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How Do I Get my Money Back from Vueling?

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    How Do I Get my Money Back from Vueling?

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    If you are wondering about Vueling airline or a question arises related to how do I get my money back from Vueling, and then don't worry. There are the following methods that you have to follow to get a refund. This article will give you all the essential topics you need, like refund policies, ways to request a refund, and many more. Now, you have to move the below-mentioned procedures:-

    How To Get The Money Back from Vueling?

    This is the essential thing that you have to follow to know how do I get my money back. The Vueling airline is a low-cost that provides all the domestic and international to various destinations. Some steps that you have to follow to get the money back from the airlines. Firstly, you must open the airline's official website and move to the manage my trip option. Then, enter the passenger's last name and the reservation number to sign into the account. After that, you have to hit the refund request option. In the last, you must submit the refund form, and then you will get your refund in your original way of payment. 

    How long does a refund take with Vueling?

    If you want to know How long does a refund takes with Vueling, then here are the answers to your question: the Vueling airline takes 7- 10 working days to process the refund. Or the procedure of the reimbursement depends on your flight ticket charges, seat fare, mode of payment, and many more things. However, if the airline cancels your flight ticket, you will get the compensation that helps them book another Vueling airline.

    Vueling Airline Refund Policies:- 

    The primary thing is that a passenger must know all the policies for booking the flight ticket. There are Vueling refund policy that is mentioned below, and you have to follow all of them before reserving the ticket on Vueling flights:-

    • When a passenger wants to cancel their flight ticket without any cancelation charges, they must cancel their airline flight ticket within 24 hours of booking and two days before the flight's departure. 
    • Passengers who have the refundable ticket can cancel their flight anytime without any charges. But, the day of the cancellation and the flight date must be 48 hours apart. 
    • You cannot take a refund if your flight ticket expires. 
    • If you have a non-refundable ticket and want a full refund, you must cancel the flight ticket within 48 hours of booking.
    • There is some reason that the carrier will not charge any cancellation fees if the below-mentioned all is made:-
    • Flight change by the airline. 
    • The date of the flight is changed by the airlines.
    • Bereavement of the passenger's family member. 
    • When a passenger cancels their flight ticket on the same date of booking. 


    How to request a refund for Vueling Airline?

    To know about the procedure to request a refund for Vueling airline then, here are the following entire steps that you have to follow and request:-

    • Initially, you have to go to the official website of Vueling Airlines and then move to the manage my trip option.
    • You must enter the passenger's last name and reservation code to log in to the account.
    • After that, you must select a flight ticket and request a refund.
    • Now, go to the request refund option, and this will tell you to display a screen that says whether you are eligible to get a refund or not.
    • Lastly, you have to fill out the Vueling refund request form, which will navigate you to the refund process, and you will get your refund at the given time.


    Hopeful, the details regarding how I get money back from Vueling will be advantageous for you and assist in tilling the end to get all the information required for you. If you have any issues or errors, then connect with the support team instantly.

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