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Do You Get To Choose Seats on Frontier?

Frontier Airlines tickets do not include a seat assignment. However, you can purchase the seat when booking or after that. If you forget to buy the ticket during booking, go to the manage my booking section on the official website. From there, you can buy your seat assignment by logging in to the My trip section. In addition, you can also buy the ticket during check-in within 24 hours of departure. Here you can follow the quick steps below to select seats on Frontier:-

  • Go to the official Frontier Airlines website. 
  • Locate the My trip section and open the manage my trip page 
  • Enter the confirmation number and last name, access your booking details
  • Select the ticket you want to choose the seats for
  • Proceed with the seats selection princess, and you can refer to the seat map on the screen
  • Make your selection and confirm the seats to proceed
  • Now clear the payment against your seats and confirm the process
  • Follow the instructions, and you are good to go


In addition, you can also speak to the Frontier Airlines customer support team and request they reserve a seat for you. You might need to pay an additional charge when selecting a seat via phone.

What Does Frontier Charge For Seat Selection?

Frontier charges a fee if you select a specific seat on your flight, The seat selection cost varies depending on various factors like; the type of seat, e.g., extra legroom or priority seating, length of flight, route, etc.

However, the seat selection cost ranges from $ 6 to $60 per passenger per flight segment. It means if you fly one-way on a single flight, the fee will cost around $ 6, and if you fly round trip on multiple flights, then the fee will add up to a significant amount and cost approximately $60. You can speak to the customer support team directly to get the exact cost for your set selection.

How can I select my Frontier seat without paying an extra fee?

Frontier Airlines generally charges a fee for making any seat selection. However, here are some options available if you want to avoid paying any extra cost for selecting the seat.

First, you can choose a seat at the time of booking. Frontier sometimes allows you to select the desired seat during booking for no additional charge. It generally happens when you choose seats before others, giving you a better opportunity to select the seats you want.

The other way is to check in online as early as possible. Frontier Airlines allows passengers to check in online 24 hours before departure. Sometimes, when you check in online, the airline will allow you to choose the seat for no additional cost. You also get the opportunity to get upgraded on a first-come, first-served basis without paying any fee. 

Lastly, if you are a Frontier's loyalty program member and have frontier miles, you might be eligible for specific discounts on seat selection fees. You might be able to choose the seat for a reduced cost or for free on a particular flight.

Should I Pay To Pick my Seat on Frontier? 

When you pay for a seat, you have the option to sit together with your companions and other mates. Getting seats together on the date of traveling is quite tricky. Besides, if the limited seats are available and you travel with children, Frontier tries to assign the maximum possible so that children 13 years old and under could be seated next to passengers 14 years or older traveling in the same reservation. 

What happens if you don't select a seat on Frontier? 

Frontier Airlines allows you to select seats during and after booking. But if you don't make any selection until check-in, the airline assigns random seats from the remaining seats. Although Frontier tries to keep passengers in your reservation together, the chances are you will have to sit separately due to limited seats available. To ensure you and the party sit together, you must select the seat in advance. 

How Do I Get my Seats Together on Frontier?

Please take the following steps to book a flight to get seats together in Frontier: 

  • Navigate through the website of Frontier Airlines,
  • Go to the booking section.
  • Select the date of your flight and the number of seats.
  • Fill out the other details in your booking category.
  • Press continue.
  • A list of flights available on the scheduled date will appear on your screen. You can check the availability of seats and ticket fares.
  • Select the flight you want to book.
  • It is advisable to proceed with seat selection to ensure the seating together.
  • Select the seats and pay the amount.
  • Seat selection requires you to pay additional fees along with the fare.
  • Proceed to make the payment. Now your flight and seats are booked with Frontier airlines.


You can refer to the tips given below to sit together on Frontier: 

  • You can book your seats under the same reservation to ensure that your seats are assigned to the person you want to sit with.
  • Seat selection is the best way to get a seat together.
  • Book your tickets early to get a seat with your loved ones.


