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Guidelines On The Online Check-In With Qantas

Qantas is an air carrier based in Australia, and it is also the largest airline as per its feet size and the number of international destinations it flies. If you are traveling with Qantas, despite the best flight services, you will also get the benefit of Qantas check-in online to save yourself from the long queues at the airport. Download the boarding pass on your device after checking online, and you can print or show the pass on your phone at the airport. You will find everything you require to know for the online check-in at Qantas, like the benefits, policies, and procedures.

Benefits of Online Check-In at Qantas

  • It saves you from the long queues at the airport.
  • It allows for multiple check-in at the same time.
  • It gives the option to select your seat during check-in.
  • You are not required to reach the airport hours early to obtain your boarding pass.


Policy Of Online Check-In at Qantas

The online check-in starts at Qantas Airways 24 hours before the scheduled time of the flight.

The closing time of an online check-in is 30 minutes before the departure of a domestic flight and 60 minutes before the departure of an International flight.

If the flight is booked directly from the Qantas website or a travel agent of Qantas, then only you can enjoy the online check-in.

After online check-in, you must drop your bags at the baggage drop counters at Qantas airport on time.

If any special assistance is added to your flight ticket, according to Qantas check-in policy, you are required to check in from the airport desk.

Process of Check-In online at Qantas

If you would like to obtain your boarding pass online and are wondering how do I check in online with Qantas, then below you will find the process with two different methods. You can decide whether to check in directly from the website or use the mobile application.

Through Website:

You can quickly check in through the website for your Qantas flight, go through the steps and download your boarding pass on your device:

  • Open the website of Qantas on your browser,
  • Click the Check-In option on the table present on the homepage,
  • Enter the last name and booking reference number,
  • Then click the Check-In button,
  • Complete the check-in procedure following the instructions shown on your screen,
  • Now download your boarding on your device.


Through Mobile App:

Qantas has introduced its mobile application which you can use to obtain your boarding pass through the Qantas check-in app, follow the steps:

  • Open the app on your mobile phone,
  • Go to the menu on the application,
  • Navigate the check-in option,
  • Put your flight details in the column,
  • Your itinerary will be accessed on the app and will show on the screen,
  • Choose your flight and follow the instructions for mobile app check-in,
  • Then you will get the download button to download your Qantas Airways boarding pass on your mobile.


By the above procedures, you can check in with Qantas Airways between the scheduled timing of your flight. You can also take advantage of Qantas' online check-in seat selection with a few additional steps. If you skipped the seat selection process at the time of booking and now changed your mind, you can select your preferred seat with online check-in.

Steps for selecting a seat during web check-in:

  • Go to the website of Qantas,
  • Open the check-in tab and put the flight details,
  • Opt for the “seat selection” option before completing your check-in,
  • A seat map will appear on your screen marking with available seats,
  • Choose a seat from the available ones,
  • Pay the seat selection fee,
  • Your seat will be confirmed, and you will obtain your boarding pass.


Hence, you will find everything you may require to do online check-in at Qantas Airways above. If you still have doubts, you can contact the customer service team to clarify the issue.

How Early Can I Check-in with Qantas?

A passenger can check in with Qantas at the earliest 24 hours before the boarding time of their flight. The online check-in, as well as the airport check-in, starts 24 hours prior to the departure for both domestic and international destinations. Though the closing time of check-in at Qantas is different for domestic and international flights, which is: 

  • 30 minutes before the departure of a domestic flight
  • 120 minutes or 2 hours before the departure of an international flight


Do you know there are multiple ways by which you can check in at Qantas for your flight and obtain the boarding pass as per your suitability? Below you will find the processes of check-in in different ways:

Process of Web Check-In:

  • Open the Qantas page on your browser,
  • Go to the Check-In section,
  • Enter the PNR number and passenger name,
  • Follow the instructions and complete your web check-in,
  • Then click the Download button to obtain your boarding pass on your device.


