been included in the information given in the article below. Whenever baggage is damaged, you have all the right to report a baggage damage report and get compensation. The best way to submit a baggage damage report is by using the online website of the airline. The steps below will help you to submit a report online:

  • Navigate to the airline's official website.
  • Click on the support.
  • On the following webpage, you will see a baggage damage form. Click on it.
  •  Provide the required information and submit the form.
  • The airline will give you the required assistance.
  • If you have a picture of your damaged baggage, attach it to support your claim.
  • The airline will immediately reply to your complaint.


If you are concerned about How Does AirAsia handle damaged suitcases? Then, stay calm because the airline staff are compassionate towards the passengers' damaged baggage and do their best to deliver the baggage to the passengers as safely as possible. However, the passenger planning to submit a damaged baggage report should remember the following points.
  • The airline authority will not be responsible for damage to accessories and wear and tear. 
  • The airline's liability will be reduced if the bag is damaged or delayed because of over-packing or unsuitable packaging.


To Learn About How Much Do You Get for Damaged Baggage in AirAsia?

you need to communicate with their customer care executive 080-46662222 or 080-67662222.

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AirAsia Baggage Lost Compensation

  • The airline does not give any compensation for lost baggage. The items confiscated or removed due to security issues or non-compliance will not be returned to the passengers. 
  • Passengers who miss their handphones onboard should connect with the lost property offices at the respective airports. The airport authority will be handed the items found at the airport terminal.  
  • The airline does not accept responsibility for personal belongings that are misplaced or lost onboard the aircraft or in the airport terminal. All items carried by the passengers are solely at their own risk.  


How To Get Delayed Baggage Compensation Air Asia at the Airport?

Sometimes because your baggage was not loaded onto the flight or due to safety or technical considerations, your baggage gets delayed in reaching you; in that case, you get stressed and look for a way to get the airline's assistance. To help you, we have included the vital information below.

  • If the carousel stops and you do not find your baggage, in that case, you must first go to the airline help desk at the airport.
  • Provide your booking reference number and baggage tag to the airline's service officer to track your baggage. 
  • He will provide you with a PIR (Property Irregularity form), and once you have completed the form, a PIR number will be given to you. 
  • The airline will deliver your baggage to your local address if the baggage is found.
  • If the passenger wishes to file a claim for delay of checked baggage, they have 21 days (calendar days) from when the baggage is delivered to you, within which you can raise a delay baggage complaint. 


Can I use the chat option to claim a delayed, damaged, or lost baggage report to AirAsia?

Yes, the chat option of Air Asia can be used to submit a claim for delayed, damaged, or lost baggage. To communicate over live chat, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the airline's official website.
  • Click on the chat icon.
  • Once a chat window is downloaded, enter your query in the chat box and submit. 
  • Wait until a live chat assistant is connected. 
  • He will ask for PNR number, phone number, and bag details.
  • He will now provide you with baggage tracking number. 


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