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It's not a secret that flyers have to change or alter their details on their Cebu Pacific flight reservations on quite a number of occasions, something which you can owe to the unpredictable nature of every human’s life.

Airlines recognize such challenges, and in order to better serve their passengers who pay a significant amount for their services, they have provided the options to make changes in a flight ticket if a commuter wants so. If you are going to travel soon with Cebu Pacific and are trying to know how to change seat in Cebu Pacific for free, do read on further to know how to do so.

How To Change The Ticket Details on Cebu Pacific?

Any of the details that you may want to change on your flight reservation can be done through the online website of Cebu Pacific. The following steps can take you through the process:

  • Get your internet browser running and visit the official website of Cebu Pacific. Hover your cursor above the "Manage booking" tab and click on "Manage booking" when the drop-down menu opens.
  • The browser will open a new webpage on a different tab.
  • Type in the "Booking reference number" and the "Last name or email address" mentioned under your booking.
  • Select "Manage to book," and the page will open your tickets flight itinerary. The changes to your reservation details can be made here by clicking on the "change" option.
  • If the changes incur any costs, pay the same and confirm the changes.
  • An email will be received at the email address linked to this flight reservation notifying you about the said changes.
  • Any changes within the 24 hours of booking will be totally free of cost.


This procedure will also answer the question, "How can I change my passenger details in Cebu Pacific?" Changes can be made to a passenger's name, too, in case of a misspelled name.

How Can I Fix my Name on the Reservation Ticket for Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific has given some guidelines on the topic of name changes, along with the options to do so through the Cebu Pacific website.

  • Cebu Pacific Airlines allows a name to be changed if it has been misspelled or the passenger has had a legal name change.
  • In the case of a misspelled name, up to three characters can be changed in one try. Subsequent tries are needed to fix a name further.
  • The first try to change the name is without any charges. Later attempts may incur charges whose amount will vary based on different factors.


Those who want to know, "Can I change the passenger name on an airline ticket Cebu Pacific?" can employ the following methods: 

  • If you have changed your name by legal means, the documents and proofs are to be submitted to the customer relations team. You would have to call customer relations to get your name changes in this scenario instead of trying to do so from the website.
  • A misspelled name can be edited under the "Manage Booking" option on the website as described above.


Can I add an infant to my already booked reservation on Cebu Pacific?

The Cebu club members hold the privilege of adding one infant per seat on their lap without any charges, provided the age of the child is between 4 months to 2 years. So if you are wondering, "Can I add a child to an already booked flight to Cebu Pacific for free," you can only do so by getting the Cebu club membership. For the rest, one can add an infant of the same age as cited above, but charges would have to be paid for the same. In either of the above cases, a new reservation will have to be made for a child older than the given age bracket or another child.

How Can I Make Changes on Cebu Pacific Flight Bookings Over A Call?

If someone cannot access the website of Cebu Pacific, they can call the Cebu Pacific customer service contact number to get in touch with a live support representative. This is the best form of immediate assistance to resolve any of your queries regarding changes in your flight reservation. 

Can I Change my Flight Schedule in Cebu Pacific?

Yes, you can certainly make the changes to your booking with Cebu Pacific. You only need to ensure that you have followed the below-mentioned steps on the official website of the Cebu Pacific. 

In case you have made the booking on the official website of the Cebu Pacific. Then you'll be able to make the changes by yourself on their website. However, if you make the booking through a third party. Then it would help if you connected with them to make changes.

Before you proceed further to make the changes to your booking, you need to ensure that you have gone through the flight change policy of the Cebu Pacific. Once you have read the procedure, you'll be able to save the flight change fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Cebu Pacific Flight?

If you take the step to change the Cebu flight, you will be charged $75 for the domestic flight and around $400 for the international flight. You only need to ensure that you have made the changes within twenty-four hours of the booking. In that manner, you're not going to get charged the flight change fee of the Cebu Pacific flight.  

To make the changes to your flight, there are several ways. One is to make the changes online on the official website of Cebu Pacific. The second is with the help of customer support. The third is to connect with the third-party agency which made the reservation for you. To make the changes, too, you need to communicate with a third party.

How To Change Cebu Pacific Flight?

Making the changes to the reservation with the Cebu Pacific is very easy. You only need to visit their website. Once you're on their website. Then you need to follow the steps which are given ahead. Then you're not going to face any issues in making the changes to your flight. 

  • Access the Cebu Pacific'sPacific's official website. 
  • Select the option of "Manage Booking." 
  • Now you need to enter the booking reference number and the passenger's full name. 
  • Press the button of search. 
  • Now, you'll come across the booking you have made. 
  • Open your booking and select the option of "Fight change." 
  • Now you'll see the list of flights. 
  • You need to choose the one which is suitable for you. 
  • Once you have selected the right flight. 
  • Then tap on the button "Save changes."


That is it. Once you have saved the changes, you will receive the confirmation email at your registered email address. You can keep the email safe for the future. That will be helpful if you would like to refer back to the previous email. 

Cebu Pacific Change Policy

Before you make any changes to your flight, it is essential to make sure that you have gone through the policies mentioned below. It is necessary to know the guidelines because it makes you save the flight change fee. You would need to make the changes in the particular period mentioned in the policies. You can connect with the customer support of Cebu Pacific. They are going to assist you seven days a week.

