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Get Informative Details to Choose Meals on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines encourages you to reserve your flight ticket to your destination at the lowest cost. You can make your flight journey comfortable by selecting the extraordinary seat selection facility and comfortable baggage service and get help ordering your in-flight meal conveniently. If you ask how do I choose meals on Ethiopian Airlines, you must go through the queries the passengers ask and make your flight journey secure.  

How do I choose meals on Ethiopian Airlines?

If you want to enjoy your meal during your fight journey with Ethiopian Airlines, it is very simple to order your meal conveniently. Get a facility for a variety of meal, drinks, snacks, on all Ethiopian Airlines services. If you are a passenger of Economy or Pre-economy class, you will have three courses of meal with an excellent choice of drinks. You must be expert in choosing your favorite meal and make your flight journey convenient with your family and friends.

Following are the ways to choose meals on Ethiopian Airlines:

  • First, visit the booking website of Ethiopian Airlines and go to the menu section shown on the same page.
  • Select the in-flight menu and enter the passenger's flight number and last name to check your booking is eligible.
  • Click on the get meal menu and select the pre-order meal between 6 months and 72 hours before departure.
  • You can conveniently choose your meal while traveling to your destination on Ethiopian Airlines.


What is the Meal on Ethiopian Airlines Economy Class?

When you travel with Ethiopian Airlines Economy class and want to order your meal, you will find convenient help to check the menu for limited things. Although many business passengers can check the meal menu, if you are looking for Ethiopian Airlines economy class food, you must go through the meal list and choose your lovely food. You will enjoy the best meal in the Economy class of Ethiopian Airlines.

  • You will be served a hot meal or hot and cold snacks while traveling on Ethiopian Airlines Economy class.
  • Enjoy all meals and drinks, including alcohol, and get complimentary food on all Ethiopian Airlines services.
  • You will get at least a three-course meal together with a choice of drinks that includes alcohol and non-alcohol beverage mainly.  
  • You can carry your food items in the Economy class and avoid paying any extra charges for the meal, but you have to purchase a water bottle.


Do They Serve Meals on Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, you can enjoy the meal on Ethiopian Airlines and get the meal menu service available for Business class passengers, and they get the allowance for meals during a flight booking. Order your pre-meal if you are in business class and willing to maximize your pleasure. Ensure you are on the flight, and if your flight is operated by Ethiopian Airlines, your meal will be served by the Ethiopian Airlines attendant in a proper manner. 

How to Pre-Book Meal on Ethiopian Airlines?

When you complete your booking and want to get information for the pre-booked meal on Ethiopian Airlines, you go to the booking website to select the pre-book meal section and read the instruction. You can start the pre-order meal on Ethiopian Airlines between 6 months and 72 hours before flight departure time. To request a pre-booked meal on Ethiopian Airlines, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Ethiopian Airlines and go to the menu section shown on the same page.
  • Enter the booking reference or enter the last name, click the search flight tab, and check eligibility for pre-booked meals.
  • Check with the required pre-booked section to select and choose your meal that you order conveniently.
  • Get a message to pre-book a meal on your registered mobile phone successfully at the end conveniently.


For further assistance regarding pre-order meal on Ethiopian Airlines, don’t hesitate to contact an Ethiopian Airlines complaint department team is available to assist you properly.

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