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Fetching Genuine Facts for Extra Baggage Cost on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines easily endows you with the specific terms and conditions for the extra baggage you can add to your booking. Your luggage depends on the booking class you choose during the flight reservation, but you have to pay extra baggage costs based on the weight and dimension. If you want to add some extra baggage and look for specific information related to Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance, read the genuine answer to the question asked by the passengers commonly. If you want to get the complete facility for the baggage, you can select in each class and make your travel secure ideally.

How Much does Ethiopian Airlines Extra Baggage Cost?

When you achieve some specific details for the baggage information and want to pay extra baggage costs, you must select the fare type and destination and choose the price accordingly. If you have selected Economy Class and have several pieces of bags within the free baggage allowance, ensure the weight of the bags is not more than over 23kg. If you ask how much is Ethiopian Airlines extra baggage cost when traveling with excess baggage, you have to make some changes, starting from $60 to $100 per head. You can take at least three pieces of baggage with you in the business class, and for any extra luggage, you must select the baggage fee could be $30 to $70 per passenger. For further information related to the baggage cost, get in touch with an excellent customer representative team at any time.

Get the Baggage Allowance with Ethiopian Airlines:

You have to select at least two pieces with a maximum weight of 23 kg and a maximum dimension that remains equal to 158 cm in the Economy class; pay the cost depending on the fare type. If the flight ticket is marked with the code 2PC, you may take two pieces of baggage, each weighing 23kg. Hence, if you want to get the Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance, you can carry two pieces of baggage in the Economy Class and three pieces of baggage in the business class. When you choose the first class to travel, you can carry four pieces of baggage with determined weight dimensions and sizes.

Go Through the Baggage Policy on Ethiopian Airlines:

Ethiopian Airlines allows you to take your item and at least two extra pieces of baggage that you can typically carry in the Economy Class. If you wish to travel in the business class and know the specific details of the Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy, go through the reasonable points provided by the customer representative team.

  • Ethiopian Airlines allows you to carry at least two pieces of baggage in the Economy Class with a maximum weight of 23kg and a maximum sum of dimensions equal to 158 cm.
  • You can carry at least three bags in the Business Class with a maximum weight of 32 kg and a maximum sum of dimensions equal to 158cm.
  • When you select three extra baggage, you will get the allowance while the bag's weight should be over 23kg but not less than 32kg.
  • You can take at least one personal item like Guitar, Laptop, briefcase, and other personal item that can be carried in the Economy Class.
  • If you add some extra baggage in the Business or Economic Class, it should not exceed the size or weight, but you have to pay an affordable amount if it goes high.


How Many KG Does Ethiopian Airlines Allow?

While you are going on a trip, mossy people get confused about the luggage allowance on the airline. If you are traveling with Ethiopian Airlines, the check-in weight is 32 kg for business class and 23 kg for economy class. And if you are exceeding the check-in limit, it might not be accepted. For clarification regarding this at the time of your travel, reach out to the customer service of Ethiopian Airlines, and from there also, you can confirm the details.

How Many Bags Can You Check in on Ethiopian Airlines?

The number of bags you can take on Ethiopian Airlines is 2 per booking. If your luggage also contains any items that can damage other luggage, it may not be accepted, but there is no issue if it is packed in a good way. you have to follow other rules for luggage, such as 

Dimension of luggage

The dimension of luggage prescribed by the airline is 62 inches, and then it will be the sum of the length and width, and height of your baggage. If it exceeds that, it can not be accepted by the airline at the time of check-in.


This depends upon the class you are traveling in, and the weight is divided between the cabin and the cargo hold. The business class can carry 32 kg, and if they have hand baggage, only 7kg is allowed. And for the economy class, the allowed weight is 23, and if you carry any handbag, then the weight can be 7kg from that weight. If the weight gets exceeded, you can carry it, but you have to pay a charge for that at check-in.

Can I check-in 3 bags on Ethiopian Airlines?

No, You can't check in with your three beggars on Ethiopian Airlines. The airline only allows two bags, and the prescribed weight and dimensions have been mentioned above so that you can take the reference from that. But policy might vary at the time of your booking, so reach out to Ethiopian Airlines customer service and ask about the status of your booking; if your fare allows, then you can otherwise not.

How Can I Send Luggage To Ethiopia?

If you are willing only to ship your luggage through Ethiopian Airlines, you can also do it by completing the shipping procedure. With Ethiopian Airlines, you can find the best price online. The shipping option is available on the official page of Ethiopian Airlines, and there you have to look for the best piece they offer and complete the shipping details. When you have completed the shipping details, then the customer service of Ethiopian Airlines will collect your package from your doorstep, and they will ship the same. Using this, you can travel light, and Ethiopian Airlines will ship the luggage to your location.

Hence, if anything gets in this process, you can directly reach out to the customer service of Ethiopian Airlines and get the resolution and the contact details you will find on the contact us page of the official site.

For further assistance related to Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy, contact the best customer representative via how do I talk to someone on Ethiopian airlines team to assist you at your required time quickly.

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