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Learn the Best Ways To File A Lost Baggage Claim with Air Canada

You must be aware of the baggage damage and lost service that help you to give the necessary reimbursement at the right time. However, if you ask how do I file a lost baggage claim with Air Canada, it will be essential to check the particular advice help from a live person who is free to assist you with the questions you ask using the contact resource securely.

How Do I File A Lost Baggage Claim with Air Canada?

When you lose your baggage and willing to claim with Air Canada, you must have genuine information for the booking details. You must share relevant information with a live person who will provide you with significant facilities to secure your booking anytime. You must go through the advice provided by the representative below.

  • First, open your favorite browser, visit the Air Canada reservation page, and select the manage booking tab.
  • You will enter the reservation number and last name of the passenger and select the flight booking to review in detail.
  • Check with the baggage service and report the missing checked baggage; you can do under the contact details.
  • You need to enter the details for the baggage that you want to claim and ensure you will forget to enter the departure and arrival destination in the luggage.
  • After completing the details, you will receive a confirmation for the baggage claim you might get within a few days.


Air Canada Lost Baggage Policy

Air Canada is one of the largest airlines in Canada that services many destinations around the world. Despite its reputation and popularity, there are times when the airline faces incidents where the baggage is lost or misplaced. If it happens, the airline has a specific lost baggage policy to support its customers, help them retrieve their belongings, and provide compensation in case of inconvenience. 

The Air Canada lost baggage policy states that if you lose your baggage, you first need to report to the Air Canada representative at the baggage service office. You must fill out the lost baggage claim form, including details like your contact information, flight details, and luggage details. You will get a tracking number against the form you fill out that you can use to track your claim status.

If you leave the airport, you can also claim the lost baggage online by visiting the official website or calling customer service.

Air Canada begins locating and returning the belongings to you once you complete the report. If the Air Canada team finds the luggage in a few days, they will deliver it back to you. However, if it is not found in 5 days, they will compensate for the value of items in your luggage of around CAD 2400 per passenger. 

Air Canada will also compensate you if you make necessary purchases while missing items. You must keep the receipts of purchases and submit them to the airline if you wish to receive compensation.

Besides, you must have proof of lost items that can be informed of pictures, receipts, bills, etc.The lost baggage policy applies to the luggage you checked with the airline. In the case of carry-on luggage or hand luggage, you will not get any compensation. 

How To Track Lost Baggage Air Canada?

When you lose any baggage at Air Canada, you must submit the lost baggage claim form. Once you submit the form, you get a tracking number through which you can track your lost baggage claim status. You can go to the official website, and on the lost baggage page, you can enter your tracking number to check the status.

In addition, you can also call directly on Air Canada lost baggage phone number 1 888 689-BAGS (2247) to track your baggage. Here are the steps you can follow to track your luggage over the phone. 

  • Dial the lost baggage phone number 1 888 689-BAGS (2247)
  • Choose language and then follow the IVR to speak to the agent
  • Once you are connected with the lost baggage departments, you can ask them about your lost baggage 
  • Provide the details like luggage details, flight details, claim tracking number, etc
  • The Air Canada representative will travel with your luggage and confirm the status 


You can track the lost baggage by following the process above. Moreover, if you are not able to recover the lost baggage, you can ask the team to provide you with compensation. Make sure to have all the necessary documents to avoid any further delays.

How Do I Claim Compensation for Delayed Baggage Air Canada?

You may want to know how to claim compensation for delays with Air Canada that you pay at check-in time. Get specific information for delayed payment below.

  • Visit the booking website of Air Canada, hold your boarding pass, and check the baggage.
  • You need to report the damaged or delayed baggage before leaving the airport after receiving your bag.
  • Fill out the claim form and adequately check the report for the delayed baggage and claim for compensation.
  • You must quickly provide information for the baggage to repair and replace along with the compensation.


Hence, whether you are willing to get specific advice for the baggage to carry, want to check damage service, or get help for the lost luggage, you can claim the service at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Air Canada Reimburse for Lost Baggage?

Yes, when you don’t find your baggage on time and have tried to find it at the airport with the help of a customer representative who is free to assist you at any time. It is said that when your baggage is delayed, damaged, or lost, Air Canada is here to refund the fees you paid to check it in and get other facilities that you want with it after losing your baggage.

How Do I Claim Compensation for Air Canada Lost Luggage?

When you lost your baggage and want to claim compensation for Air Canada lost baggage, you must file a claim and enter the complete details securely. You are allowed to complete the claim file, enter the complete information related to baggage, and check the booking details at any time. After submitting the form, you might get relevant support to compensate for lost luggage on Air Canada at a specific time. 

How much do you get for lost luggage Air Canada?

When your baggage is delayed, damaged, or lost, Air Canada enables you to get a refund fee that you pay at the time of check-in. You might get the lost luggage around $2,300 to $3,500 per head on itineraries within Canada and international itinerates, including to the US and domestic airlines. For lost luggage cost, you must contact a live person who is available to assist you soon.

Air Canada Responsible for Lost Luggage Canada?

Yes! Air Canada will take responsibility for lost luggage only if the luggage has undergone the check-in process. It would not be responsible if you lost the carry-on baggage or hand luggage. In case your baggage is not found, the airline will compensate you for the fee you paid for check-in. As per the 1288 Special drawing rights, Air Canada's liability towards the passengers will be limited to approximately CAD 2400 per passenger.

Does Air Canada Give You Money if they Lose your Luggage?

Yes! If they lose your luggage, they will refund you the fee against the items' value and other necessary items you purchased while the items were missing. However, Air Canada will only be responsible or pay a fee if your items are gone through the check-in process. You can speak to the Air Canada customer support team directly to get exact information in your case.

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