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Grab The Information About What Happens if You Miss Your Flight on Singapore Airlines?

Missing a flight reservation can be highly troublesome however if you happen to have a Singapore flight booking you can simply talk to someone at the airline for some effective alternate options for your flight booking. People can connect with the reservations department at Singapore airlines by using multiple online contact options at

Let us look at a few commonly asked questions about a missed flight booking to contemplate alternate options for your flight bookings.

What happens if you miss your flight on Singapore Airlines?

If you miss a flight with Singapore airlines, you can get compensation in the following cases:

  • The airline is responsible for the delay and cancellation of the flight reserved at Singapore airlines. 
  • A person misses his/her flight due to unwavering circumstances surfaced because of the airline’s fault.


Passengers will be grouped under the ‘NO SHOW’ category if they miss their Singapore flight reservation because of personal circumstances. This means that they are unable to get any compensation or refunds from the airline even upon request. Also, passengers cannot get a future travel credit from the airline without a no-show tag.

Singapore Airlines Missed Connecting Flights

Travelers facing Singapore Airlines missed connecting flights situation can connect with the customer support department, and they will resolve the issues. You will get another flight to catch within three hours of the missed connection for your desired destination if you lose your flight because of any delay involving Singapore airlines.

Singapore Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Travelers also must consider the Singapore Airlines missed flight policy. Here are some of the major key pointers of the policy that would help you understand the missed flight clauses:

  • Any flight reservation can be canceled by passengers if there is a delay of more than five hours from the scheduled departure of the flight and can request a refund for the unused portion of the flight booking. 
  • The next flight is available for passengers who missed their flight booking because of circumstances beyond their control. The airline will issue a brand new boarding pass to passengers in such a case. 
  • A refund is applicable on canceled tickets due to the airline's fault. However, the first resort in such cases is accommodating passengers on another flight, but people can always ask for refunds if dissatisfied with an alternate flight.


Can We Get A Refund if We Miss the Singapore Flight?

People can get refunds if a problem arises due to airlines’ issues and complications. Also, passengers will be given the choice of another flight they can catch within three hours of the originally scheduled flight at Singapore airlines.

Refunds are available for passengers having a reservation under a refundable flight segment at Singapore airlines. One can communicate via How can I get in touch with Singapore Airlines to file a refund request for their missed flight bookings? Here is a step-by-step guide that one can use to file refunds for a canceled or missed flight booking at Singapore airlines:

  • Navigate to the official website to access the flight refund option for your booking. 
  • Select the refunds and cancellation option on the homepage by scrolling down. 
  • Select the refunds option on the page and fill out the details of the refund request form. 
  • Mention your flight booking number and the cancellation code on the form. Hit the submit option after entering your details such as your name. 
  • You will receive a refund request reference number to help you check your flight refund status at Singapore airlines. 


Is there a fee if you miss your Singapore Flight?

There is no additional fee (processing fee or any other) if someone misses their reserved flight. However, people lose the entire amount of the ticket they paid during reservations as far as Singapore airlines are concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Reschedule My Singapore Airlines Flight

No matter which method you will follow you will receive the new ticket only when you pay the Singapore Airlines change fee. You can see how easy and effective the process of rescheduling the flight is; you can go ahead and make your trip easy and comfortable... Read More

How Long are Singapore Airlines Refunds Taking?

If you travel to and from the United States and your flight is booked seven days or more before departure, you can cancel the flight ticket free of cost within 24 hours of booking. No matter what ticket type you hold, you are entitled to get a full refund... Read More

Do I Need To Check in Again for Connecting Flight Singapore Airlines?

Undoubtedly, Singapore airlines are considered a prominent airline as they offer the facilities according to the needs. One can book their flight journey online at their web portal. Once you book the flight with them, you need to do the check-in and get the boarding pass. If you have a connecting flight in your journey, you don't need to check in again from connecting flights with Singapore airlines. You will already receive the boarding pass for the connecting flight when you do the check-in for the first flight.

What happens when you skip a connecting Singapore Airlines Flight?

There can be times when you skip the connecting flight due to technical issues in the original flight. If you skip the connecting flight due to a Singapore Airlines fault, you can reschedule the connecting flight. Singapore airlines will give you another flight within three hours of the miss connection flight for the respective destination, Although; you can get through with the customer service representative of Singapore airlines to know about the connecting flight.

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