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Copa Airlines is an international airline in Panama that provides flight services to many countries and continents worldwide. The airline is popularly known for offering passengers the most comfortable flight services. People looking to book flight tickets with the ConnectMiles credit card might wonder. How do I use my Copa ConnectMiles? Connectmiles in Copa Airlines means one can acquire it and earn the benefits of valuable miles that could be easily exchanged for airfare. Travelers can contact the customer's support agent if they have any queries. The ways through which you can use the connect miles are mentioned here below:

  • Through miles, one can transfer or buy an upgrade to other accounts. 
  • Connectmiles provides the chance to customers to donate miles and make a contribution to a good cause. 
  • The other option for using the connect miles is through the award booking tickets.


How To Book Copa Airlines with Miles? 

There are two ways to book with airlines: using the miles through a phone number or an online booking. The details related to both are mentioned here below:

Book with miles through Phone number: People can easily book miles through the phone number. Calling is considered the easiest option for getting in connection with the agent. Make a call at 800-FLY-COPA (800-359-2672). The agent will get connected quickly; you can easily book through connect miles. 

Book with miles through the web: You can follow the steps mentioned here below:

  • Move to the official portal of Copa Airlines.
  • Click on the Connectmiles option. 
  • Scroll down and tap on the "Travelling" tab. 
  • Fill in all the details. 
  • Apply the connect miles value. 
  • Submit and confirm the booking. 
  • The confirmation message will be set to your email. 


How Do I Spend My Copa Miles?

There are multiple ways to spend Copa miles. To get knowledge about it, you can read here below:

  • Donate the miles: Passengers can easily donate the miles to non-profit organizations. It will mean that you are donating more than just miles. The miles will allow you to easily sponsor the travel arrangements for those who require it most. 
  • Use it to upgrade: The members of connect miles are also available with the option to enjoy the upgrades on flights. The flights through which you can choose to upgrade include Copa Airlines, Colombia, etc. 
  • Get the miles transferred: People can also transfer their miles, and by transferring, they can easily reach the desired miles required for their next trip. You can also invite others to enjoy the benefits of transferred miles. 


Can I Transfer Chase Points To Copa Airlines?

People can also transfer the connect miles points to Copa Airlines and earn the points. But transferring the chase points to Copa Airlines will not be allowed. The connect miles option does not allow the passengers to transfer the partnerships or any other program with US credit cards. So, transferring or converting it to Chase, Capital One, AmEx, etc., will not be allowed.

Copa Airlines Connectmiles Benefits

The passengers who choose to book their flights with Copa Airlines must know about the major benefits of connectmiles. A brief description of a few is mentioned here below:

  • The passenger who has a membership with Star Alliance will get the increased utility of Copa ConnectMiles. 
  • The unique zoning option will allow and benefit the client with more niche optimization. 
  • The generous routing option will benefit you by 1 stopover and another with 2 open jaws (as the round trip awards). 
  • The unbelievable routing option will help you take a long way to the destination. 


If the customer faces any further queries related to the connectmiles, they can contact the Copa Airlines Connectmiles Service Center and talk with the live agent. The agent is available to provide all the required assurance and support. Multiple ways to get in contact include phone calls, live chat, social media apps, and many more. 

How to Boost Your Copa Airlines Connect Miles?

When you earn Copa Miles in the past three or four months from your flights on Copa Airlines, you can check with the credit points you can boost conveniently. You can get a facility of using Mile for Copa and partner airlines or commercial airlines that you can choose to book and make payment with a ConnectMiles credit card. So, if you have earned at least three times miles up to 200,000 miles every year, you can combine the points and boost your Copa ConnectMiles and accelerate the power miles easily. 

What are Copa Airlines ConnectMiles Worth?

When you have ConnectMiles with Copa Airlines, it acquires a ConnectMiles credit and earns valuable miles. You can exchange your ConnectMiles for airfare on Copa Airlines. It is worth from 1 to 5 cents per point in value. It is the highest redemption value that comes from premium cabin flights that you can book to your required destination securely. You can  

Are Copa Airlines ConnectMiles Refundable?

When you purchase an award ticket using ConnectMiles, you are allowed to get a refund if your ticket has not been used, and it depends on the ConnectMiles status. You can submit a refund request after the flight cancelation, which can be done within one year from the date of ticket issuance. 

Can I Transfer Chase Points to Copa?

Yes, you can transfer Marriott Bonvoy Chase points to Copa when you are in a situation to transfer your miles to your friends or loved ones. You can also donate your ConnectMiles to someone who needs to book a flight ticket on Copa Airlines only. Let’s see how you can transfer your Chase Point to Copa.

  • First, visit the Copa Airlines booking website and select ConnectMiles above on the same page.
  • Scroll down the select all benefits section and go to the transfer miles section below on the same page.
  • Enter the log-in details and check the value of the points that you can use to transfer to Copa Airlines easily.
  • Go to the use miles section, select the award ticket, enter the booking details, and go to the payment section.
  • Click on the miles, select the Chase Points to Copa, redeem the points carefully, get the message of transfer points on your registered phone.

If you still need help regarding how do I spend my Copa miles, don’t hesitate to contact a customer representative team that is available to assist you soon. 

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