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Cebu Pacific Missed Flight

When you have made your booking on Cebu Pacific Airlines, but you have missed your flight, then according to the circumstances of the reason for missing your flight, you face the consequences. Further, the steps you can take further in this situation is to comply with the missed flight policy. And some of the outcomes of missed flights are as follows:-

  • If you missed your flight and there are defaults on the part of the airline, then you get to rebook on the next available flight. 
  • But the airline does not take any cognizance if the passenger has missed their flight due to their defaults. If the passenger presents a valid document to the airline, they might rebook their flight.
  • When you missed your multi-flight, if your Cebu Pacific flight is canceled or delayed, then you can make rebooking within 30 days but have to pay the fare difference, or you can convert the sum into a travel fund that is valid for six months, or you can seek a refund in the original form of payment.

Is there a fee for Missing a Cebu Pacific Flight?

You might not have to pay the additional fee after missing a flight. But you might claim reimbursement if a default has been conducted on your part. However, if you have missed your flight because of an error by the airline, then liability shifts to them, and you might get to rebook your flight. Thus, if you have any confusion regarding this, then you can grab hold of customer service for resolution. 

Can you rebook a Missed flight in Cebu Pacific?

Yes, you can rebook your missed flight on Cebu Pacific Airlines. And for rebooking, you can dial this number +852-397-33800 or follow the steps stated beneath to conduct rebooking on your own:-

  • Open the search engine and get to the official site of Cebu Pacific
  • After that, click on the book icon and choose the flight
  • And then enter the flight details
  • Further, you get to choose the flight
  • After that, enter the details of the passenger and click on the next icon
  • Now, you get to make a payment and click on the finish icon
  • Later on, you can receive the confirmation in your email id and phone number


Do I Get Charged if I Miss my Cebu Pacific Flight?

No, Cebu Pacific Airlines does not charge for the missed flight[1-805-372-0680], but if there is your fault, then you might forget your fare price. But when there is a default on the part of the airline, then you can apply for a refund as per the rule that applied to your fare. And when you wish to know more about the rule applied on our fare, you can speak with the Cebu Pacific customer service team for answers.

Cebu Pacific Missed Flight Policy

When you have missed your flight and wish to know about its effect or guide you on to carry the steps afterward, then, by going through the Cebu Pacific Airlines missed flight policy, you can have those details. Thus the policy is as follows:-

  • When you miss your flight by arriving late at the airport, you can request the airline to rebook the next available flight.
  • When you have a medical emergency on your departure date, and if you have missed your flight, you can submit your request to the airline for rebooking. 
  • While getting stuck with the security check that results in missing your flight, the airline is not held responsible.
  • When you have missed your connecting flight due to the disruption of the first flight, then you can either reschedule your flight or submit your refund request.
  • If you have a multi-city flight booking and missed your second flight, that is because of Cebu Pacific Airlines' fault. You can conduct rebooking within the period of thirty days and do not have to pay any additional fee. But when there is any fare difference, then you get to pay for that.
  • When you have a connecting flight with another airline, and you have missed your flight because of Cebu Pacific, the airline might not compensate for that, but they can give a certificate of flight disruption.
  • If the passenger has missed their flight and falls under the now showcase, they can cancel their booking and might receive airport tax as a refund.

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