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Southwest Airlines offer comprehensive services to its customer. They provide premium services at convenient charges. But sometimes people find some issues regarding their bookings or baggage or other things. In that case, people register their complaints through various channels, but they don’t have the surety. How long does it take for Southwest to respond to a complaint? Here you will know about different ways to contact Southwest Airlines and how long they take to respond to the question. You have to look for different kinds of sources to connect them. You can follow the given instructions: 

Southwest Airlines Complaints

Normally, Southwest respond to their complaint within 60 days. It will take the necessary steps to take action as quickly as possible. In no case will they take more than 60 days to resolve your issues. But it also depends on the mode of complaint one has made. Resolution of the complaint is at the center of their work ethics. They will receive your complaint within the appropriate time and resolve it as quickly as possible.

How Does Southwest Airlines Deal with Complaints?

Generally, they receive written complaints, or they receive oral complaints. Written complaints will receive an acknowledgment in writing indicating receipt of the complaint within 30 days of receiving the complaint. You will also receive a substantive response no later than 60 days after receiving your complaint. Oral complaints will be resolved much more quickly as it would directly connect you to the Customer Support Service. Here also, your call would be recorded for screening purposes. 

How Do I File A Complaint with Southwest Airlines? 

By calling:  you can contact the Customer Support Service for the resolution of your problem, It is an efficient and hassle-free way to reach them at the same time; they will provide a quick solution to your problem. The benefit that you will get here would be that your complaint would be quickly registered as compared to a complaint that one will find in written form.

Under the section Write To Us:   you can follow these steps to complain effectively:

  • You can visit the website of Southwest. There you will find the help section.
  • Under the help section, you will find write to us.
  • You can write all your issues regarding southwest here.


You will get an urgent reply from the Customer Executive of the Southwest. This is also a convenient method to reach them .however; it may take a bit longer in connecting to the Southwest than it would be by calling. Calling is the best option for how to get a human on Southwest Airlines?.

Through Social Media Platforms: you can also connect to them on social media platforms. You have to follow Southwest on their Social Media Platforms to reach them. This way, you can easily get connected and ask your question either by messaging them or tagging them. Nowadays Social Media is becoming a popular platform to register complaints.

How Do I Email A Complaint To Southwest Airlines?

You can follow the instructions given below to make a complaint through your email effectively:

  • You have to visit the website of Southwest Airlines.
  • There you will find the help section. Under the help section, you have to choose
  • Here you will find the email id of Southwest Airlines.
  • You can register your complaint here.


You can reach the Customer Executive through different sources. All the above-mentioned sources are an easy and convenient way to register your complaint with Southwest. They give replies to all complaints within the stipulated time and deal in a professional manner.

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