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Are you concerned about Delta compensations for delayed bags? You have landed at the exact right place. We are here to share some of the best options to enable Delta users to get on-time compensation for their delayed bags. Let us look at some of the most commonly asked questions concerning Delta compensation for delayed bags.

Grab The Details of Does Delta Compensate for Delayed Bags?

People can get compensation for a delayed bag by airline, and the compensation process is simple. One can communicate with the reservations team at the airline to get proper compensation for a delayed bag at Delta airlines.

Compensations are available via a claim form. Make sure you have your file reference number ready to get ultimate support for a delayed or damaged bag on Delta airlines. Here is what you need to do in order to complete the online Baggage claim form.

  • First and foremost, navigate to the official Delta airlines website
  • Once you are on the homepage select the baggage option. Scroll down on the homepage until you hit rock bottom and here, you can locate the option.
  • Mention your first and last name along with your file reference number.
  • Hit the submit option to submit the form.


Connect with a customer support executive

Consumers can get in touch with someone from the customer support team. Connect with the baggage service agents/offices to get a bag fee rebate for delays of more than 12 hours or more.

How Much Will Delta Airlines Reimburse Delayed Luggage?

Travelers can file for compensation at Delta airlines by using online and offline means as far as a delayed bag is concerned.

People can get reimbursement up to USD 3,500. However, Delta offers a travel credit to passengers amounting to the first bag fee (if the first bag is delayed) in the case of more than 12 hours delay.

How Do I Get Reimbursed for Delayed Baggage on Delta?

Passengers can get a delayed bag fee rebate from Delta airlines in the following manner:

  • Start a delayed bag rebate form online by visiting the official website
  • Delta issues delayed baggage rebates in the form of an electronic travel voucher (ETCV).
  • Delta offers rebates for bags that are delayed 12 hours or more and for the applicable amount paid in the event by a passenger.
  • An electronic travel voucher is applicable on paid checked bags at the airline. For instance, if you paid for your first checked bag and there’s a delay on the first bag, you will receive ETCV for your 1st bag. 
  • If your first and second checked bag delay more than 12 hours you are eligible for ETCV on both your bags from Delta.


As per the Delta Airlines Compensation Policy for Delay Baggage, people will receive rebates via email and these can be used for reserving any future travel with the airline. Electronic travel vouchers are easily redeemable at for flight booking.

What is Delta Airlines' Baggage Compensation Policy?

Here are some key pointers of Delta baggage compensation policy that one must consider before opting for Delta delayed bag reimbursements.

  • People can get reimbursement for a delayed checked bag if the delay is 12 hours or more. 
  • Passengers can receive a response from the Lost and Found central at Delta for baggage reimbursement. 
  • Delta takes 14 days to search thoroughly for your lost or delayed baggage. 
  • Travelers can receive compensation for a paid checked bag in the form of a future travel credit that can be used at Delta for any future reservations.


What do I do If My Baggage Was Damaged by Delta Airlines?

Delta is one of the most prominent airlines used by passengers for their traveling. Its services, both inflight and customer care, are unbeatable. If you have recently traveled with the airlines and you come across a situation in which you discover your bags have been lost or damaged, then you can report it to the Delta agent. They will provide you with a file reference number to track the status of your bags, and you can even claim compensation for your loss.

How Do I Report Damaged Baggage To Delta?

If you have traveled with Delta airlines and, after reaching the airport to collect your luggage, you found out that your bags are damaged, then you can submit a claim using the steps described below: 

  • Visit the official Delta airlines website.
  • Tap on the “Help Center.”
  • As you reach the contact page of the airlines, you must scroll a little and press on the comments and complaints section.
  • Select the option of “file a baggage claim.”
  • Now you will be taken to the online form page.
  • Enter the passenger's name and file reference number that can be obtained from the baggage service center.
  • Fill in all the fields of the claim form, attach the supporting documents and describe your baggage details in the message box provided and press the submit button.


Can Delta Airlines Be Responsible for Damaged Luggage? 

Yes, Delta takes responsibility for your lost or damaged luggage. Sometimes due to the negligence of airlines, luggage gets damaged, but the airline is not responsible for the breaking of delicate items as they strongly prohibit travelers from carrying them. 

How Do I Check The Status of my Delta Baggage Claim?

If your bags have been delayed with Delta airlines and you have submitted a claim, then you can check the status using the steps described below: 

  • After visiting the official website of Delta airlines, you must log into your account using your credentials.
  • From the top section of the homepage, select the “need help” alternative followed by “baggage help.”
  • Press on the “report delayed baggage” followed by check bag status.
  • Now to track the status of your luggage, you must provide the file reference number provided by the Delta representative.
  • Enter your bag's information, including bag tag number and passengers name, and press the search status button to retrieve information. 



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