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How Much Amount Does Southwest Charge to Check A Bag on Southwest?

When someone plans for the vacation or holidays, they need plenty of things to carry with them, so for that, they need to carry the baggage's with them, and it may be possible the luggage will exceed one baggage. So whenever this situation arises, the passenger needs to know how much does it cost to check a bag on Southwest? So basically, southwest airlines allow one bag carry-on for free, and for the extra baggage, they charge $75 restricted to size and weight with respect to length, breadth,  height along with weight too. So the passengers are advised to go through the baggage policies before check-in.

What Time Does Southwest Bag Check Open?

The passengers, while traveling with the airline, need to check in first at the airport for the pre-requisite formalities of the airlines that include the process of the ticket, personal verification, baggage checking, onboarding to flight, or any other (Covid guidelines) depends on the airline's policies. On southwest airlines too, these procedures are followed as they need to take care of the policies due to its world-wide reach before on board the passengers, so the passengers want to know what time does Southwest bag check open. So basically, the southwest bag check opens 120 minutes before the first departure. The passengers are advised to reach the airport before 3hours of your departure time so that all the processes are handled smoothly without any hassle. 

How Many Bags Can I Carry on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines is a prominent airline with flexible policies for its passengers, either cancellation policy, refund policy, or our baggage policy. If the passenger books with Southwest, they want to know how many bags can I carry on Southwest that are included in the baggage policies of southwest airlines, so the passengers get to know whether they are violating the airline's policies or not. So Southwest allows one bag carry-on with the dimensions 10 x 16 x 24 inches along with one small bag of 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5-inch dimension for free of costHowever, the passenger can carry more after payment of some charges for the additional carry-on fee. 

Does The Passenger Need To Pay Extra To Southwest For Carry-on Bags?

Southwest is known for being the best airline services provider and the customer's choice airline in terms of services or customer support. From the ticket booking to the onboarding process, they assist the passenger personally with all their needs. So many times, the passenger, while traveling with the family required to carry the additional baggage as they need more things to travel, so generally, airlines don't allow much baggage to be carried by the passenger to ensure the passenger's comfort. If the passenger feels the need, they provide the option after payment of the additional price, and the same goes with southwest airlines.

Southwest Airlines usually allows one full bag that the passenger carries on with them along with one personal item that could be a purse, laptop bag, or any other for free of cost. But the passengers ask Does Southwest charge for carry-on bags? So for this one bag and one item is free of cost, but they will charge some handling charges and also the passenger need to pay some charges for the extra baggage in case the passenger wants to carry.

Does Southwest Charge For Curbside Check-in?

Southwest airlines are known for providing the best services to its passengers, whether in terms of services or customer support. Southwest airlines provide the best facilities and services to its passengers so that they will not feel dissatisfied from the southwest airlines' end. There might be a possibility some passengers may feel some issues, but Southwest Airlines provide wonderful customer service. 

While check-in, the passengers often want to check-in curbside as they want to check-in and onboarding comfortably without searching for the baggage and waiting for the baggage and in case they fail to find, maybe they miss their flight so for this the curbside check-in is the best option for them. They want to know Is southwest curbside check-in free? So basically, the curbside check-in is the special service provided by southwest airlines. By this service, the passenger with an e-ticket can hand over the baggage while checking in to the authorized person, and that person will carry the bag to the passenger's seat on the flight. This service is specially provided to that passenger for comfortable check-in and onboarding. You will be happy to know that the curbside check-in is in the seating policy of the southwest airline, and they don't charge a single penny from the passengers for this service. if any passengers needs help so they can get through How do I speak to a live person at Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airline's Baggage Policy

The airline baggage policy will vary on your baggage. You can read the information or speak with the airline representative when you want to know about the baggage policy. Here are:

  • The passengers are allowed to take two pieces of free checked bags: Golf bags and skis. It wiltheycount toward their free checked bag if they are within the weight limit. At the airport, if your baggage weight and dimensions exceed, they must pay the charges. The baggage weight should weigh between 50 pounds, and the dimension should be 62 inches. 
  • If you are traveling with more than three oversized and overweight bags, you must pay the charges. 
  • If you are holding carry-on baggage, it includes one personal item, which should come in the overhead bin. Your carry-on baggage dimensions should not exceed 24x16x10. If it gets exceeded, you must pay the charges. 
  • If you are traveling and have the items, they should be appropriately labeled and packed. 
  • Passengers can bring food, purses, briefcase, cameras, etc. They should ensure that all their belongings are stored under the front seat within 18.5 by 8.5 by 13.5 inches. 
  • If the passenger brings any beverage of more than 79 percent, firearms, ammunition, and powdered gasoline tools, they are not allowed to board the flight. 
  • If you are traveling domestically, you are allowed to self-tagging your bags. 
  • If you are traveling internationally, have group bookings, and are an Unaccompanied minor, you are not allowed to self-tagging your bags. 
  • The airline allows their passenger to bring sports equipment, and it should not weighs more than 50lb/23kg. The additional baggage charges may apply if the dimensions and weight get exceeded. 
  • The airline allows the passenger to take their musical instrument as carry-on baggage if the size of the musical instrument exceeds the permissible size for carry-on items. If the size of the musical instrument exceeds the permissible size for carry-on items, they can fit them in the overhead bin or under their front seat. 
  • If the passenger's musical instrument does not fit in the overhead, they can purchase an additional seat. 


If the traveler's baggage gets damaged, delayed, or lost by the airline, you will get full compenstotaln. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Southwest Carries on Bags Size Rules

The passenger carry-on can be no bigger than these dimensions: length 24+ Width 16+10 Height. If the baggage gets bigger than those dimensions, the airline representative will first check it. Passenger must store their carry-on in the overhead bin.

Southwest Overweight Baggage Fee

The airline will accept the first two checked bags for free, provided that the bags do not exceed 50 lbs and 62 inches. If there are overweight items from 50 to 100 pounds and oversized items more than 62 inches but not more than 80 inches, they will be accepted for a charge of $75 per item. 

Does Southwest Charge To Fly with Checked Baggage?

Yes, Southwest charge to fly with checked baggage if the passenger does not meet the airline's requirements. The airline allows two checked bags to fly free. If there is an additional bag and any oversized bag, the passenger must pay $75 per item, one-way.

How To Add Baggage on Southwest Airlines?

If the passenger wants to add the baggage to Southwest airlines, they can add it while using the manage booking option. To use the manage booking option, they must follow the steps: 

  • Open the official website of Southwest airlines. 
  • Click on the flight option. 
  • Under the flight option, you must click on the manage booking option. 
  • You must provide your booking or confirmation number and click on the go option. 
  • When you see the dashboard of the airline, you must click on the add-ons option. 
  • Under the add-on option, you must click on the baggage option. 
  • Add the number of baggage you want and read the terms and conditions. 
  • Click on the submit option, and you will receive the confirmation on your registered email id.

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