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The American Express Points are helpful to make a booking with American Airlines. This helps you to apply these points through the help of other airline’s partnerships. However, the main concern that comes up in the minds of all the AMEX card holders is whether they can transfer their points to American Airlines. So, to know the answer, you are advised to take an attentive look at the facts:

  • Per the norms, you cannot transfer your AMEX points to American Airlines, but it is restricted to other US-based airline programs. 
  • However, with the other partnership airlines, you can schedule a flight through AMEX points on American Airlines. 
  • For further information, you can approach the support team of American Airlines.


Can You Transfer Amex Points to Frequent Flyer Points?

Travelers often earn AMEX points via making Shopping, traveling, transactions, etc. Hence, with this opportunity or the points, one can take advantage of other aspects such as booking a flight, joining a membership, etc. With this, a query is asked whether travelers or users can transfer their Amex points to frequent flier points. So, take a look at the facts to know:

  • Yes, you can transfer these concerned points to frequent flier points. 
  • One thing one has to remember is that the agency charges some transfer rates, and to know about the same, and either visit the official website of Amex or the support team via phone call.


How Much are American Express Points Worth?

American Express points are earned through its credit card, which can be used in different sectors per one’s lifestyle requirements. Anyone holding a credit card can earn, keep, and spend the points in any manner to purchase or redeem any item. But despite all these advantages, one usual query that its users raise is the worth of Amex points. So, you are advised to give careful sight to the facts in order to be aware of the same;

  • Generally, with Amex Points, you get half a cent to 1 cent on each point. 
  • However, the points’ value usually depends on the place or a thing you spend. 
  • There are some variations, such as redeeming through the portal gift cards within this 0.5 to 1 cent on each point, for example, $150 to $300 for 30,000 points.


Below are the different points worth based on the redemption; please jot down the relevant information, and it may help you in all the possible ways; 

  • Travel— 0.5 - 1 cents per point. 
  • Online Check out— 0.5 - 1 cents per point. 
  • Travel Transfer— 0.8:1 - 1:2 point-to-point ratio. 
  • Online Shopping— 0.5 cents per point. 
  • Statement Credit— 0.6 cents per point.

NOTE: There can be more aspects related to the same. To know about them, get to the Amex support team, where you will be given all the updated information. 

How To Transfer American Express Points from One Card to Another?

The Amex credit card holders earn points that can be utilized in different services. This can be related to booking a flight hotel. Shopping, etc. Hence, the most common concern with them is how to transfer the Amex points from one card to another. So, take a glance at the instructions that will guide you whether you are allowed or not; 

  • As per its services, you are not permitted to transfer points from one to another card. 
  • Instead, you must use the services or avail of the points through the same card you use. 


How to Book American Airlines with AMEX Points?

Users with Amex points can schedule a flight on American Airlines. However, there are some steps and ways for the same. You are advised to follow some of the steps that are described below; please have a look:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines to begin the process. 
  • Once there, you have to go to the booking section. 
  • Click on the “AAdvantage program” tab. 
  • Click on the “Book Now” option. 
  • Enter all the asked details, such as date, name, type of flight, and other information, and search for the flight. 
  • Choose your seat and fill out the rest of the form. 
  • Make the payment or redeem all the points to confirm the bookings. 


NOTE: If you cannot follow the above-written methods, you can get assistance from the American Airlines official by dialing their phone number. But make sure you are carrying all the details along with you. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Amex points are required to book a $2000 flight?

You require 200k Amex points to schedule a flight worth $2000. However, you can use your card for unlimited time to earn points, which can be used to schedule first or business-class flights. 

Can You Use Amex Platinum at Airport Lounges?

If you are an Amex platinum card holder, you can use it at the airport lounges and can enjoy free meals, drinks, etc., at the airport and can enjoy the offered services. If you do not know how you would do so, you can get in touch with the support team to inquire about the same.

How Many Amex Points do you require to schedule a flight?

You generally require around 20k to 30k Amex points to schedule a flight. And this will help you to get a good enough waiver on your ticket cost. 

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