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On the previous flight, you missed your luggage on the Ethiopian Airlines flight. Due to this, you are worried about what you can do now. For this reason, you look for it. Therefore, filing a report is one of the best solutions to resolve this kind of issue. In addition, if you know, How do I report missing luggage to Ethiopian Airlines? So, here in this article, you will get it. For that, you have to track down the article cited below.

Moreover, to report missing baggage to Ethiopian Airlines, there is the option to do this, which is a Contact form. Therefore, to get this solution, here are the steps that you must pursue it.

  • Navigate the official web browser of the Ethiopian Airlines 
  • Find the “help and contact” section by scrolling through the official page.
  • Click on that option, and look for the “contact form” option. Tap on it.
  • Then, the form opens, and you select the option of filing a report.
  • After that, fill out the necessary information in the required field information column.
  • Also, you have to request to get your missing luggage fastly.
  • Submit the form to the airlines.


Further, the airline will respond to you, solve your issues, and try to help you by providing your data soon. The airline will verify it, and if they fail to get it, you can compensate for the delayed, missing, or damaged baggage.

Ethiopian Airlines Lost Baggage Phone Number

Moreover, another way to report missing baggage on the airlines is to contact customer service at Ethiopian Airlines lost baggage phone number. Therefore, to get this, here in this article, you will see the steps cited below; you must track it down quickly.

Contact an Ethiopian person through a call:

Go to the website of Ethiopian Airlines,

Look for the “help and contact” tab and click on it.

After that, find the phone call section.

Take the number from there and dial it.

Call the live agent at 1 (800) 445-2733.

Then, you have to speak directly with the live agent by following the IVR process, 

  • Dial 1 to book the flight 
  • Dial 2 to cancel the ticket
  • To get a refund back, dial 3
  • Dial 4 to change the flight 
  • Dial 5 to speak about lost and found
  • To talk with the live agent directly, dial 7
  • Dial 9 to know about the flight status

Therefore, you must dial the 5 buttons to report your missing baggage. And, by speaking with them, resolve that type of issue quickly.

Do Ethiopian Airlines Compensate For Lost Luggage?

Yes, as per the policy Ethiopian Airlines compensate for lost baggage. Therefore, to know more about it, pursue it promptly.

  • Ethiopian airlines permit you to take compensation for lost, damaged, or delayed luggage.
  • In the case of losing or missing baggage on airport, you can directly contact the live person at the airport or on their phone number.
  • If you lose your baggage on the Ethiopian flight, you must claim it within 21 business days. In addition, if you didn’t receive your luggage for up to 21 business days, you are eligible to claim compensation from the airline person.
  • Airlines won’t compensate for the listed items before the flight, but if the baggage is damaged or Ethiopian Airlines delayed baggage compensation will be provided by the airlines.


How To Claim Lost Luggage on Ethiopian Airlines?

Have you recently traveled on an Ethiopian Airlines flight, and your luggage was missing or delayed? Are you worried about how do I claim my lost luggage on Ethiopian Airlines? If yes, you should file a complaint to Ethiopian Airlines customer service for your lost luggage at the airport or on the call. If you have yet to leave the airport, go to the help desk and speak with the representative about your loss.

If you are not present at the Ethiopian Airlines Airport, then call the customer service team and report your lost luggage with the following steps:

  • Dial the customer care number 000-800-100-7947,
  • Follow the IVR menu instruction to get a live person on call,
  • Talk with the representative about your lost luggage,
  • The person will fill out a lost luggage claim form and explain the process.


Get Reimbursed on Lost Luggage By Ethiopian Airlines

Suppose you have lost your luggage while traveling with Ethiopian Airlines due to internal issues. In that case, you must know how you get reimbursed if an Ethiopian airline loses your luggage. In this case, you are required to fill out a compensation form.

Steps to Fill Lost Luggage Compensation Form:

  • Go to the Ethiopian airline's website on your browser,
  • Scroll the page to the last,
  • Look under the Customer Support section and click on the Help & Contacts option,
  • Tap the feedback button on the page,
  • Select the Compensation option on the reason for filling out the form,
  • Then fill in the booking number, last name, contact info, and other mandatory information,
  • Then submit the compensation form to Ethiopian Airlines.


Compensation For Lost luggage At Ethiopian Airlines

If Ethiopian airlines lost your luggage and your compensation form is processed but do you know How much Ethiopian Airlines pay for lost luggage? They provide compensation based on domestic and international flight winch ranges between $150 to $400.

Baggage Claim Time At Ethiopian Airlines - How Long do Lose Baggage Claims Take From Ethiopian Airlines?

Do you know How long do lost baggage claims take from Ethiopian Airlines? Ethiopian Airlines take 25 days from the date of the lost baggage claim submitted by the passenger. They try to find your bag with all their efforts as the airline cares about their passenger's property. But unfortunately, if they are responsible for losing your luggage, they will provide the reimbursement after 25 days to your mentioned account. You can also view or track the status of your compensation claim online.

Steps To View Lost Baggage Claim Status:

  • Visit Ethiopian airlines.
  • Look at the Information section
  • Select the Baggage Information option,
  • Tap the "Delayed missed or damaged baggage" option on the page,
  • Now Select the Track Compensation claim button,
  • Put your claim number and then view the status of your lost luggage claim.


What's the Ethiopian Airlines Lost Baggage Policy?

In case it's been a long time, and you have yet to receive your bag from Ethiopian Airlines, then you must read the Ethiopian Airlines Lost Baggage Policy to know what you can get or do in this case. Below are the policies listed:

  • If passengers lose their luggage because of their carelessness, the airline will not be responsible for the loss. However, they can help you to track the bags on your request.
  • If Ethiopian Airlines is responsible for your lost luggage, they will take full responsibility for finding the luggage without any charges.
  • If the airline takes more than 25 days to find the luggage, the passenger must claim the monetary value of the baggage from Ethiopian Airlines.
  • You must provide the contact details and address to deliver your lost luggage at the point when found.
  • Lost luggage forms must be submitted to Ethiopian Airlines to be eligible for reimbursement.


Hence, these were the cases when a passenger's luggage went missing or lost.


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