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What is Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

Are you stuck somewhere and will not be able to board the Spirit Airlines flight that you booked? Or if you encountered an urgent meeting that is affecting your travel? Then you shall not be puzzled on how to handle such situations. As you happen to be traveling with Spirit Airlines, this airline is customer-oriented and will be leaving no stone unturned to help passengers. So, if you get stuck in such a situation, then you can choose to change your flight with Spirit Airlines. Before you confirm the changes, you must refer to Spirit Airlines flight change policy which is mentioned further in this article to help you.

Knowing About Important Points Before Changing Your Flight with Spirit Airlines!

  • Passengers who are changing their flight within 24 hours of booking the flight will be eligible for changing without any fee. 
  • Those who have crossed 24 hours can make changes but need to pay Spirit Airlines flight change fee. 
  • The amount of changes done depends upon various factors like type of your booking, the type of flight along with timings, etc. 
  • To change the flight you can use the “Manage Travel” option of the airlines which is present on the official website.  
  • Passengers can also proceed with the same-day changes of the flight where they can make changes in the flight only 1 hour before the departure time on the date of departure of flight. 
  • And passengers should always prefer Spirit 24-hour risk-free cancellation/change to make any amendments in their flights. Also take in mind that the route and airports shall remain the same when it comes to making changes in the Spirit Airlines. 

With above information, you get an idea on how to make changes in your flights with Spirit Airlines. In case you need any further help then you are free to contact Spirit Airlines customer support with is 24/7 active. 

What is the Spirit Airlines Change Flight Fees?

Spirit is one of the biggest airlines that is operating by providing low-cost services. This airline is popular for the flight change it allows to its customers. Spirit allows hassle fee and easy flight change offline or online. You can change your Spirit Airlines flight only with its flight change rules. You may also need to pay the Spirit Airlines Change Flight.

Spirit Airlines flight change fee

According to the Spirit Airlines flight change policy, the airline may be charged a flight change penalty. This penalty amount or flight change fee varies with the ticket type and changes time.

  • If you change the flight within 24 hours of booking, no flight change fee is charged.
  • If you change the flight after 24 hours, pay $90 for online change and $110 for offline ticket change.
  • A change fee of $99 is charged if the change is made within 24 hours of the departure.
  • For changing the award ticket, Spirit Airlines change flight fees is $110.
  • No change fee is charged for changing the flex ticket in Spirit Airlines.

Along with this, if you change the flex booking, you will be charged $99 for the same-day flight change.

Other significant Spirit Airlines Change Flight Rules

You also need to consider these points of the flight change in Spirit Airlines.

  • You are permitted to change your flight by using the manage trips section or by calling the reservation center.
  • With this, you can also make Spirit Airlines flight change on the Airport with the dedicated kiosk.
  • If the flight is changed by Spirit, change your booking for free. The Spirit Airlines change flight fees rule applies to all ticket types.
  • The award ticket holders are not prohibited to make a same-day flight change. Additionally, they can not take place in the standby list.
  • You can change the Spirit flight for free if you face any unfortunate incident. All that you require to do is to show documents to endorse your claim.

If you are facing any difficulty in the Spirit Airlines Change Flight process, connect with the Spirit customer service to obtain more information.

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