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How Do I Communicate with Iberia?

Traveling with Iberia airlines, if any problems arise, there are the following ways to assist you in contacting customer services. Now, you have to follow the below-mentioned all the steps to know how do I communicate with Iberia. There are many different ways that you can use and contact them. 

How do I contact Iberia Airlines?

So, if you want to know the whole procedure, then here are the following methods to communicate with Iberia. Below are the following steps to follow:-

Customer services contact number- if you want to know What is Iberia phone number then, There is a customer service contact number that a passenger can use to get in touch with them. Then they can contact them and resolve the issues. Below are the following steps that you can follow to communicate with Iberia:-

  • First of all, access the official website and then move to the search tab and find the contact number of the airline. 
  • When you get the number, dial it, and connect with virtual assistance. 
  • Now, select the language and follow the instructions to choose the number according to your issues.
  • If you want to complain about the airlines or problems that appear, then press the one button. 
  • If you're going to get the information about your baggage, then press the two buttons. 
  • To cancel the flight and make any changes to the ticket then, you have to press the three buttons. 
  • Lastly, if you want to get in touch with customer services, then press the seven buttons. 

Moreover, if you want to know how you call Iberia in English, then there is an option where you can select the language that suits you and can communicate easily. 

Official live chat option- there is an option of live chat that a passenger can use while having issues. Here are the following simple steps that you have to follow to start the communication with them through live chat:-

  • Visit the official website, and then search for the contact us option. 
  • When you get that, then search for the live chat option and then click on the live chat option.
  • Now, a small chat box will open up, and you can quickly start communication with them and fix the issues. 


Email address- if you are wondering How I can email Iberia, then this is another best way to get in touch with them through the email address; you have to find their official email on the official website. Follow the below steps:-

  • Open the official website, and then search for their email address. 
  • Now, when you get the email, then compose the message; if any documents are required, then attach them and send them. 
  • Finally, you have to wait for them to respond to your messages. 


Social media- they are also available on all the social media handles, and this is best that you can directly get the latest information from them. If you instantly want to get in touch with them or join their social media, then below are the official links:-




Is Iberia customer service 24 hours?

So, if you want to know that Is Iberia customer service 24 hours available, then yes, the customer services of Iberia Airlines are available to assist their passenger while they face any issues. You can get in touch with them anytime to troubleshoot the problems related to the airline.

Hope that all the information mentioned above will be available for you; if there is any issue, then you have to dial the official number or can use any other methods to get in touch with them. Finally, this article is the best that provides all the information to them.

What is Iberia's Phone Number?

Iberia has provided its contact details on its official website so that passengers can contact them right away; Iberia airlines provide customer assistance throughout the day. Passengers can find Iberia's phone number on their official website, or you can follow the steps:

  • Open Iberia airline's official website.
  • Go to their contact us page.
  • On their contact page, passengers can find the Iberia airline's contact details, or they can call on 900 111 500. 
  • After making a call on their phone number, passengers need to answer the automated voice by dialing the digits from their dial pad according to their queries.
  • Soon after the airline's phone number, live assistance will be provided to the passengers with a solution to their query.


There is not only an option of calling to get connected with Iberia airlines, and there are many other ways as well because serving a huge crowd at once is so difficult for the airlines. Passengers can use other communication modes as well to get connected with the Iberia airlines like:

Country Phone Number
Algeria +21 398 320 0128
Argentina +54 115 354 8125
Austria +4 317 956 7722
Belgium +322 585 5198
Brazil +55 113 956 5999
Chile +5 622 393 7433
China +86 400 881 0207
Colombia +571 291 1161
Costa Rica +5 064 036 0069
Croatia +3 851 777 6181
Cuba +537 204 3460
Czech Republic +42 023 901 8732
Denmark +457 010 0152
Dominican Republic +1 829 946 1072
France +3 382 580 0965
Germany +49 695 007 3874
Greece +30 211 198 0095
Ireland +35 381 846 2000
Italy +39 029 138 7051
Japan +8 133 298 5238
Mexico +52 551 500 3551
Spain 3 490 240 0500

Iberia Airlines Live Chat

Chat: chat is the quickest option available on their website. If passengers cannot get connected on the call, they can use this connection mode to converse with the Iberia airline authority. Passengers can follow the steps if they cannot find the chat box on their official website. 

  • Open the Iberia airline's official webpage.
  • On their webpage, the option of contact is available.
  • After opening their contact page, a chat box will open on their screen, and passengers can convey their queries by sending a text. 
  • After sending your queries to the Iberia airline, a live agent will respond to you with appropriate solutions to your problem.


If passengers are still not able to get connected with airlines, then the passengers can try contacting the Iberia airline through their social media platforms. The airline's clientele is huge, so they want to make sure that every passenger of the Iberia airline has a smooth experience. The Iberia airline is accessible on every possible social media platform, like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Passengers can contact them through their social media platforms anytime.

How Do I File A Claim with Iberia?

There are many ways through which passengers can claim with Iberia. It depends on whether they want to file a claim for flight tickets or lost baggage. Passengers can file a claim with Iberia by using many ways:

Claim forms: Claim forms are for the passengers who have lost their lost luggage, or if you are at the airport, passengers can directly claim their lost property from the lost and found property department. But if passengers are not at the airport, they can fill out information like their flight number, passenger name, what they have lost, and much other information related to their lost belongings. Follow the steps if you are unable to find a claim form on their official website:

  • Go to Iberia airline's official website.
  • Open their contact us page.
  • On the contact webpage, the link to the claim form is available. 
  • click on the link and contact form will open on your screen. make sure you enter all the required information correctly and submit.


