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A Complete Guide on How Do I Use American Points To Book A Hotel

The American Airlines AAdvantage miles are a valuable currency for the frequent flyers known for booking flights and upgrades. Besides, many passengers wonder if the American Airlines miles can be used to book hotels or converted into hotel loyalty points. Can you use American Miles to book hotels? In the article, we will explore the possibilities and limitations of American Airlines miles usage for hotel booking and associated questions.

American Airlines Miles Usage

To use American Airlines miles as a payment form, you can book a package with a minimum of flight + hotel, flight + hotel + car, flight + hotel, or hotel + car. The name and number on the AAdvantage account should match the name and number on the reservations. All the miles used as payments should be deducted from a single account. A minimum of 1000 miles is needed to apply against purchasing a vacation package. Besides ‘How do I use American points to book a hotel? Here are the steps:

Steps to use American Points to Book a Hotel:

  • Go to the American Airlines website, find the "Hotels" tab, or access a dedicated hotel booking portal.
  • Enter the destination, travel dates, and other relevant information to get available hotels 
  • Browse the options and choose the hotel that meets your needs and tastes.
  • Follow the prompts to finalise your hotel reservation, and you will get an option to use your points for payments
  • Once done, follow the prompt, and you will receive a confirmation email soon

How Do I Redeem American Airlines Miles?

There are several ways to redeem your American Miles for travel purposes, which are outlined here:

Flight Reservation: The foremost option for redeeming your miles is to reserve a flight with American Airlines. It is a very budget-friendly option to schedule a trip, as you will not be required to complete the full payment in cash. The available miles can be used to pay for the total fare. If needed, the balance payment can be paid in cash or online. 

Flight Class Upgrade: If you would like to experience a higher-class journey with American Airlines but it is out of your budget, you can choose to redeem your American miles for the class upgrade feature. You will have to first access your reservation on the site; after that, select the upgrade option and choose your preferred class. At the time of payment, select the "Pay with American Miles" option and redeem the miles for completing the flight class upgrade. 

Book Cars and Hotels: With the help of available miles, you can get hotel stays and rental cars based on your requirements with American Airlines. You can search for the needed bookings on the site in the Redeem Miles section.

Can You Transfer American Airlines Miles to Hilton?

American Airlines has allowed AAdvantage members to transfer their earned miles to Hilton in a 1:2 ratio. Hilton points are widely used to book hotel stays. 
How Much are 50,000 American Airlines Miles Worth?

The miles you earn with your travel expenses at American Airlines have monetary value, as you can make payments for your future purchases in terms of the available miles. The worth of 50000 American miles is around $665. So, you can use your available 500000 miles to pay the ticket fares, upgrade fees, and seat selection fees, or add additional meals to the reservation worth up to $665 with American Airlines.

Can you Convert AA Miles to Hotel Points?

Yes! Marriott Allows you to earn miles for the stays by transferring the airline miles with the participating partners into Marriott Bonvey. You can convert AA Miles to Hotel Points by selecting a participating airline program. If you want to convert miles to hotel Points, you should be a member of American Airlines and Marriott Bonvoy.

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles redemption process

If you don't know How to Redeem American Airlines AAdvantage Miles for Hotel, here are quick steps you can follow:

  • Go to the American Airlines website and login to your AAdvantage account
  • You need to click on the tab 'AAdvantage' and then Redeem miles
  • You need to click on 'Cars and hotel' and then 'Book a hotel' options 
  • Search for the desired accommodations and click submit to finalize the miles redemption

How To Use American Airlines Miles for Marriott Hotels?

If you have the AA miles, you can use it for Marriott hotels. Besides passengers who want to know, Can I Use American airline miles for Marriott hotels? Check out the procedure below:

  • To begin, Log in to the American Airlines Redeem Miles portal.
  • Select option "Hotel" from the "Redeem Miles" section.
  • Input your booking details, such as dates, destination, etc. under the section "My Trips."
  • Hit the "Search" button, and the result page will open up
  • Look for the Marriott hotels by using the "Keyword Search" section.
  • Pick the desired option and click on the "See Rooms."
  • Check the list of available rooms and click "Book." 
  • Enter the number of AA miles you want to use as payment.
  • Pay the remaining amount using the credit card
  • Follow the prompt, and you will be able to book the hotel

Can you Transfer American Airlines Miles to Marriott?

There is no direct option to transfer American Airlines AAdvantage miles to Marriott Bonvoy. These programs operate independently, and their loyalty currencies are not transferable. However, you can use the miles to book Marriott or convert your miles to Marriotto points.

Conclusion: If you are a frequent flyer at American Airlines and have miles, you can use it to book your flight, as well as hotels, anytime. Besides, you can also convert your miles to hotel points, Regards 'How to Transfer American Airlines Miles to Marriott? If you have any other questions about the AA miles, speak to the American Airlines team directly or visit the website online.

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