Process of Kiosk Check-In: 

  • Arrive at the airport and go to the Kiosk machine,
  • Enter your flight information in the column,
  • Press the check-in button at Kiosk,
  • And then print your boarding pass.


Process of Airport Check-In: 

  • Go to the Airport Check-In desk,
  • Wait for your turn,
  • Show the booking details along with identity proof,
  • After the verification, you will receive your boarding pass.


As per the consequence of the process mentioned above of check-in through different ways, you can obtain your boarding pass. Consider any of the ways which suit your situation and save you time. For any additional information, contact a representative of Qantas customer service. 

Why can I not check in online Qantas?

If you cannot check in online at Qantas and wonder about the reason, it might be because you have crossed the closing time of the online check-in. Online check-in is also not available for passengers who have purchased the ticket from a third party or added any special assistance to their booking. For this condition, you must obtain your boarding pass from the airport check-in desk.

How Early Can I Check my Baggage Qantas?

You can check your baggage at Qantas 24 hours before your flight. The bags can be checked in on the allotted time through the web or airport. If you want to learn the process of baggage check-in, read below.

Through Web:

You can generate the bag tags from the Check-In option of the Qantas website. Pout the flight details, add your baggage, and generate a tag number following the instructions, and your baggage web check-in will be completed. 

Through Airport:

Drop your bag at the baggage check-in point a few hours before the departure of your flight. Kiosk check-in is also available to check your baggage at the airport and generate the baggage tag.

Qantas Check-in Baggage Time

The Qantas baggage time starts 24 hours before the flight departure and closes 30 minutes before the departure of a domestic flight and 90 minutes before the departure of an international flight.

How long before a flight can you check bags Qantas?

You can check bags for your Qantas flight anytime between 24 hours to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time. It is suggested to complete the check-in 2 hours before your flight to avoid any at the end moment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Before a Qantas Domestic Flight do you have to check in?

Qantas Domestic flight does not provide check-in facilities within the last 45 minutes of your flight departure. You need to check in for your flight 30-45 minutes before your flight departure time.

Qantas Check-in Domestic Flight

If you are carrying bags, then you need to visit the Airport at least 2 to 3 hours before your domestic flight. You can also get your check-in done online. The minimum time for online check-in is 45 minutes. You only need to visit their official website and get your check-in done.

Qantas Online Check-in Seat Selection Process

You can select your seat online by visiting their official website. Here is the process that you can follow for Qantas online check-in seat selection process:

  • For seat selection, you need to visit their official website, 
  • Click on to Manage your booking option, and then you will proceed to the next page.
  • Select the booking to retrieve option.
  • You will get the menu option here. You need to select your seat.
  • Now you will be forwarded to the seat map. After this, you can choose your preferred seat.
  • You can make the payment now if required.
  • You will get an email in which you will get your seat details.

How Early Can I Check in with Qantas?

If you are checking in through online mode, then you need to get your check-in done 30 minutes before your flight departure, but if you are getting your check-in done at the Airport, then you need to visit the airport 2 to 3 hours before your flight departure.

You can check in online with Qantas and save your time. You just need to go to the Qantas website and follow the further procedure. The minimum time for online check-in is 45 minutes, and the maximum is 24 hours before your flight and get your boarding pass through your registered email. If you get your check-in done offline, then you need to visit the Airport 2 to 3 hours before your flight departure time.

Qantas Online Check-In Not Working

If you are experiencing problems with Qantas online check-in, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. Firstly, ensure that you are using a compatible browser and that your internet connection is stable. If the problem persists, try clearing your cache and cookies, or try using a different device or browser. If you still can't check in online, you can check in at the airport or contact Qantas customer service for assistance.

Qantas Online Check-In International

Qantas online check-in is available for international flights, but the time frame for check-in may vary depending on the destination. For some international flights, online check-in is probably available up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. It's essential to check the specific check-in times for your destination, as failing to check in within the specified time may result in your reservation being canceled.

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