Will Frontier Sit Me with My Child?

Yes, Frontier will let you sit with your child. If your child is 13 or below 13 and you want to sit together, you must book your flight on the same reservation. Make sure that you select a seat at the time of booking. As time goes on, limited seats are left. So if fewer seats remain, Frontier will assign seats randomly. Infants can be carried on their lap. 

Does Frontier Try To Seat Families Together?

You can sit with your family when you book your flight on the same reservation. If you have booked your ticket in advance, it will increase your chances of sitting together with your family. To ensure that you sit with your family, you can select a seat at the time of booking or during online check-in.

Frontier Airlines' Family Seating Policy:

Passengers who want to travel with their families can book their seats according to the Frontier Airlines seating policy, which is stated in the section below. 

  • You must book all the passengers in the same reservation to get seating together.
  • As the departure date gets closer, fewer seats remain, and the probability of getting a seat together decreases. So you must book your flight to get a seat with your family.
  • Select your seat to ensure that you sit with your family. If seats are limited and you have yet to opt for seat selection, Frontier does not take the responsibility of family seating together.
  • Passengers with age 13 or less 13 are considered minors. Frontier Airlines will assign the adjacency seat to an adult 14 or above 14.


Frontier Airlines' Child Seat Policy:

If you are traveling with a child on Frontier Airlines, you must go through the Frontier Airlines child seat policy to ensure that you take all the necessary measures while traveling with a child. The critical points of this policy are as follows:

  • Infants between the age of 7 days to two years can travel for free, sitting on their parent's lap. The authorities may ask you for the child's birth certificate for verification.
  • Infants are not allowed to sit on seats with airbags.
  • Only one child is allowed per person. If you are an adult carrying two infants, you must purchase the ticket for the other infant and travel with an approved car seat for the second infant.
  • If two adults accompany two children, they can sit on a different row, and there are only four masks per 3 seats.
  • Car sets of infants cannot be placed in front of the emergency rows or right in front or behind of emergency rows.
  • Passengers can bring the infant's stroller to the gate, and after that, it must be checked from there.



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FAQs: Frontier Airlines Seat Selection & Fee


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Select A Seat with Frontier Airlines?

Yes, you can choose your seat with frontier airlines as the airline does not have a seat assignment policy, so the passengers must select their seat during the ticket purchasing window, or you can buy it later through the manage booking tab. So if you are wondering, do you Get To Choose Seats on Frontier? Then you can also choose your seat during the check-in process. Also, if you have purchased bundles, the WORKS, or the PERKS account, then you will get the seat assignment for free.

What happens if I Don't want To Pay For Selections?

You need to purchase a flight seat with frontier airlines to get a seat. If you are worried about what happens if you don't pick a seat on Frontier? Then the airline will assign you a seat during the check-in process or at the gate. You will most likely get a middle seat or seat at the back of the plane.

So when you are selecting a flight seat, you can ask yourself whether it is worth paying for a seat you can adjust to sitting in the middle or at the back of the plane. If you are traveling with your family, you might consider paying for seats to sit together on a plane. However, the gate agents always try to keep the family together to avoid any hindrance to their journey.

What is the Frontier Seat Selection Fee?

If you are thinking, what does Frontier charge for seat selection? Then the charges can depend on the fare type, route, and seat type, and the prices can get from 15 USD to 55 USD.

How Does the Frontier Airlines Seating Process Work?

Most frontier travel bookings do not include a free seat assignment. This means you will get two options for seat selection- you can pay for the seat, or you can choose the skip seat selection option. If you have selected the skip option, there are chances you will get stuck in the middle seats of the flight, but it is free of cost. So the answer to your query  How does seating work on Frontier Airlines? must be resolved as Frontier airline also offers "stretch seating" with extra legroom seats by paying some extra charges.

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