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Resolved: How to claim compensation for Southwest cancelled flight due to weather?

Cancellation and delay of flights on the part of the airline can be very frustrating. But, before making a rash decision, one needs to have complete info on why their flight was delayed or cancelled. Well, in most cases, this situation arises because of bad weather conditions or uncontrollable situations.  

And for the travelers who have confirmed reservations with Southwest Airlines and are wondering is there any provision to claim compensation against the cancelled and delayed flight? Well, here in this article, they will be offered the complete info on the provision for Southwest cancelled flight due to weather. So, for the travelers looking for information regarding the cancelled flight, they can go through the details mentioned in this article. 

Overview on the compensation policy against cancelled and delayed flight

As per the guidelines of the United States Department of transportation, the airline cannot directly offer compensation to the passengers for the delayed flights. However, it depends on the airline whether they wish to offer compensation to their customers or not. So, to help travelers get complete info on Southwest cancelled my flight compensation, one can check out the details discussed in this article.

Southwest Airlines compensation policy for cancelled and delayed flights

For the travelers whose Southwest Airlines flight ticket is cancelled because of bad weather or some unavoidable conditions, then one can check out what happens in the situations when Southwest cancelled flight due to weather or feel free to reach out to the reservation department of the airline. 

  • For the flights that are cancelled or delayed for more than 90 minutes, the airline will accommodate the travelers on the next available flight or will offer a voucher worth $100 or a refund.
  • In case, if Southwest Airlines fail to accommodate the travelers on the next flight within 2 hours of delay or cancellation, the travel voucher amount will boost up to $300 and offered priority standby.
  • Besides, if the delayed Southwest flight arrives 2 hours after the actual timing, then the value of the voucher can boost up to $1350
  • Moreover, the voucher offered can be redeemed to book a flight in the future.
  • And for the travelers who don't wish to travel by the rebooked flight of Southwest, they can request a refund online or by reaching out to the airline customer service. 


Thus, these are a few provisions available to the travelers who wish to claim compensation against Southwest cancelled flight due to weather. And for the travelers who are wondering how they can request a refund against their cancelled and delayed flights, they can check out the quick procedure discussed in this article.

Procedure to request a refund for delayed and cancelled Southwest flight

Besides, for the travelers who wish to claim Southwest cancelled my flight compensation, they can follow the quick steps mentioned below:

  • Begin the process by dialing the toll-free number of the airline.
  • Then, reach out to the concerned representative and offer the required info to process a refund request.
  • After that, provide the details of the payment option used to make payment for the Southwest Airlines booking.
  • Further, the refund will be processed, and one will be offered the required details on the linked email id.


Besides, if the travelers have any queries regarding the compensation policy and refund procedures, then one can feel free to reach out to the airline reservation department and manage their reservations in time.

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