Make sure passengers fill out the form within a week after losing their property because the airport will keep your lost belongings only for a month.

Iberia Customer Service Hours

Iberia is a customer-centric airline. The airline wants to create a win-win situation for all the passengers as well as for themselves. They provide 24 hours of customer support assistance to their passengers. Passengers can make a call on their customer support from anywhere at any time.

Iberia Airlines Headquarters Address

Iberia airline’s headquarter is presented at C. de Martínez Villergas, 49, 28027 Madrid, Spain. Passengers can visit their headquarters if they are unable to get a solution to their problem online. Assistance will be provided to the passengers. 

How To Contact Iberia Airlines via Live Chat?

Live discussion forum on their website: the airlines provide a chat option to their passengers if they have waited too long to connect with the airline by calling their phone number. This service is available all day to their passengers. This is the best way to get connected with the airlines instantly. Follow the steps if you want to connect with the airlines via chat: 

  • Visit Iberia airline's official website.
  • Go to their contact us page.
  • On their contact page, there is a symbol of chat. Click on that.
  • After clicking on the symbol, a chat box will appear on your screen. Type your query.
  • Send your query, and a live representative will join the conversation and provide you with an appropriate solution and links.


If passengers cannot utilize the chat service available on their website, the other option is to chat with the airlines using WhatsApp. You can message them at +34 676 67 60 04, or passengers can scan the QR code available on their website.

How Do I Email Iberia Customer Service?

Send mail to the airline: the passengers can send an email any time of the day; working hours don't matter—a human representative of the airline replies to emails. A response from a mail might take some longer time as compared to their communication modes. Passengers can mail their queries to

How Do I Make A Claim with Iberia?

Passengers can claim with Iberia airlines if the flight is delayed or they have lost their luggage. To find your lost baggage, one can fill out the form and provide all the asked details about it. Passengers can claim a full refund if the flight is delayed in their bank accounts. To find the claim form on their official website, follow the steps:

  • Go to the airline's website.
  • Open their contact page. 
  • their passengers will see a claim form available.
  • Fill in all the information required and click on send.


How Do I Claim My Iberia Refund?

Suppose you booked a flight with Iberia, and due to some unavoidable conditions, you canceled your flight, and now you wonder about the different ways to submit a claim for a refund with the airline. So, for your better understanding, below are the ways you can adopt to fill out a refund request; please have a look:

Claim A Refund at the Airport

The primary step you can take to file a refund request is at the airport. You must visit the airport carrying all the necessary documents, such as a ticket and valid proof for canceling a flight and filing a refund request so the agent can do so.

Fill out a Refund Form

The second method to claim a refund from the airline is by filling out a refund form, which you can find on its official website. However, there are further steps that you have to follow, and those are the following; please have a look: 

  • Navigate to the Iberia Airlines official website to commence. 
  • You have to scroll down to view the Refund Request tab under the Help section. 
  • A refund form will appear on the right; tap and complete the details. 
  • Ensure you are providing all the valid reasons for canceling a flight and filing a refund request. 
  • You may get a claim within 21 business days from the airline. You can approach the assistance team to get real-time updates if it gets delayed. 


Claim a refund via Manage Your Booking

Thirdly, you can go to the Manage Your Booking section on its official website, where primarily, you have to cancel your flight reservation, and then the refund form will be visible, and that has to be filled. Again, it is suggested that one provide an appropriate reason for cancellation.

NOTE: There are some deductions that are based on its refund policy, and some of its essential points are the following:

  • If the flights are canceled within 24 hours of the booking, a full refund will be processed; however, if not, some fees will be charged. 
  • Non-refundable ticket holders may not cancel a flight and request a refund. 
  • For further information, you can reach the assistance team of Iberia Airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To File A Complaint with Iberia Airlines?

There are many ways through which passengers can file a complaint with Iberia airlines. The commonly used ways are calling, complaint forms, mail, and chat. The best way to file a complaint is by filling out the complaint form available on the airline's official website.

How Do I Get A Hold of Iberia Customer Service?

Iberia airline is the passenger carrier of Spain. Iberia is allied with American airlines. The airlines provide outstanding services to their passengers so that passengers face problems rarely and get solutions to their queries in minimal time. The airline provides many options to the passengers to get a hold of Iberia customer service.

Different Communication Modes Provided by the Airline to their Passengers:

Making a call on the Iberia Airline's phone number: Iberia has provided their customers the facility to dial their phone number anytime, and the airline will answer the call, Call service is 24 hours a day, If you also want to get connected with the airline via their phone call, then go with the steps to make it easy for you:

  • Go to Iberia airline's official website.
  • Open their contact us page. 
  • On their contact us page, passengers will find all the contact details of the airline. You can dial (+1) 800 772 4642 / 1-805-372-0680.
  • After dialing the number, follow the instructions an automated voice gives to connect to a live airline representative.
  • After getting connected to a live airline representative, share the query with them, and they will provide you with the best solution.


The call might take at least 1 hour of holding time. The hold time depends upon the traffic. Otherwise, passengers can expect an instant response from the airlines.

What is the Phone Number for Iberia Refund?

You can dial the Iberia complaints number +1-800-772-4642 to request the airline to consider your refund request and fill out a form on your behalf... Read More

Call Now   +1-805-372-0680