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The passengers, while making a booking with Southwest Airlines, can opt for the Southwest automated flight status messaging system, which has the feature to send the flight status to them once the booking has been finalized. The passenger can give their contact information in the reservation that they have made either through email or text. The feature to sign up is available on my booking page of the airline once the. In case the passenger cannot find the subscription portal, they can choose the methods given below:

  • Through the Southwest Mobile App the passenger can sign up for flight alerts for incoming flights.
  • The Flight Status lookup tool is present on the official website of Southwest.


How Do I Set up Notifications on My Southwest?

Southwest Airlines has given the passenger the flexibility to choose the notification from the airline for various information and alerts required. The passenger can set up notifications from Southwest airline by first downloading the Southwest App and following through the steps mentioned:

  • Log in to the app through the credentials provided and access the portal for Southwest Airlines.
  • Go to the profile section, which is available at the top end of the app, through the three dotted lines.
  • Browse through the choices provided and then find the settings icon towards the farther end. Tap on the button.
  • The push-up notification option will be present on the settings icon.
  • A passenger simply needs to enable all the particulars given in the notification button, thus allowing the airline to send in all the notifications from time to time.
  • It can also be done through the Notifications icon present under the Settings tab on the mobile device.


Does Southwest have Free Inflight Messaging?

Yes, Southwest Airlines has been quite prevalent among its contemporaries for providing a free inflight messaging system, which helps the passenger to stay updated about the various information whilst on board. All they need to have is iMessage and WhatsApp, which are the two prominent apps for messaging on flights. As cellular data doesn't work on flights, the passenger just needs to connect to the Southwest Wi-Fi that has been made available for the passengers. Once connected, the passenger would be required to complete the connection procedure, after which they will be able to use the in-flight messaging services.

How Do I Get Text Messages from Southwest?

The passengers can very easily get free text messages from Southwest through the messaging apps WhatsApp and iMessage, where no additional cost is charged. The airline charges the passenger an additional 8 USD for messaging done through other apps. Once the passengers provide their contact information while signing up, they will always be sent updates through messages from the airlines. 

How Do I Get Notifications for Southwest Sales?

If you want to get the notification for Southwest sales, you will check with the update and ensure you have subscribed to its services found via registered email and phone. Get the notification for update and change to get the information listed in the reservation, and always check all the update by signing your booking account. To get the notification for Southwest sales on your phone and email account, you must go through the steps provided below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Southwest Airlines and go to the log-in section to access your booking.
  • You will avail more benefits when you sign in to your booking account and go to the purchase page, where you can select your flight.
  • Log in to your reward points after accessing the reward section, select your booking account, and choose your profile.
  • Click on the sales tab, choose the flight you want to purchase, and schedule your communication with a representative.
  • You can subscribe to the service for the latest updates and notifications by entering the contact details and phone number into the required fields.


Get The Weather Alerts from Southwest Airlines:

You must stay up to date with various information and choose the weather advisories, travel restrictions, entry requirements, and other instances that may impact your flight journey. It is crucial to go through the Southwest Airlines weather alerts you can set through the subscription. You may find essential advice and alerts for the weather and the unprecedented number of flight cancellations and arrange the next available flight to travel.  

Enjoy The Deal Alerts with Southwest Airlines:

When you complete the email signup with Southwest Airlines and enter the correct email address, you can communicate with a representative. You will get the option to select the categories and get the notification in your preferred contact details. It is the Southwest Airlines deal alerts to obtain crucial cheap flight deals to your required destination conveniently. You also select the text message to receive the advantage of the message that you can view on your iOS and Android devices.

Avail Price Drop Alert Facility on Southwest Airlines:

When you look for the drop price facility to your required destination with Southwest Airlines, you must wait for the miracle and determine a price for the booking. You can select the best Southwest Airlines price drop alert and score a price until 10 minutes before your flight departure. If you have already checked in your flight ticket online and reached the airport but received a price drop alert message on your phone or email, request the booking at the exact cost.

How To Set Fare Alerts for Southwest?

You can go through the various booking websites and choose a price drop facility to add to your subscription and enjoy your flight journey wisely. If you want to set fare alerts for Southwest Airlines, you must go through the steps provided by the experts as follows.

  • First, visit the booking website of Southwest Airlines and go to the booking section.
  • You will find the low fare calendar that you can choose to set the fare alerts easily.
  • You will find the cheapest airfare of the season on your entered contact details.
  • Get started with the fare tracking service and always obtain the best fare alerts.


You can also use WhatsApp and the iMessage app on your Smartphone and get the facility for the least fare details on Southwest Airlines.

Note: The airline allows the passenger to receive updates about the latest deals and offers by subscribing to Southwest Airlines customer service through the email signup alternative provided. The passenger can decide on taking up an email subscription other than the text messaging services that have been availed.

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