  • You need to ensure that you have selected the new flight to the same destination as the previous one was. You cannot change the destination while changing the flight. 
  • In case you have made the flight changes within 24 hours of ticket booking. Then you're not going to be charged the flight change fee. 
  • You can make the changes on the official website of Cebu Pacific only if you have made the booking on the website of Cebu Pacific. 
  • You can make the changes to the flight two hours before the flight's departure time. 


You can get in touch with the customer service of Cebu Pacific. You only need to ensure that you have called Cebu Pacific'sPacific's official number. Soon, your phone call will be moved to a human from customer support. The agent will make sure that your query is resolved in a short period and that you receive a permanent solution. So, if you have a question, "Can I change my flight schedule in Cebu Pacific?" Then the information mentioned above will provide you with a quick solution. Now you're ready to board your flight.

Can the Cebu Pacific Flight Date be Changed?

Cebu Pacific Airlines are considerate enough regarding this, and flights like Cebu Pacific provide the features to make certain changes like flight dates or upgrade tickets. Those who wonder, "Can I change the date of my flight Cebu Pacific?" can go on reading the sections posited below to know more about the process.

How To Change The Date of a Cebu Pacific Flight?

Those who are now curiously trying to find how to change the flight ticket date in Cebu Pacific need to know that the changes to the flight tickets can be made by contacting the original vendor from where they bought the ticket.

  • Those who booked the ticket directly from Cebu Pacific can change the flight date on the Cebu Pacific website.
  • Click on "Manage Reservations" on the Cebu Pacific homepage and search for the flight using the reservation details of the flight.
  • The flight itinerary and other details of the said reservation will be displayed on the webpage. 
  • Click on "modify" and select the "Change flight" option.
  • Search for a new flight on the required date and confirm the changes by choosing the new flight booking.
  • Pay the charges, if any, are shown by the browser, and an email regarding the success of the flight date change will be sent to the email address linked to the flight booking.


What is the Cebu Pacific Flight Change Fee?

Since it's already stated that the date of a Cebu Pacific flight can be changed, the next plausible question would be about the flight date change charges. As outlined below, Cebu Pacific may charge a flight change fee depending upon various factors. Those passengers who ask, "How much does it cost to change your Cebu Pacific flight date?" can check out their ticket types and read the next few points.

  • Changes on any flight ticket, irrespective of the ticket type, are free from any charges within 24 hours of the booking. Thus, there won't be any chargeable fee if one changes the ticket within this period.
  • After 24 hours, if the flight date is changed and the new flight is of a lower fare price than the original one, a date change fee will be charged, depending on the flight route, type, and destination.
  • If the new booking is of a higher price than the original one, then the price difference is to be paid.


Can a name be changed on a Cebu Pacific flight ticket?

Sometimes, one can get a misspelled name on the flight ticket, which can be troublesome while traveling as there are strict identity protocols for commuters traveling via air flights. Correcting up to three characters of a misspelled name is allowed for free by Cebu Pacific, while changing the whole name isn't allowed unless the name was indeed legally changed recently. For someone who wonders, "Can I change name on flight ticket Cebu Pacific?" the "Manage my reservations" tab on the Cebu Pacific website can be used. However, this applies to those who got their reservation straight from Cebu Pacific. People who purchased the reservation from a third party will have to reach out to the same source.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change my Passport Details After Booking a Flight to Cebu Pacific?

No, you cannot change your passport details after booking a flight to Cebu Pacific. To get more information about whether Can I change my passport details after booking a flight to Cebu Pacific, you get in touch with the representative, and they will provide you with the official information as quickly as possible. 

How Can I Change my Passport Number in Cebu Pacific?

If you want to change your passport number in Cebu Pacific, you can connect with the representative, and you will get the solution to your issue as quickly. To know about the information, How can I change my passport number in Cebu Pacific, you must visit the official website, or when you connect with the representative on the phone call, they will provide you with all the information regarding the issue as soon as possible.

How Can I Correct the Spelling of Names in Cebu Pacific?

Name spelling correction on the Cebu pacific flight contains the following methods.

Via online mode: 

Online mode contains the following steps to get in touch with their agent: 

  • Navigate through the website of Cebu Pacific,
  • Visit the Manage Booking option.
  • Enter your booking reference number and password to access the flight details.
  • Go to the name category and click on modify the name.
  • You can change your name spelling as you click on the modify button.
  • Please pay the charges, if applicable, for the spelling correction.
  • Keep in mind that you can only make one change with one booking.
  • Click on Confirm to confirm your changes in the name change process.
  • You will get an email containing your new e-ticket with the correct name and spelling.


Via offline mode: 

You can take the offline mode with the steps below to correct the name spelling in your flight.

  • Search for the website of Cebu Pacific on your browser.
  • You can go to the help section and click on the Contact Us option.
  • You will get the phone number of their customer service, +61-2-9119-2956.
  • Please dial this number to get in touch with them.
  • When your call gets connected, you will be instructed by the IVR commands.
  • Follow these commands and wait for a few minutes.
  • Soon their agents will talk to you to guide you to correct the name spelling on your ticket.
  • Be specific and tell them your flight details to get your name changed.
  • Proceed to pay the name correction fee and customer service charges.


Successful payment will ensure your name change, and you will get the new ticket via email.

Can You Change the Name on a Plane Ticket to Someone Else's Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific tickets are transferable. But the promo tickets are non-transferable. You must pay a certain amount decided by the airlines based on their name change policy, and then you can transfer your ticket to someone else's name.

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